Quick Fixes for 6 Grooming Mistakes Men Make

Grooming is not left only to the ladies; men care about their appearance too, and there are a few things men must keep in mind when grooming and keeping up their appearance. Below are 6 of the most common grooming mistakes that men make or do not consider, and how to fit these grooming mistakes.

Neck Hair

Some men need to be told this: when your neck hair has grown wild a couple weeks after your last haircut, it does not look good. From the back, it looks unkempt and the clean line of the nape of your neck to your head of hair looks more like a messy overgrowth. This could possibly make your overall look seem unhygienic no matter how good you smell. The speed of light is faster than the speed of smell, and for those who lay eyes on you make an immediate first impression of you, especially in the workplace and especially in job interviews and on dates.

Taking care of this is simple: get a home trimmer which you can find pretty cheap, and have someone trim up the nape of your neck. It's not a weird request, and whoever you ask will be glad you asked rather than ignore that hair on your neck. If you are good enough at it, you can do it yourself. This also saves you money, not having to get your neck trimmed at a salon between haircuts. Also, make sure you trim the hair of the neck completely if you have hair that strays down a little further and almost counts as back hair, get it all and complete your smooth look.


Men's eyebrows are the most predominant and important parts of their face. This feature frames the face, is attractive, and are a way of communicating with others. So, for those who have a bit of hair in between the two brows, whether there are a few stray hairs or a straight-up unibrow, make sure you pluck or wax the hair from between the brows.

By plucking (via tweezers) or waxing the hair, you are ripping the hair out and you will not have to do it again for some days, depending on hair growth. Ladies do it all the time, and it is just as important for men, and can do wonders for transforming your face completely.

Whatever you do, DO NOT shave in between your brows. It may seem the quickest route, but unless you have 30 seconds to get out the door for a job interview or special event, avoid the razor and I'll tell you why: when you shave hair, it starts growing back (within a day when shaving), darker. This is because when you shaved that hair, you cut it at the thick base and out comes the thick cross-section of the hair you just shaved. This is why stubble appears dark and broad. So, avoid daily shaving and regrowth by tweezing or waxing. You will thank yourself for your fresh look.

Trimming Pubic Hair

Everyone adult in the world has private areas and everyone has pubic hair down there, there is no shame in talking about hygiene and grooming pubic hair. It is an important part of self-confidence, keeping clean, feeling attractive, and looking good. As a man, do not feel obliged to wax or shave everything down there (in fact, shaving can be a dangerous zone downstairs, especially if you break out the electric trimmers it is not recommended).

However, trimming your pubic hair from a wild bush to a neat, trimmed look makes a huge difference in hygiene and self-care. Just bring down the length of the hair a bit and you'll be happier and so will your partner!

Exfoliating After Shaving

This is an important mistake that men should not read past. Most men do not know or realize that after shaving any part of your body (your face, your chest, etc …) that exfoliating decreases the likelihood of getting red bumps and getting infected or in grown hairs.

Exfoliating cleans out the skin where you just shaved that's an extremely important step after shaving. If you want that smooth look post-shave, then make sure you wash the area and preferably use an exfoliating sponge (no, that is not just for the ladies) or even a wash rag: anything to get rid of the newly shaved hair and dead skin from your body.

Clean Ears and Nose

While not seeming a big deal, remember that ear wax and ear hair can be seen by everyone but yourself. Once noticed, it can not be unseen. This may gross some people out and take their focus away from your great personality, your intellect, and good looking face. In addition, wax can lead to an infection. It takes 30 seconds to de-wax your ears, so make sure that your listening pipes are properly clean and you have trimmed the protruding hair. Many trimmers on the market are multi-purpose and have different attachments for facial hair, nose hair, ear hair, etc … and are pretty cheap. Buy one, because it is an investment you will not regret.Nose hairs are also unsightly. If you have one or more protruding hairs coming out of your sniffer, it can be distracting, slightly off-putting, and is noticeable. Again, just a few seconds with a trimmer, and you can trim those hairs, dramatically changing your appearance and image by such a simple task.

Keeping Facial Borders Clean

A man who likes to wear stubble, a mustache, a regular short beard, or a full beard, all know that faces do not have natural borders that cleanly shape the face. In a few seconds in the morning, take a moment to shave or trim around the facial hair you are growing and showing off even the stubble! It is noticeable when there are different levels of hair growth on the face, and it is a strange sight.Hair grows at different rates, so if you are cultivating a nice beard or facial hairstyle, it makes all the difference in the world to shave the edges to make the transition from hair to smooth skin, nice and crisp. This uniform look that only takes a few seconds will make you look put-together, in control and help show off your best during job interviews, dating, socializing, and will boost your self-confidence. It's like wearing a tuxedo when dressed or cleaned up nice, you stand straighter, look bold, and feel great.

Bonus Grooming Tip

This article could not end without mentioning the neck beard. Gentlemen: shave the neck beard. Unless you have a full beard going on or are an actual lumberjack, the neck beard is not a good looking or functional hair statement. Neck beards ruin a nicely trimmed neck, a nice haircut, great facial hairstyle, and make it look like you have put zero effort into grooming and hygiene. While shaving (even if it is to clean up some lines around your facial hair), get to that neck beard.

A good rule of thumb is shave or trim it at least to above your Adam's apple. Stubble growth looks great on a man's face, but not down his entire neck. Make a statement by taking care of these few hygienic and grooming tips that will take a total of 5 minutes tops out of your day.

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6 Useful Makeup Tips and Tricks

6 makeup tips and tricks to a fab, more beautiful you

1. Clean your canvas

Since make-up is the palette of your face, make sure you have clean, clear skin before and after putting on the colors. Dirt and excess oil on your face may cause you those unwanted zits and blemishes so make sure you have a facial wash, toner, and moisturizer ready. If you are on the run, you can also use handy wet wipes to make sure you have the perfect slate to start on. These skin care tips may add to the work-up, but it would surely save you time off zapping the zits out later on and of course, periodic retouching.

2. Foundation or BB Cream?

The use of coverage products for your face is definitely not one of the numerous beauty tips you should ignore. Beside priming your makeup, it also provides protection for your skin. If you are attending a gala night or a romantic date, you may want to use the foundation for longer coverage as compared to BB creams which is better for protection than a makeup base.

3. Easy flow on the brows

Do not know what color to use for your brows? Look up and check your hair color. Your brow should be a shade lighter than your hair. Once you have your eye pencil ready, draw a light outline on your brows then fill it with gentle feather strokes. Tap on some shimmer or a little concealer below your brow bone for a more polished look. Remember these tips and refining your eyebrows will go a long way!

4. Lines are fine

Eyeliners are certainly a girl's best friend next to lipsticks when it comes to makeup. They can automatically change the look of your eyes from classy to sassy. If you have ample time to prepare, you can go by using liquid eyeliner. This is a better choice for a more dramatic look and longer-lasting effect while the eye pencil, though it can easily smudge, a high-quality product should do wonders for your casual, day-to-day affairs.

5. Blush Away!

A face without blush takes out the life in your natural beauty, so it's really important that you know what shade of blush fits you before making those cheeky rosy. You just need to remember the basic matches for blush fair skin – pink; medium skin – peach; dark skin – tangerine. These are just the basic beauty tips but you can always do a trial and error on which shade really looks good on you. If you're using powder, make sure to pat off excess powder from the brush before sweeping it from your cheekbone to your temple. For a dewy look, you can use cream-based blush.

6. Just for Lips

If you are in a hurry and there's one makeup tool you should not forget – it's your lipstick! This little stick of color can certainly do your face wonders! Find the right shade of color depending on your mood. The trick is to always have a set of light and dark lipstick ready for any kind of day or event and you're ready to go!

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Everything You Need to Know About Hair Coloring

Coloring – The Basics

Take the time to do a Proper Color Consultation. Show your customer Your Shade Chart. Check what her color level is today and what level she wants it to be. Decide on the desired shade with her.

Choose the Right Strength of Developer. Use 20 Vol Developer if the desired shade levels 1-2 levels lift, 30 Vol Developer for 2-3 levels lift, and 40 Vol Developer for 3 levels lift and more.

Decide if prelightening is needed. If your customer wants to go more than 3 levels lighter, you will need to use either a lightening powder or high-lift colors.

Get your Mix Ratios right. Check the instructions of the hair color brand that you are using. The most common mix is ​​1 part color to 1 part Developer. High Lift Colors sometimes require 1 part Color to 2 parts Developer. Bleach is generally 1 part color to 1 part Developer, but you need to make sure that the mixture is adequately runny so that it does not dry out during the processing.

Respect the Development Time. Once again, check the instructions of the hair color brand that you are using. For bleach, you will need to watch the hair until it has lightened to the desired level.

Full Head Coloring – Application Technique

Always apply color on dry, unwashed hair only.
For gray hair coverage, you need to mix the desired color shade with the corresponding base shade. For example, if your customer wants 6G you will need to mix 6G with 6.

For covering dark bases with very resistant gray hair (for example, Asian or African American hair) it is recommended to use the Extra Coverage Series (“NN”) which many color brands sell nowdays.

Section the hair into 4 big sections and then tie up using sectioning clips.

Open up one of these sections. Divide this section into smaller sections with your fingers and apply color.

Stay about 1 inch away from the scalp to start with. Work fairly quickly and cover all the mid-sections and ends.

Now return to the scalp area. This time you can apply color up to 1/8 inch away from the scalp BUT NO NEARER. This area is the heat band and processes faster and more because of the heat of the scalp.

After completing the entire application process, go through one more time with your fingers (using gloves of course). This will help you get a more glossy result.

Develop for around 30 minutes. (A little more if you need to lift by more than 3 levels or cover a lot of gray hair).

Add a touch of warm water and rub. This process is known as emulsification and will give you a better, more vibrant color result.

Rinse with a mild shampoo, and apply conditioner if needed.

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Can Your Hairstyle Make You Look Like a Million Bucks?

Got your black tux on and that red tie and those silver cufflinks, but still do not look like a million bucks? Here's probably where you're missing out. Your haircut. That's right, you have not got your manly locks in order! A hairstyle is an integral part of appearance and that's something that many forget. In the next few sections we will talk about different types of hairstyles and what they're best suited for.

Basic Hair Care

The thing about ensuring your hair is on point is that hair care is as important as the haircut itself. You have to make sure that your scalp is dandruff free and your hair is oil free for the longest lasting style. Check in with a dermatologist to see if you require any special shampoos. Conditioner is also good for hair as it helps smoothen it out, but make sure to wash it away thoroughly. Lastly, if you can avoid it, do not run a brush or comb through wet hair. However, damp hair can be securely styled.

Types of hairstyles

We will now look at some of the most common types of hairstyles that you can get at any salon. Also keep in mind that many hairdressers love to experiment. So do not be afraid to try out new styles from a picture in a magazine.

Buzz Cut

This style is very easy to maintain and provides a crisp look of almost military precision. Trimmed to less than an inch on the sides and back and cut very short atop, this cut provides a very mature, no-nonsense look. This hairstyle would be great for men with square faces.

Casual Style

A casual hairstyle is your run of the mill cut that requires longer hair on the crown and just a little shorter hair on the sides. While the cut is not complicated, it is very important to style the look every day with a little gel and running your comb / brush through to set it in place.

The Side Part

While the side part does not necessarily need a distinct haircut, it must be done with surgical precision. By sweeping most of your locks to one side, you can affect a cool beach wave or slicked look changing the whole tone of the appearance.

While the above mentioned styles are very classic and scream professionalism or casual, there are some other crazy styles out there that include mohawks, mullets and pompadours. These fluffy and over the top styles require quite a lot of time to style and maintain.

Let yourself go when it comes to your hair. It'll always grow back anyway! Try out new things to find the one that best fits you!

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5 Little Known Tricks To Make Synthetic Hair Look Natural

Hair extensions are aimed at giving your hair a fuller and thicker look. The unfortunate thing is that the extensions look cheap and fake when exposed to sunlight. This can make you uncomfortable especially if you do not want people to know that you are wearing extensions. The cool thing is that there are a number of things that you can do to make the extensions appear natural:

Get the perfect color match

When buying the extensions you should ensure that the color perfectly matches your hair color. When matching your hair always use your hair ends as your guide. You should note that buying hair that is one shade too dark or too light will give you away; therefore, you should be very keen when making the purchase.

Keep it short

As much as you may be tempted to rock long hair, you should avoid it and stick to short hair. Studies have shown that short extensions look more natural compared to their long counterparts. You should cut the hair hanging on the length of your natural hair. For example, if you have shoulder length hair you should go for extensions that are 16-18 inches long. If on the other hand your natural hair is mid-length to long, you should aim for 20-24 inches.

Use a curling iron

If you are having problems blending your short hair with the new extensions you should try to loosely curl the hair together. When curling it you should remember to use a heat protectant.

Powder it

Powdering aims at preventing the extensions from appearing too shiny. You should start by dividing the hair into two sections and apply the baby powder evenly to them. Once you are done you should brush out the hair using a plastic bristle brush.

Apply it right

The way that you apply the extensions greatly determines how people look at it. There are two main ways that you can apply the hair: sew-in, clip-in and glue method. Clip-in is the most common and you can do at home. The other two ways are complex and require some level of experience to execute them perfectly.


Natural hair is beautiful; however, if you are not blessed with one there's no reason you can not wear the hair extensions and make them appear natural. By putting the above tips into consideration you will give your extensions a natural look that no one will ever notice.

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5 Proven Natural Remedies to Get Lighter Skin

Lightening your skin should not cost you an arm and a leg. As we discover further about the effects of natural ingredients to our skin, skin lightening is not a matter of spa any more. In fact, it can be done with your current kitchen ingredients, and you are going to discover how to use these amazing recipes to get lighter complexion in the next 5 minutes.

Would not it be great to have a clean, smooth, flawless and light skin?

More and more teenagers and women are jumping on the bandwagon of people with light skin, and it's almost becoming a craze these days. Among this group of people, some experience imbalanced skin tone, for example, darker complexion on the neck, but fairer in the face. And the rest has to do with dark pigmentation of the skin caused by sunburn.

Prolonged exposure of the skin under the sun has caused it to go dark, dull, and dry. For others, it's the prolonged use of some chemical products.

In an attempt to have a lighter skin, it is undeniable that you would want to lay hands on the best skin whitening cream available in the market. But the sad truth is that almost 60% of the products appear to be made of chemical and are pretty harmful. Any product that has an overnight success rate is more likely has a negative side effect. It is much safer to try natural remedies than go for these products.

Flawless skin is an epitome of real beauty. But constant sun exposure, lack of skin care routine, and poor health can lead to uneven skin tone and turn your beauty to your worst nightmare. But the good news is that you can reverse these unwanted effects on your skin with the help of some easy home remedies for skin lightening.

Here, here are 5 home remedies for skin whitening that have been tested and proven to be highly effective in lightening your skin.

1. Dried Orange Peels & Yogurt

First, dry your orange peels and make them crisp by placing them under the sun. The next thing is grinding of the dried peels into a powder form and then mix it up with a tablespoon of fresh yogurt to form a paste. Then apply the paste over cleansed face and allow it stay for about 20 minutes. For best result, repeat at least thrice a week.

2. Yogurt

The beauty benefits of yogurt are awesome. Yogurt contains lactic acid, which is a natural bleach. You can apply it the way it is. All you've to do is to rub fresh yogurt on your face and allow it to sit for 20 minutes. Then rinse off later. To get the best result in your quest to have a light skin, try mixing yogurt with a tablespoon of honey or lemon.

3. Milk, Lemon Juice & Honey

This is yet another effective remedy to get lighter skin. It is important you make use of fresh lemon juice. Mix a tablespoon of milk and lemon juice each. Next, add a teaspoon of honey as a moisturizing agent because lemon can make your skin dry out. Thoroughly mix these ingredients well and apply over a cleaned face. Let it stay for 20 minutes before you rinse.

4. Tomato, Yogurt & Oatmeal

This remedy is amazing! All you have to do is mix a tablespoon of oatmeal with a tablespoon of tomato and yogurt each. Continue mixing until it forms into a thick paste. Later on, apply it on your face and let it rest for 30 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. If you wish, you may apply light and mild skin moisturizer after drying your skin.

5. Lemon

Getting lighter skin just got better with lemon. This is one of the best natural bleaching agents around. Cut out a small part of lemon and rub on your face in a circular manner. Let the juice rest for about 30 minutes. Then wash off using lukewarm water. Continue this daily for best result. Yet, lemons can dry out your face, so you'll have to be careful. You can apply some honey onto your face after you've tried this remedy to put in some moisture back to your face.

These skin home remedies really work if you follow them to the letter. Apply these skin whitening home remedies tips and be the cynure of all eyes everywhere you go.

If you still want to opt for commercial skin whitening products, make sure to check the label color before purchasing. The ones labeled green or red are safe to use, while black means it contain 100% chemical and can really be harmful.

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Do You Know What’s in Your Lipstick? 3 Non-Vegan Ingredients to Avoid

Would you color your lips with crushed bugs, moisturize them with sheep wool fat, add a touch of shimmer with fish scales? Sounds like a horror story? Unfortunately, many of us are doing just that without even knowing. Beyond the yuck factor, these ingredients are non-vegan and can cause severe allergic reactions. Learn how to recognize them on essential labels and why you should avoid them:

  1. Carmine

The crimson red color in many lipsticks, dyes and other cosmetics, comes from crushed Cochineal Beetles. Cochineal Beetles (Dactylopius Coccus) are tiny insects that feed on cactus plants in Central and South America. The beetles are soaked in hot water, dried and then crushed to give the deep red color. On the ingredient lists, it will be listed under the name Carmine or Cochineal Extract, Ponceau 4R, Cochineal Red A, Brilliant Scarlet, New Coccine, SX Purple. Carmine can cause an allergic reactions in some people, manifesting as soreness of the lips with cracking and bleeding or leading to the development of respiratory problems and even asthma. It is also known to cause hyperactivity in children.

Sadly, Carmine is not only used in some lipsticks and lip glosses, but also in the food industry to color candy, yogurt, applesauce, baked goods, red-colored beverages. Still wanting your strawberry yogurt or that glass of Campari? Yuck!

  1. Lanolin

Lanolin is a type of oily or waxy substance that is produced from the wool of sheep. Lanolin is used extensively in lipsticks and other cosmetics to provide barrier protection to chapped skin, soothe dryness, and provide moisture. There are over 100 lipsticks on the market that containanol, including some sold by renamed brands. Some people may have a lanolin allergy, causing them to develop symptoms when coming into contact with wool or other products containing lanolin, such as cosmetic products and lotions. Some of the most common symptoms of an allergy to lanolin include a rash, swelling and nasal congestion. Additional respiratory symptoms may develop in some people and are particularly dangerous for those with lung problems such as asthma.

  1. Fish Scales (Guanine)

Guanine is a crystalline material obtained from fish scales. In lipsticks and other cosmetics and personal care products, Guanine is used to give a shimmer or sheen to the product. Needless to say that if you are allergic to fish, you should not consider putting fish scales on your lips or skin.

Beside the dangers of developing an allergic reaction to any of the above ingredients and the yuck factor, if you are vegan or made a conscious choice not to use animal-derived ingredients in your cosmetics, you have an extra reason to read the cosmetic labels carefully , in order to ensure that they do not contain any of these ingredients.

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Perfume Tips From A to Z

With that in mind I have compiled a list of favorite perfume tips and tricks for those of us where fragrance is our passion or just a hobby. I have arranged these in alphabetical order and although there are endless possibilities I have only provided one per letter.

A is for Atomizer – this is a great way to apply perfume. The bulb asserts just the right amount of fragrance to your desired pulse points.

B is for Box – do not throw away the box that your perfume came in. Many of us have several fragrances that we rotate depending on the season. Storing them back in their original box will protect them from heat and light.

C is for Compliment – we all love to receive compliments so when someone wears a nice scent make sure to tell them that. It's also a great way to start a conversation about what they are wearing.

D is for Diary – keeping track in our head what a particular fragrance smells like can be very overwhelming. Start a diary jotting down what you smelled and if it was one that's of interest and might consider purchasing at a later date.

E is for Evocative – perfume designers grab our attention by the evocative names they give their creations.

F is for Friends – just because a fragrance smells great on your friend does not mean it will on you. Each person's body chemistry dictates how a fragrance will smell on someone.

G is for Gender – many women love cologne that has been marketed for men. If it is a scent that you enjoy, then wear it.

H is for Headache – this is the worst time to go shopping for perfume when you have a headache. In some cases our olfactory methods are more heightened then making the shopping experience dreadful.

I is for Inventory – if you are like some people, they enjoy picking up perfume samples. Without a list of what you have you may end up with many of the same samples.

J is for Joy – talk about what gives you joy. If you enjoy a certain fragrance or designer then tell your friends about it or write a blog.

K is for Keep – some people feel that as soon as a perfume bottle is empty they should throw it away. There are many things that can be done with empty perfume bottles. Use them for display, as a small vase, or add colored sand or beads in them. The possibilities are endless if you are creative.

L is for Layering – do not discard a fragrance you do not like. A small spritz with another fragrance layers the two scents and that way you are not discarding something that you do not like.

M is for Miniatures – most women like to carry their perfume in their purse or handbag. Miniatures are a great way to do that and they do not take up much room.

N is for Notes – knowing the top, middle and base notes of a perfume is important. Being able to decipher the composition of a fragrance helps to determine what you like.

O is for Opinion – get your friend's opinion on the fragrance you are wearing. What you think smells great may be offensive to others.

P is for Pleasure – wearing perfume should bring pleasure to your life. Life is too short to not have some pleasure in it.

Q is for Quality – there are many knock off perfumes on the market today. Do not waste your hard earned money on less than quality fragrances.

R is for Read – if unfamiliar with perfume, then read blogs, articles and online forum messages on the subject.

S is for Storage – perfume should be properly stored in a cool dark place. Avoiding direct sunlight will ensure that your fragrance lasts longer.

T is for Travel – do not be afraid to take your favorite perfume when you travel.

U is for Unscented – if you are looking for an unscented product make sure the label says “scent-free”.

V is for Visit – do not be afraid to visit websites to find your favorite scents.

W is for Work – be careful what you wear to work. The scent from perfume does not always react the same to everyone and may cause physical symptoms.

X is for X-rated – do not be afraid to shy away from your comfort zone. You may find that you prefer a more earthly scent from your normal delicate floral one.

Y is for Year – fragrances change with the seasons. Many designers come out with holiday scents at are only available during that time of year.

Z is for Zero – do not be afraid to go a day without perfume.

I hope you enjoyed my list of tips and tricks. Make one for yourself and see what you come up with.

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5 Short Hairstyles Women Can Rock This Season

Not many dare to go short. This is because despite short hairstyles look chic, modern and edgy, they are tricky when it comes to styling. But then it's so much more practical for one who job takes up most of their time. If you are planning to chop those tresses, here are the 5 latest trends to try out. There's one for every face shape and hair texture.

1. The Pixie –

This one's a classic. Popularized around the 60s, the pixie looks as attractive as it used to be. The hair is cut really short on the sides and back and left a little longer in the front. The modern pixie cut feature bangs and layers for a more textured look. It keeps it from lying flat. The pixie looks great on woman with thick, wavy hair and square, oval and heart-shaped faces.

Celebrity Inspiration: Ginnifer Goodwin, Anne Hathaway and Emma Watson

2. The Bob –

Compared to the pixie and pompadour, the bob is a longer in length. It hits at the jaw line with some going lower grazing the chin. There are different variants of the bob.

• Textured bob – The layers keep it from looking boring by adding volume. A fringe or choppy side bangs add more edge to the look. Women with thick and curly hair should avoid the bob as it tenders to pouf up. Emma Stone wears the textured bob with oomph.

• Demi-bob – It gets its name from its longer length. It hits below the mid-neck but slightly above the shoulders. The Demi-bob looks flatters a round face as it elongates it. It is the option to go for if you have wavy hair as the layers fall well. You can seek inspiration from Gwyneth Paltrow's Demi-bob.

3. The Pompadour –

The pompadour is brand new in the lineup of short hairstyle ideas for women. Let's say we've borrowed it from men. It is also called “faux hawk” or “quiff”. Usually, the hair along the sides is shaved fine and some of it is swept upwards, away from the face and worn high, at the center of the head. This is a bold hairstyle and not everyone can carry it well.

Celebrity Inspiration: Miley Cyrus

4. Shag –

This hairstyle is causal, fun and flirtatious. There are lots of layers and choppy ends that give it its messy look. The good thing about this cut is that it suits almost all face shapes. It's great for fine hair as the layers create an illusion of volume. For this hairstyle you can experiment with the length of the hair. To style it, use a spray that enhances those textures. Avoid gels as they make the hair stiff.

Celebrity Inspiration: Alexa Chung, Jennifer Anniston

5. Short Crop –

The short crop is the shortest of short hairstyles for women. The hair is cut very close to the scalp more like the men have their hair cut in military training. Here, it is also called the boyish crop. A short crop highlights a good bone structure. It is a not frills look without any fringe or bangs.

Celebrity Inspiration: Rihanna

So, make your pick. As a tip, before you go short, check out photographs of how the hairstyle looks. You should also consult a stylist for her opinion on what will look best for you.

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Try the Blonde Hair Extensions Today!

Various popular film administrators, and also Alfred Hitchcock, only considered solid blondes as their heroines, having little doubt that they appeared to various viewers. The magnificent success of stars such as Lana Turner and Marilyn Monroe certainly seems to support this theory.

It can be unduly said that blonde hair can not be the only criterion for remodeling a lady into a stunner, there is no denying of the main fact that a lovely blonde lady can entice a reasonable attention from the opposite sex.

With these natural benefits that blondes flaunt, will you not boast yourself into one of the expertise and attractiveness that this class of ladies appears to ooze? It is simpler than you think it to be. And you do not have to stop yourself from coloring your own hair. With strawberry blonde you will be able to get a complete head of hair which is completely blonde. You should first dye your hair and then add the blonde matching your original hair.

And therefore the main problem is to select the specific shade of blonde hair that you just have to show on your head. Whether it is platinum blond, golden blond, strawberry blond or ash blond, you will be able to explore the shade that suits you most and get it worked on your hair. Once you have chosen yourself a very new look with blonde, you should start discussing that application method that suits you along with your hair stylist.

Usually – there are two main types – Individual strands and hair wefts.

The Weft method ensures that the medium brown are on place along with the wefts created of the artificial hair and attaching them to your head. Wefts are actually tiny batches of hair gripped along one side and flowing freely on the other. You will get handmade wefts or those made by machineries but it is generally accepted that the handmade wefts are better.

The individual method of strands involves selecting between 30-40 strands of the hair that you simply have selected for the technique and applying these little things on your real hair can be done by various techniques such as metal rods, clamping, gluing or heat fusing with metal rods.

Presently, you will simply understand the basics of dark brown methodology; nothing should stop you from remodeling yourself into what men generally prefer for. Get these done and then decide whether or not the blonde locks obviously add some extra spice in your life or not. You will surely love it and keep on maintaining this style.

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Virgin Hair – Steps To Buy The Best For You

Virgin hair lasts a long time and it is pretty easy to take care of. If you are looking for virgin hair extensions, then you can be sure that you will be making a good investment as long as you take your time to find the most suitable for you. Virgin hair can be defined as a human hair that has not been bleached, permed or colored. It comes straight from the donor with cuticle layers intact and running the same direction. The market has so many and to get the best when you buy, you need to make a few considerations.

Step 1 – Decide it's what you really want

This is a very important step because when you get your virgin hair, you will need to take care of it like you would do for your own. You could also be getting completely different texture than what you are used to; hence the need to be absolutely sure that you want to go ahead and buy it.

Step 2 – Know your hair options

When you shop for virgin hair, you will come across lace closures, hair wefts, lace frontals, silk base closures, extensions and wigs among other hair options. When you know the exact hair needs you have, it will be much easier for you to decide which option is most suitable. Find out as much as possible about the hair style you are about to buy beforehand to keep regrets at bay.

Step 3 – Choose the hair type

Brazilian virgin hair tend to be the most popular in the market. However, you have plenty of other options including Indian, Malaysian and Peruvian among others. You can start by comparing the different types of hair so you can make an informed decision you will love in the long run. What is important to note is that some types are lightweight and others can be a little heavy, others handle curls very well while others are better left straight.

Step 4 – Get the right length

Some people love short, manageable hair while others love longer hair they can play around with when it comes to styling. You will find a great deal of lengths to choose from. The secret is to choose a length you are sure will not pose any inconveniences and a length you will be most comfortable styling and maintaining. You can use your face shape to decide which length is best for your natural features.

Step 5 – Remember the hair color

Virgin hair is usually in dark colors, but you can still find a few color variations when buying the hair. Always remember to choose a color that matches your skin tone for the best results with your extension. Color that compliments your natural skin tone will make it hard for anyone to notice that you are actually wearing an extension compared to hair which color is the complete opposite of your skin tone.

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Reasons to Give Perfume As a Gift

In this article I will outline some of the reasons why you should give perfume as a gift which will help make the gifting process a little bit easier.

Why perfume makes a great gift:

  • Perfume for the most part can be extremely personal to the wearer based on their favorite scents and the reactions to individual body chemical. Some women have a 'signature scent', which are typically her favorite fragrances and the one she wears the most often. But do not be intimidated by that as most women will be guided to add another fragrance to their collection. The notes found in perfume come in a wide variety and by having several different scents ensures that she will always have the right perfume for any occasion. Daytime scents tend to be lighter and floral-based, whereas fragrances for evening may be a little heavier, such as musk and vanilla. Do not get caught up in the myth that you should not have too many fragrances. If properly stored perfume will last a long time.

  • Knowing a few guidelines when selecting a perfume as a gift will ensure you make the right choice. Take in consideration the age of the woman receiving the perfume and what scents she usually favors. Knowing what the main elements are of those fragrances, then select something that is similar but yet new. Younger women lean toward the trendy popular designer perfumes usually endorsed by celebrities. Check out the advertisements in magazines to see what is popular to get your ideas. Older women tend to prefer the more classic fragrances, the ones that have been around for a while.

  • When you look at a list of beauty products, perfume is usually listed towards the bottom. Perfume is in many cases considered a luxury and not part of an essential beauty territory. When you give perfume as a gift you are giving that person the freedom to branch out and try something new. It also lets her know the importance of adding perfume to her daily routine and evokes confidence to include it as a cruciform addition to her list of beauty products.

  • Many of the popular perfume styles come in specifically priced value gift sets. Depending on the manufacturer, these usually include body lotion, shower gel and roll-on scents. This will ensure that she can pamper herself with all the essentials.

  • If you are looking for a romantic gift then you can not go wrong with perfume. By choosing a luxurious multi-piece designer perfume set, fragrance gift basket or even a single bottle of perfume shows her how much you care.

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Styling Your Brazilian Hair Extension To Suit Your Face

Brazilian virgin hair is loved by many because of how beautiful it is. Styling the extensions is made easy by the fact that it is natural hair meaning that you can wash it, flat iron it or blow dry it without risking damages as it is the case with synthetic extensions. To have an easy time styling the hair, start with the basics like dampening the hair and applying your preferred styling product before blow drying it or styling it as you desire.

However, when styling the extension, you should pay attention to your face shape. This is because different styles work for different faces and you want to look your best wherever you have selected a straight or curly Brazilian hair. Here are a few tips that can help you select the best style with your virgin Brazilian hair.

Oval face – The oval face has for a long time considered to be the perfect shape for the face because the jaw line, cheekbones and the forehead as well as the chin are all proportionally balanced. If you have this face, you can wear or style your Brazilian extension as you desire and you can choose any length and still look great.

Round face – A round face shows cheek fullness and you should keep off pulling the hair all the way back. Instead of the back style or bangs, choose soft graduating layers as a simple way of making the face look slimmer and to get the bulk off the cheeks.

Square face – This kind of face has a broad forehead, wide chin and cheekbones. When styling your Brazilian hair for this face, avoid styles that add some width around the jawline and instead choose styles that lengthen your face and build some fullness around the top.

Heart face – This face has a jawline that is narrow and wider brow line, cheek bones and eye line. Puny layers and pageboy type of styles tend to suit this face more. You can choose an extension that has medium length for the best look.

Pear face – This face is not very common, but it has a wide jaw line and chin and narrows at the forehead and hairline area. Full layers are great on this face because they add width as well as volume all the way from the eyes to your crown balancing out the face.

Diamond face – If you have this face, then you have narrow chin and a narrow forehead but wider cheekbones. The secret when styling your extension is hiding the width of the cheeks and you can do this using a bang or fringe. You can also choose an extension that makes the chin look fuller.

Oblong face – The face has a narrow and long bone structure. The forehead width is almost the same as that below your cheekbones. For this face, choose medium lengths, extensions that are fuller at the sides and soft wispy bangs. Keep off short layers and length cuts that add volume around the crown.

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How To Stay Looking Young Naturally

You wake up, as usual, every morning, slap on those layers of make-up, feel you are looking great and step out of your home to face challenges of the day. The self-esteem and confidence freeze when someone in the neighborhood calls you “Aunty”. Have the men started heading towards greener pastures and younger girls? You start to wonder when you lose that magic touch. The thought of turning old is demotivating and depressing and you start pondering over, how to look younger naturally.

Jiggle-wiggle heavy thighs and a face full of wrinkles is a nightmare for most people. But this is a natural development process! Onlookers are deeply moved by appearance but as the natural aging process takes over, people start planning on how to stop aging. Their first reaction is to hit the gym to lose unnecessary calories sitting on their hips and waist and then they head to the dermatologists for Botox treatments.

There is a constant struggle to conjure ways on how to stay looking young. Beside creaking knee joints and a hurting backbone, the face also starts to develop ugly deep lines and wrinkles. The complexion becomes dark, the face looks tired and prompts start to sink in. These changes are preliminary but they can be a source of embarrassment for many women. The main reason for losing facial fat and youthfulness is depletion of collagen. Collagen can be consumed orally, but are there any other ways to stay fresh and young side by side:

1. One of the main reasons that spell trouble is stress. Staying constantly strung will lead to physical alterations in the human body that can fasten the aging process. Stress leads to excessive production of cortisol and adrenaline and a person may end up with anxiety issues and depression. The facial lines contort and permanent wrinkles may develop on the face. The heart starts to beat fast and the blood pressure may become erratic. We live in a stressful society and the best way to deal with it is to breathe calmly, meditate and exercise regularly. Relaxation can work miracles on the facial muscles. Take it easy, breathe deeply, recite calmly and take a break!

2. Exercise promotes the blood to rush faster to different parts of the body and is akin to meditation. It's the ideal way to stay fit, healthy and younger looking.

3. Consume Omega-3 fatty acids: Load your diet with walnuts, seeds, and salmon. Your bone strength, mood, and stamina will definitely increase, body infection will reduce and you will feel good! You can even introduce shark oil tablets to your diet to get the missing Omega3. Soon you will observe that the excessively dumped fat on the waist and hips will reduce and the body will feel energetic and healthy. Be patient, your face will shine with that special glow!

4. If you can not hit the gym start a regular walk. The muscles will get toned, the body will become lithe and shapely, bones will become stronger and the mood will be boosted. We promise you are going to make new friends when you step out into the fresh air. Not only will your social life get a boost, you will also start smiling more and begin to look younger. If you hate walking you can start a swimming session at the pool or join a dance club.

5. It's time to stop getting bored. People love good company and you always had that magic touch. Including supplementing yourself orally with collagen, be yourself and let your hair loss. As the collagen plumps up your face, your smile will woo the onlookers. Spill your magic. Let that oxytocin move through your endocrine system and improve your cardiovascular and immune system. We promise you that you will soon be scrambling out of the bed super-fast for some fun moments. Feel young and look young!

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Germaine De Capuccini: A Holistic Name in the World of Cosmetics

Use of cosmetic products for looking good has become a common practice in recent years among men and women of all age groups. And therefore going through the increasing craze of people towards these products you can find a plethora of manufacturers offering a wide range of cosmetic products that are approved to give the desired results within the short span of time by their regular use. Well, before you proceed ahead, let us point out the reasons due to which both men and women are crazy towards these products.

In this regard it will be interested to know that users of such products are not only the mature people, but also by the young people who have to move at different places for their academic and professional reasons. In short, it can be said that today every person whether he is a man, woman, boy or a girl everyone is making use of these products to get rid of their skin problem. Now, the question arises that why do people make use of these products.

You will agree that looking good is the desire of every person without any sexual differences and age groups. But, as the age of a person grows the marks of growing age start emerging on their face in the form of wrinkles and deeper lines around cheeks and foreheads. Apart from this the marks of growing age could also be witnessed on the different organs of the body, interestingly on the organs that are visible like hands, feet etc.

To get rid of these growing marks, today there are different types of lotions, creams, face packs, etc are available in the market which are claimed to minimize these marks of growing age. According to the manufacturers of these products the regular use of these products will help in not only removing the marks of growing age, but also make the skin look glowing and blushing as the people had during their teenage.

Similarly, today going through the increasing competition in every field the youths are becoming concerned with their academic and professional growth, due to which they have to move from one place to another under diverse environmental conditions, especially the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Along with this at the same time they also have to combat with the problem of pollution. The combination of all these elements results in the emergence of different skin problems, due to which the marks of growing age start appearing on their face at an early age. Interestingly, to enjoy the pleasure of beautiful and glowing skin, they also prefer to make use of different cosmetics available in the market.

But, how to find the authentic products is the question of concern amongst them. Because taking the advantage of people towards the use of these products, there are various fake manufacturers in the market that offer the products which, although show positive results in the short span of the time, but effectively leave different types of side effects. Going through this problem, it becomes difficult for the user to trust on these products.

However, there are various genuine manufacturers like Germaine de Capuccini which adopt a holistic approach towards the manufacturing of such products. The products manufactured by the such groups are enriched with natural elements and do not harm the skin of the users. The worth mentioning feature of the products offered by such groups is that the user does not require to make their use through his life and within the span of the use he is able to enjoy everlasting results on his skin.

Anyhow, the question of how to buy these products, however, still remains unanswered, in their regard there are certain factors to consider which are stated below:

1. Do not buy the products that are enriched with mineral oil: The main reason due to which different types of skin problems takes place are blockage of the pores that facilitates the flow of air inside our skin. Although the use of mineral oil looks like very healthy and natural, but on the contrary it blocks the pores. It would be there before better to not buy such products which are developed by making the use of elements like mineral oil.

2. Products with fragrance: Although, the odor of cosmetic products smells very good, but sometimes use of products with fragrance could be harmful for your skin. Because the product that you apply on your skin will be naturally absorb by it. Some fragrances can be harmful for the skin and can damage it poorly. Moreover, nowdays there is an increase in the number of persons suffering from the perfume allergy. Use of such products will result in the emergence of extra problem for which the person may visit the doctor.

3. Products with alcohol: Alcohol is not only harmful to your health, but also for your skin and makes it dry due to its high volatility. If you apply the products enriched with alcoholic elements they will immediately evaporate, thus making your skin dry and hard, without leaving any mark of moisture on your face.

In simple words it can be said that if you are planning to buy skin care product, it would be better to the products manufactured by the renowned manufacturers, without getting impressed by the manufacturers offering the same products with low price tag.

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