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Choose Organic Herbal Henna Powder For A Chemical Free Hair Colouring Experience

Not many of us are aware that the favorite pack of chemical hair color might contain heavy metals and comes with a harmful chemical composition that causes more damage than do good. Owing to such high chemical concentrations, chemical hair dyes are known to cause severe allergic reactions and also has a number of side effects attached under its name. The primary symptoms include itching, redness or swelling around the eyelids or eyes in the said respect. But the continuous use of chemical dyes may lead to severe damage of the scalp and tresses which extremely results in baldness, excess hair loss and damaged and dull hairs.

Thus, opt for the completely natural organic herbal henna powder that provides for a chemical free hair coloring experience and in turn, its essential goodness caters to the proper nourishment of the scalp and hairs as well while other added advantages that it has to its credit.

The various advantages of choosing the organic herbal henna powder as the ideal alternative to the synthetic hair colors can be enlisted as under:

• Provides for a 100% chemical free hair color that contains no PPD, no ammonia, no hydrogen peroxide, no barlum, no heavy metal or any kind of additives, fertilizers and added synthetics for the matter.

• Makes for a 100% herbal hair dye is made up of premium quality henna. Owing to the essential goodness of the wholly organic herbal henna powder it comes with added benefits for the hair and scalp and further help to provide for the all-round nourishment of the hairs and the scalp.

• Henna powder apart from being a great natural conditioning agent is known to improve the texture and health of the hairs and scalp in an effective manner.

• Henna powder is 100% ammonia free and therefore is free from the pungent smell of ammonia. In some cases, the higher concentration of ammonia that is present in certain chemical hair dyes can lead to serious respiratory problems that in the long run causes damage to the lungs.

• This excellent henna powder helps to work as a damage repair solution while being an ideal natural remedy that adds a healthy shine to the locks, heals certain scalp related issues in an absolutely natural manner while functioning as the best natural stimulant for hair growth.

• It caters to a number of scalp related issues like that of the itchy scalp to dandruff, herbal henna powder provides for the necessary protection to the scalp to keep scalp infections at bay.

• Organic herbal henna powder is clinically tested to be a completely safe product that causes no allergies and has no side effects and is suitable for application on all hair types.

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The Best Ways to Properly Shave Down There

Shaving pubic hair is always a great way to ensure that you stay cool and fresh all the time. It is also a good way to take care of yourself, so that you do not have to smell due to sweat. You do not need to have any appointments for anyone to come and shave you. But on the contrary, it is going to be a bad experience for you if you do not do it in the right manner. This is because you might end up with ingrown hairs, razor burns, irritation of the skin and bumps. Here are the safest steps that you can take when you want to have a perfect shave.

1. Make a decision as to how you want your pubic hair to look

  • You shave it all. Most people do not like to shave all their hair off because they fear health hazards. But I have to promise you that there are no health risks at all.
  • What is required of you is to do it hygienically. That is, you need to use a razor that is clean and new. After shaving, you use an anti-septic. Always use caution so that you do not cut yourself because that is always painful.
  • You can also decide to use a stencil. This is an easy task. Take a stencil that has a symbol on it, like a heart. Then you are going to shave around it so that you leave a section of hair around your pubic region.
  • Another popular design is to create a landing strip. A landing strip is a fine line that extends up, right from your labial towards your belly button. It's up to you to decide how wide or narrow you want the strip to be.

2. Trim your pubic hair

  • Before you get into the shower, you need to cut your hair down to around 6mm. Take good care of your trimming razor because if it is mishandled, then the cut will not be as good as you want it to be. Nice trimming can be achieved through the following ways.
  • You can trim efficiently by pulling the hair outwards in a gentle manner so that you are able to cut in small sections. Never mind if it is not even because your primary goal is ensuring that it is short.
  • There are those that get the jeebies when they use razors. If that is you then you have the option of using an electric trimmer. But make the right choice of a trimmer that does not have rotating heads.

3. Ensure that your hair is soft

  • Taking a shower will help in achieving this. There are several ways to take a shower according to what you have at hand.
  • Those that have a tub can go ahead and soak themselves in it for a little while before you go to the shower to shave. There is an advantage in doing this as the follicles will get soft and make the hair easier to shave.
  • Remember, there is a vital rule here. If you want to shave off an area, it is always good to ensure that you clean it first. This will help safeguard against skin irritations later due to exposed skin.

4. Make sure you exfoliate

  • Most people will advise you to lather, shave then exfoliate. Disregard this order if you want to be a pro, and do the following. Exfoliate before and after shaving. This is important because your hairs will all be aligned in one direction. This means that your razor job is going to be easier.
  • Exfoliating will also remove that dead and extra skin. That will give your razor an opportunity to get even closer to the root of your hair.

5. Wet the pubic area with warm water and gel for shaving over it

  • You will get red, bumpy skin and make and bad mess if you do not use shaving gel and I know that you do not want that. Ensure that you also use a transparent gel so that you will be able to view your shaving area as you are doing it.

6. Wet your new razors to be ready for shaving

  • It is good to remember that if you have more razors, the better it is going to be for you. The fewer razors you have means that you will need to go over the shaving area as many times as possible. That can be a hefty task because you have to re-use your cream now and again.
  • If you take good care of your razor, you can re-use it. You do this by ensuring that it is washed once you are done. Then wipe it dry. Leaving it wet will mean that you are inviting water to corrode and erode the sharpness of the blades. That will weakened them over time.

7. Shaving Tips

  • Shave with long strokes and along the direction of your hair growth. This is important as it will ensure that your hair is cut down and no sharp points will be left behind.
  • Ensure that you put your hand over your mon pubis to stretch the skin so that it becomes smooth for shaving.
  • Let the shaver do the work; do not press down, you might overdo it and cut the skin.
  • Ensure that the number of passes the razor does are low because every pass means that skin surface will be removed.
  • For thick and curly hair, use an electric razor to trim it before you use a hand razor.
  • If your razor becomes clogged, rinse it. In fact, rinse it frequently to keep it form clogging up.


Get yourself in the mood by shaving hair well. Always ensure that safety is the top priority as you shave hair. That means do not use substances that are going to be harmful to the shaven area. It is going to make you uncomfortable for a long time if you do that. With the above information, then I know that you are ready to go in there and come out clean.

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Benefits of Using an Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream


The first benefit of the Anti wrinkle eye cream is that it is going to be able to postpone some of the signs of aging. Therefore, you are going to need to start the eye cream as early as possible. It is going to be a lot easier to treat the problem before it happens instead of afterwards. Most of the time, you are not going to be able to see immediate results but it is going to happen over time so it will be worth it in the end.


The second benefit of the Anti wrinkle eye cream is that you are going to have a better application of your makeup. This is because if you have any dryness under your eyes, then it is going to be harder to apply your makeup. This means that you will need to apply a lot of concealer or foundation under your eyes when there is no moisture in that area. In order to make sure that your eyes are going to look fresh all day, then you are going to need to use a lot of eye cream.


The third benefit of the Anti wrinkle cream is that you are going to see less chances of any wrinkles and crevices around your eyes. This is because the eye cream is going to help to soften the lines under your eyes. This means that you are going to look younger when you do not have the wrinkles or frown lines on your face. Therefore, your eyes are going to sparkle and they will be able to be the main focal point of your face.


The fourth benefit of the Anti wrinkle cream is that your eyes are going to be brighten up. This is because the dark circles that might be under your eyes are going to be eliminated. Therefore, they are going to have a more youthful glow to them since they are going to be healthier. This means that you are going to appear to be well-rested even though you might have lost some sleep during the night. When your skin is brighter, then you are not going to have to wear as much makeup underneath the eyes. Of course, this is going to be a lot better for your skin since it is going to be able to breathe.


The fifth benefit of the Anti wrinkle cream is that it is going to be able to add a lot of moisture to your eyes. Most of the time, the skin that is underneath the eyes goes to be very delicate so when it comes dry, it is not going to be very comfortable for the person especially when you are trying to wear makeup. When the skin is hydrated around the eyes, then the whole face is going to look more fresh. This is because it is going to be replenishing the moisture barrier of the skin.

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Important Facts About Acrylic Nail Powder

Acrylic powder is a kind of substance that is used to make acrylic nail. It is often mixed with a special liquid element that makes it harder. The price of this product is less expensive and it is commonly used by the beauty professionals of the salons. Plus, the acrylic nail powder can offer temporary protection to the nails and improve their appearance. This article will highlight a few important facts about this type of product.


The key ingredient used in the product is polyethylmethylmethacrylate, which is also known as PMMA. PMMA is a mixture of two types of monomers called methyl methacrylate as well as ethyl methacrylate. It contains different kinds of substances such as benozophenone-1, benzoyl peroxide and so on. In order to meet diverse requirements of the customers, the manufacturers of this powder also add extra pigments and other ingredients.

For better results, the professionals blend acrylic powder along with monomer liquid that contains additional ingredients that help in combining the molecules, prevent damage and help in spreading of the liquid on the nails. During this procedure, the benzoyl peroxide acts a catalyst thereby allowing the liquid monomer in creating net like links between powder particles. It results in the formation of hardened resin.

Application Process

The professionals use acrylic nail powder as well as liquid monomer along with a thin brush that is meant for nail decoration. This type of product is applied from the base of the nail to the top or it can be moved from the center to out direction. Plus the professionals who use acrylic nails should understand the exact amount of powder that can be applied and they should also check that the product is not wasted.

The use of this product is the best option for the people who have to spend a lot of money as well as time in order to visit the salon. Many people feel that the application of powder is a convenient option for them because when their nails grow, they can fill the gaps that are often created at the bottom of the nails with an additional amount of acrylic powder. Instead of worrying about the appointment with professionals they can also take care of the responsibility of cleaning the nails and keeping them in good condition.

Removal Process

In order to remove resin that is formed due to mixtures of acrylic powder and liquid monomer, people should soak their nails or even wrap them in solvents. This entire removal procedure takes at least twenty minutes and they can also file these nails beforehand in order to accelerate the entire procedure. In order to avoid their skin from becoming dry, they can use petroleum jelly around these nails during the removal process.

How Do You Buy these Products?

This product is available in the departmental stores that sell different types of cosmetic or beauty products. Some people also want to buy these products from the sellers who sell products at reasonable rates via online mode.

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Hot to Get a Base Tan If You Have Pale Skin?

You would want to look for a base tan builder or a tanning lotion. Typically, these have high moisturizer levels and just the right accelerator levels for your particular type of skin. The market is flooded with many lotion brands and some of them have already found their way to professional salons. Among the long-established and popular brands are names such as Most Products, Tan Incorporated Brown Sugar, Emperor and Hoss Sauce Ultra Dark, Ultimate Carbon and many others.

A tanning bed should be your next consideration. It is of vital importance that you do not overdo your tanning sessions. Do not tan every day and do not stay in for more than the recommended time. What we have discovered is that it is best to tan every other day and for no more than 3 times a week. You need to give your skin enough time between sessions to properly build your tan. Avoid overexposure but if your skin is already burning, stop tanning until it fully recovers. Some people are on the opinion that they need to burn in order to acquire tan but this notification is quite counterproductive and not the best option for your skin. By burning in the sun, you also develop resistance and make tanning even harder.

Next time you decide to tan in a bed or on the beach, ensure you have bought some tanning stickers to secure a temporary and modern tattoo. You would not believe how dark your skin has really become!

How long does tan from spray last?

The quality of a product dictates for how long the spray tan will last. Prior to the use of any spray product for tanning, the skin must be prepared for a maximum effect from the spray tan. The spray tanning effects usually last for between 5 and 10 days before they start fading.

There are a number of tips for acquiring spray tan that allow your tan to last longer. Below are listed the five most often followed tips to increase your spray tan's life.

Before starting your spray tan session, exfoliate (remove the dead skin cells). You should take a shower at least 30 minutes before applying spray tan. Also use an exfoliating scrub that will help you remove the dead cells from the surface of your skin. This will result in a more even tan and will better prepare your skin to absorb the solution of the spray tan.

Prior to showering or swimming, wait for at least 8 hours. The effect of a spray tan can be prolonged in you wait for eight or more hours before showering after a session. If you shower too soon prior to a tanning session, you can get uneven skin streaks all over your body.

A spray tan can also be maintained and prolonged through the use of moisturizers having DHA ingredients. Maintaining the effects of the spray tan is easily done by applying the moisturizer every morning and evening.

Cleansers and harsh soaps should be avoided. Use body wash, gentle skin cleansers and soaps when taking a shower or bathing. Also try to stay away from ingredients like AHAs and BHAs.

Place a tanning sticker on a desired location of your body prior to using the spray. You will be surprised at how dark your skin has become after the tanning procedure.

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An Overview of Acrylic Nails and Their Advantages

Acrylic nails are one of the popular artificial body parts that are widely used by the women of all ages across the world. Many popular salons hire proficient technicians who have gained expertise in this kind of treatment. These body parts are created from two types of ingredients such as acrylic nail monomer and polymer made from acrylic powder. When these two ingredients are mixed, they become dry and form a strong hard base. An expert technician knows the process of mixing the ingredients as well as using the liquid on them in an effective way. This article will highlight multiple features and benefits that you can get from it.

Longevity is one of the major advantages of using acrylic thing. With this type of extension you are able to perform different kinds of activities. You can open up the cans of the bottles, use glue to wrap the cartons, lift up weight and so on.

Another benefit of getting this type of artificial nail is that you have the capacity of changing them whenever you want. Plus, you can implement the change in the way you want. Whether you want square ends or you wish to get round ends, you can get multiple options of nail extension. Depending on the taste and preference you can change their style and shape quickly.

Acrylic nails are durable that seem to be an excellent option for people who find it difficult to maintain them in the best possible way. Plus, the people who are unable to spend long time on treatment feel that it seems to be a good option for them.

If you have broken or damaged body parts, then you should develop acrylic one. For example, if they split, peel or even break easily, then this type of extension is your best alternative option. This kind of artificial enhancement improves their look and appearance to a great extent. If the acrylic nails are maintained properly, then they seem to be a better option than the ones that are large in size and that are polished on a regular basis.

Those who have the bad habit to bite their nails must avail this type of product. The reason is that these parts are quite hard to chew or even get damaged. If you go for this type of fake thing you can make the damaged area look good and at the same time you can get rid of the bad habit forever. One of the major benefits is that if it breaks, it can be easily damaged with the help of proper tools and techniques. You also do not have to a lot of money in order to repair it or remove it completely.

Unlike acrylic ones, gel polish also does not last for a long period of time. Plus, these polishes seem to be weak and they are susceptible to damage. Other modern polishes need to be filled fast and they also can not be easily discharged. The cost of acrylic ones also is less expensive than gel or other types of polishes.

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Hair Care Tips and Advice

I bet, you are familiar with the amazing benefits of having beautiful hair. It feels great to have beautiful shiny hair. Indian women are proud of their long hair. In this article, I will be sharing some of the best hair care tips.

Apply shampoo, conditioner, and oil but …

It is important that you wash your hair 2-3 times in a week. Apply shampoo on your scalp. You can also apply conditioner after washing your hair. Apply your favorite oil. Ladies have confirmed that excessive use of conditioner, oil or shampoo damages their hair. It is advised to apply oil and conditioner once a week. You can wash your hair with shampoo 3 times in a week, but, use the conditioner and oil only once a week.

Protect your hair.

Wear a hat. Do not expose your hair to dust, heat, and sun rays. Poor diet, pollution, and heat and damage your hair. When your hair is wet, please avoid brushing it. You should wait for some time. Otherwise, you will do some damage to your hair.

Apply Hair masks

Homemade masks contain natural, healthy elements that provide essential nutrients for hair growth. Use egg yolk, curd, olive oil, Amla powder, baking soda, and lime juice to prepare hair masks. You can also use the castor oil and coconut oil. Apply the mask once in a week for better hair growth.

Avoid strong shampoo

If you want beautiful hair, you must choose your shampoo very carefully. Do not apply the shampoo more than 3 times in a week. Do not use unnecessary hair treatment products. You can find shampoo in any local shop or market. But, be careful before, you buy the product. Commercially produced chemicals can damage your hair while preventing natural growth. Check your skin type before buying the shampoo.

Please note that the shampoo and the conditioner can never fix split ends. You can buy a good conditioner for split ends but, it only helps in managing your hair.

Massage the scalp with the herbal oil. Wear gentle styles and stay relaxed. Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Make sure to get regular trims. It definitely helps in hair growth. Use Almond and Castor oil for strengthening the hair. You can also make your own shampoo and conditioner using some of the basic ingredients, ie reetha, Amla, and coconut milk. Coconut oil is also used to treat Dandruff issues. You can contact a professional stylist to get some advice on your specific hair type.

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Hair Care Tips – How to Care for Your Hair Extensions

Caring for hair extensions can be a bit of pain, but come to think of it, would you be happy with extensions that look good only about a month or so? Of course not. After you've forked out the cash to get hair extensions, it is necessary to have a proper hair care routine to keep them so that they think for a long time. Taking care of hair extensions is an ongoing process, the results of which depend on you, your efforts and knowledge as well as your hair stylist. So, before you take the plunge, take a look at these helpful tips on hair extensions maintenance:

  • Check the quality of your extensions. If they are cheap extensions, they will not be able to withstand heat so keep away from flat irons, curling irons, or hot rollers if you do not want to risk burning your hair as well as the synthetic hair. Cheap synthetic extensions can also melt under heat. Also, let your extensions dry naturally instead of blow drying it.
  • Use a detangling spray on the extensions daily and always comb out the tangles. It is advisable to use a comb or brush appropriate for the extensions, because normal combs and brushes can damage the wefts and cause the extensions to loosen or pull out.
  • Wash your extensions carefully. Try not to wet them every day since they will not be getting as dirty as your real hair. Carefully detangle before shampooing, and use a good shampoo to cleanse them slowly. Wet the extensions a little at a time to prevent tangling and use a downward motion when shampooing and rinsing it.
  • We all condition our natural hair, right? The same applies to caring for hair extensions too. Choose a good, nourishing leave-in conditioner and use it post shampooing to remove all tangles and keep your extensions frizz-free and smooth.
  • If your extensions can not be removed before sleep or intense physical activity, tie them back in a ponytail to avoid tangles, creases, and to limit their exposure to sweat.
  • Avoid subjecting your extensions to chlorine or saline water. If you swim, always make sure to wear a swimming cap.
  • Your extensions need to be treated with gentle care if you want them to last for a long time. Go easy on styling, chemicals and anything else that might damage your extensions sooner than their lifespan.
  • Hair extensions tend to move up the hair shaft at around six weeks, making them prone to loosen or become uneven. Ratty or damaged extensions are not the hottest accessories of the season, so you must make a decision whatever you want to keep them, or you think it's too much work and would like to get rid of them. Either way, a return to the hairdresser to get them sorted is essential at this point.

Hair extensions improve your look dramatically but they need a good, thorough cleaning and caring routine to be at their best. Read up and ask around before making any decision.

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Transitioning to Natural Hair – What To Do When You’re Ready For Natural Hair

In a society obsessed with image, a lot of people want to look like something other than how they were born. Plastic surgery, body shaping under garments, over done make up, etc. However, the most manipulated part of our body is our hair. If it's short, we want it long. If it's curly, we want it straight. People with straight hair want curly hair. People with thin hair long for thick tresses. And those tackling thick locks of hair have a stylist thin it with thinning shears.

This is especially true in the African-American community, where an entire industry emerged from women straightening their hair and products to treat and style it after it's been straightened. So much so that up until about 5 years ago, finding products that catered to kinky hair was almost impossible. What does a relaxer do to the hair? It chemically breaks the bonds in the hair follicle, eliminating the natural curl pattern. This not only damages the hair itself but the chemicals used can damaged scalp and skin. For years, African-American women have endured all kinds of medical issues associated with the chemicals in relaxer in efforts to straighten their hair, chemical induction alopecia, tension alopecia, chemical burns, just to name a few.

There has been a shift in the beauty industry. More and more products are available for women who do not chemically straighten their hair. Why is that? Because the number of women deciding to transition from relaxing their hair to wearing it in its natural state has grown exponentially.

Transitioning to natural does not mean that you have you wear an afro. Hair care and styling products have come so far that a relaxer is not required to straighten hair. The advantages to not having a relaxer allows for healthy hair that is very versatile range of styling.

Here are a few tips to help you along your journey to transitioning from natural hair.

1. Embrace your hair at each phase of the transition.

If you decide to cut all the relaxed hair off and start from a short cut, embrace your hair at each length as it grows out. This is a good way to experiment with products to see what works best with your hair texture. If you decide to let the relaxer grow out and cut the relaxed ends off gradually, this is challenging. You will need a professional stylist. You will have two different hair textures to care for and style. Protective styles that do not require combing or manipulating will cut hair breakage while you let your relaxed hair grow out.

2. Moisture is key.

When people think their hair is too kinky and unmanageable without a relaxer, it's usually because their hair is dry. Dry hair leads to breakage. Experiment with products that allow you to have the style you like while maintaining plenty of moisture. Stay away from products with drying agents in it, like alcohol and sulfates.

3. It's all in your mind.

It will be challenging to think differently about how you style your hair. Transitioning as an adult is difficult when you've had hair for as long as you can remember. It is just a matter of thinking differently. You will be happy with your decision once you make it through the process.

Kudos to those embracing their natural hair texture. Embrace your hair at phases of the transition and seek assistance from a professional stylist. Make sure your hair has enough moisture. Be open-minded about the process of styling your hair without a relaxer.

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Tips On Choosing The Best Haircut For The Shape Of Your Face

Many women love having their hair cut and styled that they visit their favorite salon more than once a month. Others, however, usually cringe at the thought of going to a hair salon that they would only step in such a place twice or even once a year.

The simple reason why there are many women who abhor going to a salon is because they had one or more bad experiences with the haircut that they got. The hairstyle they got was so unflattering and worse, made their tresses very hard to manage and because of this experience, they are afraid of or hate going to a salon. They seldom go to see a professional hairdresser and they would even choose to trim or cut their hair on their own.

If you also had a bad haircut and now dread going to any salon, you just need to remember that when it comes to haircuts, not all styles will look good on you; the right, flattering hairstyle will depend heavily on the shape of your face. As such, the reason why you may have had an unflattering haircut before is because the style is not the most ideal one suited for the shape of your face.

To know which hairstyle would be the best for the shape of your face, you need to know the different common shapes first. Below are the usual shapes of faces and the type of haircuts or styles best suited for each:

Round. A round face has wide cheekbones and it is as wide as it is long. If your face is round, your jaw line will also be round and full.

The best hairstyle for a woman with a round face is long, layered hair with layered bangs. Or graduated shag since this provides a slenderizing shape to the face.

Heart-shaped. A heart-shaped face is wide at the forehead, full at the cheekbones and narrow at the chin.

A haircut that flatters the cheekbones without hiding the chin would be the best for a person with a heart-shaped face. You can have your hairdresser give you chin-length bob with tapered ends.

Diamond. A diamond face is slightly longer than it is wide; the chin is pointy and high-set cheekbones are the widest part on this type of shape.

Anyone who has a diamond-shaped face should go for a haircut that will allow them to how off their great bone structure. Recommended haircuts include the full, classic bob or a flipped-out layered cut.

Oval. An oval-shaped face is widest at the cheekbones and has a tapered narrow jaw line.

If you have an oval face, consider yourself lucky: almost all hairstyles will look great on you.

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A Look At An Innovative Non-Surgical Fat Removal Technology

CoolSculpting is a new treatment that has been developed in order to get rid of unwanted fat cells from the body. This procedure is a simple and non-invasive treatment that targets the fat filled areas and leaves you with a great figure.

The CoolSculpting Process

The procedure consist of a small device that is placed on your body. A cooling system is then started and the device targets the fat cells that are under your skin. These cells are then frozen to the point when they form crystals. Since the crystals are now dead cells, the body will automatically start to eliminate these dead cells. This will in turn make your body slimmer and more toned.

During the start of the procedure, your body will feel a chill. However, this feeling will soon disappear and you will feel no major discomfort. Even though the duration of the sculpting session is not fixed, it is a reliably quick procedure. Most people take a nap, work on their laptops or read a book while it is being done.

The CoolSculpting procedure can be done more than once when necessary. If you have a lot of areas on your body that need treatment, you can sit for more than one session and you will find a difference after every session. The best way is to visit your CoolSculpting physician and find out whenever you are eligible for the CoolSculpting treatment. You will then be provided the various options that are available to you.

Safety Guidelines And Side Effects

The CoolSculpting procedure is FDA approved. The FDA approval has been granted for the abdomen region, thighs and flab area (better known as love handles). There have been over a million of these procedures that have been conducted across the globe and the treatment is declared to be completely safe.

There are very minor side effects to this procedure. While getting the treatment done, you may feel a little bit of tugging, pulling, numbness or pinching. You might also find a little bit of redness or swilling after the procedure. These side effects usually disappear within a short time.

It is very important to get this treatment done through a professional in the field. CoolSculpting doctors will not only tell you whether you are eligible for the procedure but they will also guide you through it and instruct you on how it should be carried out. Always go through your physician so that you are given the best treatment possible.

The great part about the CoolSculpting treatment is that you can get back to your normal life as soon as the procedure is over and you will find noticeable fat loss within a few weeks as your body eliminates the fat cells.

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Taking Good Care Of Your Looks And Health

Everyone believes in exercising and right eating for looking and feeling great. However, this process mixed with good quality supplements is capable of improving the physical beauty of the person as well as the overall physical and mental health. It is worth remembering that there are certain nutrients that are not produced by the body, required for its normal functioning. These are available to the body through supplementation.

Beauty Supplements to Nourish the Hair, Nails and Skin

One of the main causes of hair loss and thinning is iron-deficiency anemia, resulting in lowered levels of red blood cells that are vital for hair follicular health. It is successfully treated with iron supplements containing vitamin C, which helps to promote iron absorption. Research studies have shown that Omega-3 fatty acids are very important for good nail health. This is available by supplementation with foods such as walnuts, flax seeds, fishes like mackerel, salmon, sardines etc. Regular consumption of biotin, an important B vitamin, plays a vital role in preventing nail breakage. Skin health is dependent on two main factors, good diet and protecting the skin from the sun. In addition, many vitamins and antioxidants play their role in maintaining good skin. Vitamins C and E protect the skin again cancer and sun damage. In addition, wrinkles and discoloration of the skin due to aging may also be reversed with these vitamins. The active ingredient of vitamin A, retinoic acid, also protects the skin against these problems. Antioxidants like coenzyme Q10 and alpha-lipoic acid play important roles in skin protection. While the former improves skin cell growth and protects it from cancer, the litter prevents any damage to it caused as a result of excessive ultraviolet radiation of the sun. Adequate vitamin D level in the body is crucial for good skin and hair health.

Supplements Relax and Enhance the Mind

The full range of B-complex vitamins, right from vitamins B1 to B12, including folic acid and biotin, as well as vitamin C, plays a major role in calming the mind and body. L-Theanine, an amino acid which is the main component of green tea, as well as teas such as chamomile and valerian root tea relax and calm the mind.

Supplements Function As Energizers

Energy supplement ingredients are broadly categorized into three: stimulants, supplements and calories. Stimulants such as caffeine, green tea, red pepper etc. rev up metabolism in the body. Secondly, supplements that affect the energy metabolism in the body and decide how the cells derive energy from the nutrients. These include the B vitamins such as B6, B12, thiamine, niacin and folic acid as well as the antioxidant CoQ10. The third category of energy supplement ingredients includes the calories, mostly carbohydrates broken down and absorbed by the body. This is available as energy bars, energy drinks etc. Good energy supplements usually contain combination of these three categories.

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How to Purchase the Perfect Shaver for Your Face and Body

Purchasing the best personal care electric shaver is a task that is more than a challenge than many people believe. As far as shaving and hair removal are concerned, you need to consider many different factors to find the best hair clippers.

1. Acknowledge the Different Types of Shavers


Foil and rotary shavers are popular with many people. Foil shavers use fine perforated foil to give individuals a clean, close-cut shave. These shavers have oscillating blades that enable a smooth-to-touch touch after a clean shave.


Rotary electric shavers are another popular type of shaving device that many people use. A rotary shaver has three circular heads that rotate in order to eliminate stubble and other hairs that are difficult to remove. The rotary heads on a rotary shaver has heads that lift and rotate so users can obtain the closest, smoothest shave possible.

Rechargeable Shavers

Rechargeable shavers are a favorite of many people because of its convenience factor. These electric shavers can be used while they are on or off of the charger. The rechargeable devices are ideal for people who are always on-the-go and need to shave at the last minute.

Cordless Shaving Devices

Cordless shaving devices are a popular type of electric shaver because there is not a cord to get in the way of getting to the places that are hard to reach. People who travel a lot or have little time to get things done, such as shave, can move around with the cordless shaver while they simultaneously do other things. These electric devices are available in two versions: wet and dry. Wet shavers are waterproof and can be used in the shower without encountering any problems.

2. Consider Important Shaver Features

There are many different shaver accessories that are beneficial. A few common shaver features include 4 in 1, waterproof, and washable. Beard combs and cool strips are important features you may want to acknowledge. Beard combs are perfect for maintaining a beard and keeping it nice and neat. Appearance is a part of every first impression, and you need to stand out in a good way. Cool strips are used for people who have sensitive skin. The cool strips cool the skin when the shaver is being used. The strip helps people with sensitive skin experience a comfortable shave.

Charge Display

Charge display is a beneficial feature that informs the user of how much time they have left before the shaver will need to be charged again. Shavers that are not as advanced will have different indicator lights to inform the user while the shaving device is ready to be used or needs to be charged.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Some electric shaving devices are easier to clean and maintain than others. The more advanced shaving systems have self-cleaning features while others have to be cleaned manually. Shavers that are not self-cleaning can be cleaned with alcohol and a cotton ball or a q-tip.

Here are two primary focus points that you should acknowledge when you are looking for the perfect electric shaver to meet or exceed your expectations and needs.

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5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Wig

Wigs offer a great option for those who love to make a fashion statement, suffer from hair loss or need convenience in their daily routines. Today's wigs have come a long way from their heavy predecessors. Modern technology has delivered light, comfortable wigs in natural looking colors and styles. Wigs range in price from under $ 100 to thousands. Before investing in a wig, take into consideration the following.

Hair Fiber

Wigs may be made from synthetic fibers or human hair, and both have advantages and disadvantages. Synthetic wigs come pre-cut and pre-styled and require little to no styling. They're easy to maintain, hold their shape, dry fast and cost less than human hair wigs. You can not use a blow dryer, iron or hot rollers on synthetic wigs, so styling options are limited. Human hair wigs offer styling versatility and can be heat styled, colored and permed. They need the same care you give to your natural hair and require more upkeep than synthetic wigs.

Wig Color

Wig shades mirror our natural hair and include darker roots, lighter ends and highlights. When choosing the right shade, you want to find harmony between hair color, eye color and your complexion. You can do this by choosing your wig shade based on whether you have a warm or cool skin tone. Wigs in golden brown, honey brown, chestnut, copper, aubum and warm shades of gray complement a warm skin tone. Ashe blonde, platinum blond, brown, burgundy, dark brown and black work with cool skin tones.

Face Shape

Your face shape can help you decide what wig length, texture and style will flatter you most. If you have an oval face shape, you can wear any length or style. Round faces look best with chin-length or longer styles with fullness and height in the crown and off-center parts. For square faces, choose a style with fullness in the crown that lengthens the face. If you have a rectangular face shape, try short to medium styles with fullness at the sides and wispy bangs. Heart-shaped faces look best with chin-length and longer styles, side parts, wispy bangs and layers around the face. If you're unsure about choosing the right wig style, consult your hairdresser. Once you purchase the wig, he can cut and customize it to better enhance your features.

Wig Cap

Wig hair attaches to a base called the wig cap. Synthetic fiber or human hair wefts may be machine sewn, hand sewn or hand-tied to the cap. Most wigs have a machine-sewn standard cap that offers to be the least expensive option. A capless style offers more ventilation for the wearer and makes the wig lightweight and cool. Monofilament caps feature hair hand-tied to a soft micromesh that both looks natural and offers comfort to those with sensitive scalp.

Head Measurement

To ensure comfort, you need to find the right fit. Wigs typically come in four sizes, ultra petite, petite, average and large, but not all manufactures follow this size standards. You'll need to take three measurements of your head with a cloth measuring tape to find your size. First, measure around your head starting at you front hairline, going over your ear, around the bend in your neck and up above your other ear to the starting point. Next, measure front to back starting at your front hairline and going back over your crown to then nape of your neck. Finally, measure ear to ear starting at the hairline in front of one ear and going up over the crown to the front of your other ear. Once you have your measurements, compare them to the manufacturers' sizing charts for the perfect fit.

Many women buy a wig that they think will look good on them and then hope for the best. By taking the time to research your options in hair fiber, color, style and fit. You'll ensure that you purchase the right wig for your needs.

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Nourish Your Hair With Natural and Best Hair Care Products

There are some hair products which have minimal use of chemicals and are good as long time products for natural hair.Let's have a look at the best hair care products that will quench the thirst of your hair for moisture and nourishment and help you have curly, black and natural tresses falling over shoulders.

Oyin Handmade

This company has come out with Boeing, a curl cleaning and nourishing hair care product for you. With a base made of water and Shea butter this product is going to keep your locks moisturized without making them look thickly defined. It has a creamy texture which imprints a soft texture and freeze free look to your locks. Another product from the stable of Oyin is frank juice herbal leave in. This is prepared with herbs that Moisturize the hair, nourish them and stimulate growth.

Beautiful Curls curl activating cream

Prepared with aloe Vera, coconut oil, Shea butter, mango and other edible and whole ingredients this activating cream is good for natural curly hair. This cream is very useful in eliminating curls without greasing the locks. Moreover, it is a complete natural solution.

Kiss My Face easy hold styling mousse

If you want a styling mousse that will also add volume to your locks, but not add toxins to it then you can go for Kiss my face easy hold styling mousse. This hair gel prepared with wheat and rice proteins and bereft of any chemical is ideal for long use on your hair. This will help you hold the strands of hair in place as well as make your locks appear more voluminous.

Nu Style organic hairspray from Aubrey organics

If you need to control those fleeting strands of hair and also make them appear soft and shiny in less time then you can use Nu-style organic hairspray from Aubrey organics. This is completely organic and does not add toxins to your locks like regular hair styling products.

Amla and olive heavy cream

Amla and olive heavy cream from Khemet Biologic will leave your hair soft and shiny for days. Prepared with only organic materials this is great for relocating hair.

Karen's Body Beautiful

Karen's Body Beautiful hair milk not only moisturizes, but also entangles the locks and unlock the curls. The heavenly smell adds to the attraction of this product.


There are several products from the stable of Ouidad that you can use for your hair. There is moisturizer, sun shield, leave-in spray, curl definer etc. The 12-minute deep treatment, botanical moisture infusing and refreshing spray, curl quenching shampoo is all chemical free and very effective.

Organics Shine on from John Masters

Leave aside the silicon shine enhancers for your hair and adopt natural alternatives like Organics shine on from John Masters. You will get quick result without sticking silicone to your hair.

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