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Healing After Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, or Breast Augmentation Cosmetic Surgery

Among the essential issues of males and females who are thinking about cosmetic surgery treatments such as liposuction, tummy tuck, or breast augmentation is the degree of healing time after plastic surgery. With our busy lives, hectic work schedule, and endless household duties, males and females wish to know:

1. When can they return to work?

2. When can they return to the Health club?

3. How quickly can they look after their children?

4. How bad is the discomfort from surgical treatment?

5. When can they drive?

6. How quickly can they take a trip?

7. How quickly can they make love?

8. How quickly can they use particular kinds of clothing?

The response to these crucial concerns about cosmetic surgery hinges on upon the kind of surgical treatment, the included body parts, a multiplicity of the treatments, household assistance structure, and the level of work or house obligations.

Healing after liposuction: Tumescent, laser, ultrasonic.

Liposuction can be transported out on the neck / face, arms, chest, breasts, abdominal areas, back, butts, thighs, knees, calves, and ankles. A lot of clients take a week or less of healing prior to returning to work after liposuction. Many clients are able to drive within a week; suddenheless, this likewise depends on the locations of liposuction.

After liposuction, you will be using a girdle for about 6 weeks. After the very first 3 weeks, if you are preparing to use exposing clothing or gowns, you do not have to use your girdle through that time.

Healing after Tummy Tuck, Abdominoplasty, Body Lift, or Belt Lipectomy,

The majority of ladies take about 2 weeks for healing prior to returning to work. Since of tightening up of the stomach muscles clients can not do any heavy lifting or strain at the house, work, or the fitness center for about 8 weeks.

Healing after Breast Augmentation with implants

Many females take off one week from work after breast augmentation. You can do lower body workouts in one week and need to refrain from raising heavy items for the very first 2-3 weeks. There are no travel restrictions as long as you do not get your breasts damp in a public swimming pool or a Jacuzzi for 4 weeks.

Typically, omentopexy, or breast lift plus enhancement, is more uncomfortable than simply breast augmentation, and the healing is the exact same.

Through your assessment, It will evaluate your treatment alternatives for cosmetic surgery treatments, consisting of the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy, possible dangers and problems, healing course, pre-and post-operative directions, and esthetic results. There are likewise numerous prior to and after images and high-resolution pictures of these treatments available readily available in our picture gallery.

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Five Tips to Find Your Next Barber

Finding your next barbershop can be overwhelming. Try these five tips to find the right barber for you and avoid a bad hair day.

Word of Mouth Recommendations

The best way to judge a new barbershop is through word of mouth reviews. Ask around or scour the internet for reviews on the shop before you enter. Try to find pictures of previous customers to determine if the barber is accredited to creating the look you're hoping to achieve.

Are They a Unisex Shop?

While this may feel like a non-issue, barbers that handle both men and women may not be specialized enough for what you want. If it's possible to find a shop in your area that caters to your gender, try them first before branching out to a unisex shop.

How Clean Is the Shop?

Before you go under the razor, check that the cleanliness of the shop is to your liking. Barbershops should always be cleanly swept and have barbicide available to sterilize their tools. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable with the cleanliness, take that as a red flag and move on.

Check Out How Busy the Shop Gets

A successful hairstylist will have a die-hard clientele, so if your new shop looks a little empty, do some research as to why. Maybe they're new and are looking to gain new clients, or maybe they've had a lot of problems in the past that chased their clients away. Decide ahead of time if you want to take the gamble on an inexperienced shop, or if you'd prefer to wait for an appointment at a successful shop.

Start Out With Just the Basics

Before you decide to go for a completely new look, test out your new barber with just a trim. Pay attention to the attitude of the stylist and notice if they ask for feedback during the trim, or if you feel like you have not been consulted at all. Also, use this time to get an overall feel for how well you mesh with their clientele. Maybe you prefer a no-nonsense experience, or maybe you like to have a conversation during the cut or shave. Either way, does your stylist interact in a way that makes you feel at ease? Getting just a trim is a low commitment way to determine the proficiency of your stylist and how comfortable you feel with the overall experience.

Once you find the right barber, hold on to them for dear life. The more comfortable you get with them, the more they'll be able to give you a flawless experience.

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Top Five Benefits of a Hot Towel Shave

There's a reason the best barbershops in town offer hot towel shave services for their male clients. Not only is it a relaxing experience that results in smooth skin, but it also has multiple health benefits. Below are the five advantages to utilizing this service once per week.

It Opens Up Your Pores

Barbers have special cabinets that keep towels heated to the desired temperature. When these items are placed on a man's face prior to a trim, the heat begins to open the pores after only a couple of minutes. The hairs also start to soften, which is prime time to get out the razor and begin the shaving.

It Provides a Closer Shave

Once the hairs are soft, and the pores are open, the shaving can begin. It is best to always move the razor in the direction of the grain. It will become noticeable right away that one is able to obtain a closer shave with this method than simply slathering on a handful of cream and scraping away. Afterward, take a look in the mirror and notice how much healthier the skin looks. It will also feel incredibly smooth to the touch.

It Exfoliates

In addition to clipping your whiskers, the hot towel shave also doubles as an exfoliating treatment. This is because the blades remove up to four layers of dead skin cells with each swipe. Making this process a weekly event is ideal as it allows the healthy skin cells to breathe. Skin will appear more radiant and attractive to everyone that walks by.

It Removers In-Grown Hairs

Another plus associated with this type of weekly grooming is the removal of ingrown hairs. While using your straight razor, also sometimes referred to as cutthroat razor, you'll notice a few blood spots appear. These are actually caused by the roots of ingrown hairs being rolled out. There's no need to fret, though, as once the routine is complete, the blood spots and any bumps that made an appearance during the trim will quickly dissipate.

It Creates a Resistance to Razor Burn

You may experience mild irritation, known in the scientific community as Pseudofolliculitis barbae, the first time you try a hot towel shave. This will not always be the case. The skin on a man's face will begin to develop a resistance to the itching, burning, and bumps that often show up after the first few treatments.

If anyone wants to try this at home but does not own a special heating cabinet, a vegetable steamer works well. Always remember to remove the hot towels with a pair of tongs once heated and then wave them around for a few seconds to make them a tolerable temperature that will not cause a burn to the skin. Of course, they do sell steamers that were created for this purpose online. This is a great option for anyone who plans on continuing this procedure for years to come.

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Commonly Used Dermatology Terms

This is a condensed glossary of terms that I have encountered the most often:

Acne – an inflammatory disease of the fatty substance glands, characterized by a thickened secretion plugging the pores of the skin resulting in pimples, especially on the face, back, and chest, and, in severe cases, by cysts and nodules resulting in scarring.

Age spots – also known as 'liver spots', these flat, brownish patches on the skin are caused by sun exposure and aging.

Antioxidants – vitamins A (in conjunction with beta carotene), C, and E that protect and repair cells by neutralizing the damaging free radicals.

Basal cell carcinoma – is a type of skin cancer associated with long-term overexposure to the sun that forms at the base of the epidermis of the skin.

Blackhead – is a pore clogged with hardened oils and dead skin cells. The tip of the blackhead is usually visible at the pore opening.

Chemical peel – is a solution that is applied to the skin to remove the damaged outer layers.

Dermabrasion – is a procedure using a rotating brush to scrape off the outer surface of the dermis.

Dermatitis – is inflammation of the skin.

Eczema – is an infection of the skin that can result in redness, itching, and scaling.

Epidermis – the outer non-sensitive layer of skin that covers the true layer of skin.

Exfoliate – to peel off thin layers of the outer layer of membrane cells.

Follicle – is a shaft in the surface through which hair grows.

Laser resurfacing – is a laser procedures to remove fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots in an effort to remove the signs of aging.

Melanin – a chemical in the body that gives hair and skin their unique color.

Melanoma – is a form of skin cancer usually developing from an existing mole that can be life-threatening.

Mole – a small, congenital spot or blemish on the skin, slightly elevated, usually of a dark color, and sometimes hairy.

Papule – is an acne lesion that appears as a small red bump on the skin.

Psoriasis – skin condition identified by red, raised, scaly patches of skin.

Rosacea – this skin condition portraits priminant spider veins and occasional swelling.

Sclerotherapy – treatment of injecting a special solution for reducing the appearance of varicose and spider veins.

Sebaceous glands – are oil-producing glands in the skin that affix to hair follicles.

Seborrheic dermatitis – condition of the scalp associated with flakiness and itching, or otherwise known as dandruff, which may also develop on the face.

Skin biopsy – a diagnostic procedure where a portion of the skin is removed for examination in a laboratory.

Spider veins – appear as small reddish / purplish sunburst-shaped veins under the skin.

Subcutis – a layer of fat beneath the skin.

Urticaria – also known as hives, are raised reddish itchy areas of the skin.

Varicose veins – appear as blue bulges benefit the skin from large blood vessels. There may be pain, swelling and other symptoms associated.

Whitehead – caused by a clogged hair follicle that results in a closed acne lesion.

These are just a few dermatology conditions that you may came across. If you ever are in a position that you do not understand a word or phrase ask if a better definition or explanation of the word / condition.

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The Men’s Haircut: Budget Salon Vs Men’s Salon

The men's haircut has evolved over the ages, from the powdered wigs of yesteryear to the modern day “man bun.” However, one thing remains constant: a man's hair is a reflection of how well he takes care of himself. Good grooming is important in your professional, dating, and social lives.

Although it may seem tempting to go to a budget salon for speed and economy, do not cheat yourself. You will come out with a mediocre cut that can leave you feeling ambivalent and frustrated. A salon that specializes in cutting men's hair and beards is a great bet. You will feel like a new man and your confidence will be through the roof. This feeling will transcend into your daily life.

A men's salon is all about getting the details right. Trained barbers will take the time to make sure every edge is clean and every stray hair has been clipped. This can be an issue at the standard budget salon that aims to get you in and out as quickly as possible. This may work at the bank or the post office, but when it comes to your hair, there should be no rush. The worst thing is going home after getting a men's haircut and realizing that one sideburn is longer than the other.

An experienced barber at a men's salon is familiar with classic styles and keeps up with the newest trends. Sometimes the two are combined for a modern look with an old school twist, or vice versa. It is more difficult to achieve an adventurous men's haircut at a budget salon. The tendency is for men to receive a generic hairstyle at these establishments. Your hair is a reflection of your personality. Do not settle for the mundane!

The following is a list of tips for getting the look you want:

Communication – This is key. You will need to be able to provide your barber with details. Bring a reference photo to help your barber visualize what you have in mind. Do not be afraid to speak up during the process.

Research – Do your homework. Educate yourself on barbershop terminology and different styles. Help your barber help you.

Be adventurous – If you've been getting the same men's haircut for years, do not be afraid to try a new style. If you do not like the way it turns out, it will grow back and you can try something different next time. You will not know without you try.

Products – Ask your barber about products you can use. They are the hair experts and can help you find something if you have dry or unruly hair, or if you simply want something for styling purposes.

Rapport – As you and your barber get more familiar with each other, you will be more comfortable with getting your hair cut. Form a good rapport with them, and soon they will be able to do it with their eyes closed.

Your hair is an investment. You never know when you may have a new job opportunity, or when you may meet a new romantic interest. Do not settle for the budget salon.

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Understanding The Healing Properties of Aloe Vera – The Miraculous Plant

Aloe Vera is basically a succulent plant and has been in use since ages for medicinal purposes. Owing to several health benefits offered by this plant, it is often known as the miraculous plant or the plant of immortality. It belongs to the lily family. The plant is broadly used in the medical industry for the manufacturing and development of the wide array of natural medicines. Majorly, it is used in the manufacturing of beauty products, skin care products, hair care medicines, healthcare supplements, etc.

The plant contains several active ingredients which help in improving the health standards of an individual. The most important constituents of this plant are vitamins, enzymes, minerals, sugars, lignin, saponins, salicylic acids and amino acids. The plant contains Vitamin A, C and E in significant quantity. These are basically antioxidants. They help in neutralizing the action of free radicals inside the body. On consumption, these ingredients help in removing the toxins from the body.

The plant also contains different types of enzymes like aliiase, alkaline phosphatase, amylase, bradykinase, carboxypeptidase, catalase, cellulase, lipase, and peroxidase. The main function of enzymes is to break down sugar and fat into simpler forms. Owing to these ingredients, it helps in removing the excess fat from the body. Because of this property, this is widely used in the manufacture of the medicines which can burn fat. These days, these drugs are highly demanded, due to the fact that these do not offer any side effect.

Aloe Vera plant is a rich source of calcium, chromium, copper, selenium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium and zinc. These mineral supplements help in improving the metabolism in the body. Moreover, these also provide sufficient nourishment to the body tissues, thus enhancing the overall immunity of the body.

Aloe Vera also offers the healing impact on the body. This is due to the fact that it helps in the secretion of the hormones Auxins and gibberellins. These hormones help in providing nourishment to the injured cells. Thus, it can also be applied to the wounds or injuries. It is also a rich source of amino acids. These aids help in accelerating the metabolism activities in the body. Moreover, these also help in removing the toxic substances from the body.

This is also very effective in countering hair related problems. As the body of this plant consist of about 95% water, it acts as an excellent moisturizer. It helps in removing the dryness of hair and also help in providing nourishment to these.

Because of these ingredients, it is widely used in the manufacturing of several substances. People are also relying on these products as their application does not offer any side effect.

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6 Must-Follow Tips for Long-Lasting Hair Curls

If you feel envying looking at those gorgeous, bouncy and beautiful curls of celebs then do not ever. We have got you some great tips and tricks to make your hair curls stay longer. Do not worry if you have a fine and naturally straight hair that just can not hold the curls.

Follow these 6 tips and experience how curls can level up your style quotient.

Do it with sections

Although you may have a thin bunch of hair, dividing all your hair into multiple small sections will give you more consistent curls. Make use of alligator clips and follow the right technique.

Choose quality hair products

There are many reliable hair styling products available in the market today that can help your hair hold the curls longer. Do some homework and find out what will suit your hair most. You will find curl enhancing products like hair mousse that will help you enhance your waves. And do not forget to use a heat protectant and hairspray of course.

Get the best hot hair tools

If you are going to pick any curler available at a cheaper price, you will find that your hair will not be able to hold its curls for more than an hour or so. If you actually want to have those diva-style curls, choose reliable and high-quality products' brand. This can cost you a bit more but it is worth an investment. Poor quality iron can also damage your hair. But a good brand's iron safeguards complete safety to your hair. Choose your curling iron wisely!

Learn to use tools the right way

You can not put your hair in the barrel for more than 10 seconds in one session. You need to adjust heat setting to low temperature given to prevent hair damage. Even if buy the most expensive curling iron, not knowing how to use it right can lead to damaged hair.

Allow the curls to set

When curling is done and your hair is still heated up, use your fingers to gently take each curl one by one and clip them to your head with a pin. Let the curls cool down automatically and get into their shape. You may make use of a good hairspray for each hair coil for better finished. This trick will help you hold curls in a flawless manner for all day long.

When none of above tips works

Well, if none of the above pieces of advice works for your hair then it is most likely that you have damaged hair and lots of split ends which prevent curls from staying longer. It's high time to nourish your hair and get them trimmed. Choose best of hair care products or hair treatments to rejuvenate and strengthen your hair.

Now you know how to curl your hair like a pro and make it last longer!

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Three Chemicals to Avoid in Body Care Products and Fragrances

In this modern world, everyone wants to keep the skin rejuvenated in the grayed years. Aging is a very normal process which comes in everyone's life when they are stepping towards the older age. This increasing age brings the line of aging in the form of wrinkles and dullness which makes people worried. In this worry, people often make mistakes and bring expensive products at home to remove these aging lines which is not a good and smart decision though.

If you really want to lift your skin with the glow you had in your young age or want to rejuvenate your damaged skin, then you must prove your wise mind buying right body care products that can match with your skin type. The quality of product can not be judged through its price tag, but it also does not mean you will bring any cheap product for your skin. You should conduct a deep research for the ingredient, product quality and make necessary price comparison.

Let's talk about some ingredients consist of some man-made chemicals which you must avoid in any of your skin care products and fragrances. Man-made chemicals are basically foreign danger for a human body, because it is not familiar with such chemicals. The human body has no such enzymes and genes to adapt these new chemicals in body. Because, whatever product you use apparently absorbs in the skin which creates toxicity in the body. But, when your skin care product has plethora of nutrients and oxygen, then it consumes your body and helps in de-aging your skin by radiating it.

To get the effective output without harming your skin is possible avoiding below mentioned chemicals in your skin care products.

  1. Parabens: the industry of cosmetics without parabens seems incomplete despite its dangerous result. Most of the cosmetics, from skin care to makeup have this chemical which is used as a conservative. It is a synthetic preservative which is generally labeled on the products in the list of ingredients as butyl-paraben, methyl-paraben, and propyl-paraben. It is harmful for the skin because, it damages the skin cells' DNA. So, try to buy the products which are free from the parabens.
  2. Sodium Lauryl or Lauryl Sulfate: this is the chemical which does not take time to absorb into the skin. It snatches the firmness of skin, and brings the premature aging. It also makes other chemicals effective which your body does not need. This is why you should avoid products with Sodium Laureth Sulfate.
  3. Dioxane: It is the chemical which is listed in the ingredients as polysorbates, PEG, and laureth ethoxylated alcohols, which can cause skin cancer. So, try not to buy such products having Dioxane.

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What Is I-Lipo? How Many Treatments Will Be Needed and at What Intervals?

If you are looking for a way to fast track body contouring, and get rid of problem areas that you can not seem to shape with diet and exercise, you may want to consider I-Lipo. But what is I-Lipo and how does it work? How many treatments will be needed, and at what intervals? Let's find out the answer to these questions, and learn more about this revolutionary cosmetic treatment.

What is I-Lipo

I-Lipo is a non-invasive multi-platform aesthetic system that utilizes low level laser (LLLT) technology to reduce unwanted fat in various parts of the body. It is actually the first device that uses low level laser technology for fat reduction and body contouring, which has been approved by the FDA.

I-Lipo is especially beneficial for melting away fat, and reshaping hard to tone areas such as the abdomen, hips, upper arms, thighs, and even below the chin. I-Lipo can also be used to tighten the skin, as well as to less the appearance of cellulite.

The procedure is not painful, but most patients feel a warm sensation, as the fat is released from the cells. With I-Lipo there is no bruising or scarring, and there is also no downtime or risk of infection.It can be done on just about any part of the body that can accommodate the I-Lipo pads.

How does it work

I-Lipo is composed of several technologies that are capable to safely penetrate the skin to target fat, without damaging the surrounding nerves and tissues.

The iLipo system has an innovative design that includes 4 plastic laser pads with 36 laser diodes. The I-Lipo laser pads are placed on the skin and secured with Velcro straps, just above the areas being targeted for treatment.

The laser energy emitted through the diodes alters the make-up of the cells, and also triggers the release of lipase from the fat cells. Lipase is an enzyme that the body uses to break down fat. After the fatty acids are released from the cells, they are removed from the body during its normal metabolic process. iLipo simply stimulates the body's natural process for breaking down fat.

Patients are required to do about 20 minutes of aerobic exercise within 2 hours of each treatment, in order to ensure that the fat is completely metabolized and eliminated from the body. If this period of exercise is not done, there is the possibility that the fat cells that were released may be reabsorbed, instead of being eliminated via the lymphatic system.

How many treatments do you need and at what intervals?

I-Lipo is a simple treatment that takes about 30 minutes to perform. It typically takes about 8 treatments to achieve optimal fat reduction. However, this may vary based on the extent of the areas being treated, as well as your aesthetic goals.

Be sure to discuss an appropriate treatment program with your physician during your initial consultation. Only one area is treated at each session, so be prepared for several sessions if you have multiple areas that need contouring. A full course of I-Lipo treatment runs for 4 weeks, with 2 sessions being done each week.

What type of results can you expect

The results with I-Lipo are immediate, most patients experience a 2-4cm loss in a single treatment. I-Lipo creates long term results, but once the course of treatment is completed, patients are advised to attend to a lifestyle of regular exercise and healthy eating, in order to maintain results.

Benefits of I-Lipo

I-Lipo is one of the most effective non-invasive liposuction treatments now available, and it has none of the side-effects of traditional liposuction.

Are you a good candidate?

Both men and women with stubborn areas of fat can benefit from I-Lipo treatment. However, it is important to consult with a physician to determine if you have an existing medical condition, which could make you ineligible for I-Lipo treatment.

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Liposuction Swelling – How Long Until It Goes Down?

Do you have pockets of unwanted fat that are making you unhappy about how your body looks? Liposuction is the perfect solution. It can shape and contour those areas, and give you the beach-ready body you're looking for. Liposuction is generally very safe, but post-op swelling is known to be a common side-effect, so people contemplating the procedure are always anxious to find out how long until it goes down.

Why Liposuction?

There are some parts of the body that are genetically predisposed to developing excess fat deposits, which are generally exercise resistant. These are the areas that can be effectively addressed with liposuction. Liposuction works best in eliminating localized fat in places such as the thighs, abdomen, flanks, arms, hips, and knees. It can also eliminate excess fat beneath the chin.

Tumescent Liposuction

Traditional liposuction is performed with general anesthesia, and uses a suction device to get rid of the fat deposits. However, a less risky technique known as 'tumescent liposuction' has become very popular in recent years.

Tumescent liposuction has none of the inherent risks associated with traditional liposuction, and can therefore be performed as an outpatient procedure. It involves the use of a solution of local anesthesia and other medications, to numb the area being treated.

Small incisions are made through which the diluted anesthetic is injected into the fatty areas of the skin. A cannula or small tube, which is attached to a vacuum like machine, is then inserted under the skin. This device sucks out the fat once it has been dislodged by the cannula.


With tumescent liposuction there is minimal pain and discomfort. Bruising and bleeding are also minimized, because of the presence of the anesthetic under the skin. There is also less post-operative swapping, which means recovery time is shorter. Most patients are able to return to their normal routine within a few days.

Liposuction swelling

Swelling is very common after liposuction, as some solution may remain in the tissue, and fluid also tend to collect in the suctioned area. Swelling also occurs naturally as the body heals itself.

Patients are usually required to wear compression garments and drink plenty of fluids, in order to help minimize swelling. For best results, the compression garment should be worn 24/7 for at least 6 weeks, except when bathing. Post-operative swapping can be made worse by consuming too much salt, or by standing for long periods. While some physical activity is good post-op, it's important not to overdo it.

How long does it last?

The duration of swelling after liposuction varies, and can be reduced by careful attention to the post-operative instructions. Patients are therefore advised to attend to their surgeon's program in relation to care after surgery.

A well-fitting compression garment helps to keep swelling to a minimum. Patients will notice a gradual loosing of the garment as the weeks go by, and the majority of the swing should be down by the time the compression garment is removed after 6 weeks. However, it can take 3-4 months for the swapping to subside completely, and the final results can be seen at that time.

In rare cases swelling lasts longer than anticipated, and the compression garment may have to be worn for more than 6 weeks.

Before undergoing liposuction, patients should ask their surgeon what the expected recovery time is likely to be, as the swining will obscure any immediate results. Having realistic expectations will help to alleviate any concerns that may arise, because of the length of time the bargaining takes to resolve completely.

Are you a good candidate?

Ideal candidates for liposuction should be physically fit and close to their ideal weight, with stubborn areas of fat that they are unable to reduce. Candidates should also have good skin laxity, because liposuction does not fix the problem of loose skin.

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Avoid These 6 Hair Care Mistakes

Everyone needs to look great and hair is one element that attracts a reasonable amount of attention. In an effort to give your hair the best care, sometimes we ruin it. Let's take a look at some common mistakes that you should avoid while attempting hair care.

  • Toning It Down Would Be Ideal

A typical error made by people is to utilize excess hair styling items at the same time. Utilizing more items will not give you a superior look. To get a natural beauty which looks splendid, just blow dry your hair and use one hair styling item which is best on your scalp.

  • Be Careful With The Level Of Heat

Various types of hair can deal with different levels of heat. In the event that your hair is thin, it should not be placed under 130 degree Celsius temperatures and if it's thick, then the temperature should not be more than 200 degree Celsius. Putting it under more than 200 degree temperature diminishes the quality of hair by up to half. At this temperature, it loses its smoothness. To stay away from this, utilize top notch styling items that let you alter the temperature.

  • You Should Blow Dry

Sometimes people simply neglect the blow drying part and attempt to fix their hair when it is wet since they are in a rush. This should be avoided completely. Never comb while still wet and dry it with a blow dryer or wait for it to dry normally.

  • Avoid Breakage

It may intrigue you to realize that breakage happens due to the least complex, most honest of activities. Brushing thick hair with a fine brush, energetically brushing hair or even brushing wet hair causes breakage. Use styling tools that are basic and powerful like wide toothed brushes. Keeping up a decent diet rich in vitamin C, zinc, iron, biotin, protein and folic acid will avert fragility and breakage.

  • The Secrets Of Drying

Drying using towel may feel great yet it is not so much useful for your strands. Drying with a towel scalp and makes it porous and unprotected. A superior approach for drying would be blotched dry it with a high quality towel or use a blow dryer. Brushing in the right direction is vital. Back brushing is not good on the skin, which could result in damage.

  • Excessive Care

Shampooing everyday is totally pointless. To give your hair a good look, just wash it in cold / lukewarm water and afterward blow dry it. You will achieve better results by washing your hair with mineral water because hard water usually causes dryness.

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Evening Primrose Oil – The Alternative Medicine for Hormone Health

If you live in a country where there is a health system available for you and your family; places such as Dr's, hospitals and dentists, you will no doubt feel grateful for the medicinal help they can give you in your time of need.

More and more people are now turning to complimentary, alternative natural medicines to treat their ailments. We are forever hearing about the negative impact using manmade medicines can extremelyately have on our bodies and this has started to make people wary of using traditional medicines.

For some choosing to put manmade chemicals in their bodies is not an option. What is complimentary medicine? It is a range of medical therapies that are not considered as orthodontic by the medical profession, such as homeopathy and acupuncture.

In some cases traditional medicines and alternative therapies are used in conjunction with each other. For example a cancer sufferer maybe treated with chemotherapy but receive acupuncture or take essential oils to help ease the pain associated with their treatment.

Natural medicines can have many benefits and treatments such as herbalism dates back thousands of years and in certain parts of the world they are still used as everyday medicines.

The most common alternative medicines are essential oils. They can be found in many forms and if you walk into any health food shop you will see the shelves stacked with all the different types of natural medicines you can buy.

For example; Evening primrose oil is a new essential medicine to grace the shelves of our medicine cabinets. It's a wonder natural medicine that is now widely used to treat a range of different ailments in men, women and children. It has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

Evening primrose is a beautiful vibrant yellow wildflower that grows through the United States. It is extracted through cold pressing the seeds harvested from the flowers and drawing out the raw oil.

Evening primrose oil is packed full of amazing health benefits. It has been proven to have an impact on hormone health, skin, hair and bone health. It's full of essential fatty acids, which are necessary for overall general health, but as the body can not make them you usually absorb through food. It's particularly high in omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids, both of which play a role in brain health as well as growth and development.

Fish oil is usually the 'go to' for the omega fatty acids, but if you do not eat fish or like the taste of the tablets, evening primrose oil is a good alternative.

Evening primrose has been widely recognized in treating hormone health and many women now take it to treat PMS symptoms and for encouraging good hormone health, especially important if you are trying to conceive. Due to its benefits on hormones, it can also help with acne. As it helps balance the hormones it can be really helpful in treating acne associated with hormonal imbalance.

The university of Maryland carried out research that proved it can also be beneficial for hair loss, when people massaged the oil into their hair, over time they noticed a significant rate of hair regrowth. If you suffer from alopecia this could be a very exciting find for you.

Due to the fact evening primrose is packed full of omega fatty acids, the benefit it can have on overall skin health is impressive. It is often used to treat serious cases of eczema.

As more people turn to alternative medicines to treat their own or families ailments, further research will be carried out and who knows what other benefits will be found using alternative medicines and especially essential oils.

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Tips to Finding the Best Beauty Therapy Courses

Beauty therapy is a growing industry. This industry includes everything from waxing to facials and pedicures to manicures. The course not only teaches you how to carry out different treatments, but it teaches you about skin and nails, so you can provide your clients in the future with a high level of care and service.

The first step is to do some research and this will invelve going online and looking through some of the colleges and centers that provide beauty therapy courses that will be of interest to you. Most beauty therapy courses are broken into categories depending on the type of therapy you want to provide, whether you want to focus on the skin and face or you want to focus on the nails.

Choose a few of the centers you feel you want to consider to complete your beauty therapy courses. Ideally look for a center or college that will provide you with both the theoretical and practical knowledge. If they have their own salon where you will enjoy hours of practice, even better.

With the colleges or centers in mind, you can now research each one in detail to identify the college you think is going to provide you, not only with the best beauty therapy courses, but with the best and most comprehensive learning experience. The best way to do this step is to research each of the colleges individually. Go to their website and learn as much as you can about them before typing their name into your search engine and reading through the results to get honest student feedback that you can trust when making your decision. This step should help you reduce your short list.

Knowing the reputation of the college, you now want to really focus on the selection of beauty therapy courses that they provide. There may be more than one that you are interested in. If this is the case, it's worth phoning the center directly and speaking to a member of their team who is knowledgeable and can direct you on the order you should take the courses or whether you are able to complete more than one at a time.

Cost is an important factor, but it should never be your deciding factor. You want to choose a top school, you want to find the best beauty therapy course and you want to walk away with confidence to walk into a salon tomorrow and start work. This means that you may pay more for a higher level of education at one college than another. If it comes down to two colleges and you can not choose between them as they both provide you with the best education experience, then cost can become the deciding factor.

If you are going to be studying full time, then you will be better off choosing a school that is local or within easy traveling distance so you can attend in-class lessons. Due to the fact you want to get the best hands on experience during your studies, it is advisable to complete these courses in-class, so you get that essential training you need to provide your clients in the future with the service that they expect.

This is a very rewarding career, although you do need a extrovert personality with excellent communication skills to succeed. Completing one or more beauty therapy courses can help you start a career in the beauty industry and if you are already in the industry and thinking of moving to another sector, then it can help you make that move or even fast track your career within your company .

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Some Essential Grooming Tips for Men

You clearly know that people tend to take the judge seat when it comes to judging you based on how you look. You may have everything from the luxurious BMW car, a perfect 3BHK flat in the city, but then it does not good if you are dressed shabbily. You should know you are judged based on these aspects. In order to ensure you do not suffer from this nightmare, mentioned are some grooming tips for men that might come handy in the long run.

Your Skin Does Need Pampering:

If you think you are a man and need no skin pampering, then you are very well wrong. It is of paramount importance that you keep your skin glowing by drinking lots and lots of water, yes you heard it right. Water does have a great effect as far as keeping your skin glowing is concerned. Make a habit of drinking water early in the morning on an empty stomach. It might seem a bit awkward at first, but once you make it a habit, you will notice a great change.

A Great Shower:

Do not forget to add daily showering in your grooming tips list. It does not matter whether you just came back from the gym, out, or just got up; do not ever skip a shower. It is one of the basic rules of being clean and smelling good.

A Perfect Shave Is All It Takes:

You might think, you shaved yesterday, why to do it after two days? Well, regular shaving has its own trick of helping you look the best. If you have a beard or moustache, ensure you have it trimmed perfectly, including no hair sticks out. If you do not know how to do it, it is wise to pay a visit to the salon.

Clean Hands Do Wonders:

Not many know, but clean hands are easily noticed by women. Other than this, it also works wonders when in meetings, well, you do know the importance of a firm handshake. This is one of the vital grooming tips for men and should not be neglected. Clean hands do not mean washing them often, but including the nails are trimmed, there is no dirt or food residue under the nails and so on.

Smell Good:

You might have noticed, some men smell good, while some men just douse strong perfumes which at the end does no good. You are highly advised to stick to one cologne only. Using different soaps, perfumes and lotions can lead to a weird smell, all thanks to the different smelling perfumes and soaps you used.

Do Not Slouch:

Another vital grooming tips you can not skip is having and maintaining a great posture. Do not even slouch, especially when having a meeting. Ensure you walk straight all the time. One of the major reasons is it boosts confidence and boldness.

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair:

Hair tends to grow quickly. It is highly recommended to keep a close watch on the ear, nose and chest hair. Ensure it is trimmed as and when needed. One advice would be to trim the unwanted hair once every week.

Looking good while boosting confidence is the secret to ensuring you are close to perfect. After all, the first impression is the last impression. Keep these grooming tips for men in mind the next time you are going out for a date, an important meeting or just a night out with friends.

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From Morocco With Love – The Culinary and Cosmetic Argan Oil

When you think of Morocco, bright colors, carpets, spices and streets full of hustle and bustle come to mind. The weird and wonderful food and oils on offer can make walking around their range of famous markets a wonderful and exciting experience.

The western world takes many of its natural medicines and culinary effects from other countries and Morocco is no exception. It's a country that's very expensive on our business. The most recent export from this vibrant country has been Argan oil.

What is it? It's an oil that is sourced from the kernels of the argan tree. The trees are neatly situated inside the beautiful and dry countryside of Morocco. The fruits of the tree are small and hard-shelled, similar to a nut. The hard shell covers some pulpy flesh and the flesh is home to kernels, kernels that are then used to extract the infamous oil.

Many farmers will break the hard shell, feed the flesh to their livestock and extract the much-needed nectar from the kernels. It is an incredibly hands on job as automatic processes have not proved as effective. In 1998 due to the high demand and as the trees can not be produced the Argan forests have been declared a protected reserve by UNESCO.

Argan oil has two usages. In Morocco its traditionally used for food, often used to dip bread at breakfast or to drizzle on couscous. Its extremely nutritious and is packed full of fatty acids, linoleic acid and Oleic acid, all of which have been proved to aid good heart health.

It will also be used to treat skin diseases and burns. In the west we traditionally use it for cosmetic purposes and it has the innate ability to soothe skin and nourish very dry hair. As it can be used to treat both, it has become very popular and common medicine in many cupboards.

Many women will use Argan oil for a host of cosmetic reasons. Due to its ability to treat issues with dryness it can be used on the body. It can soothe dry lips, dry feet or hard nails and it is an excellent soother for cuts, burns and even razor rash. Due to its safe versatility it makes a fab option for the entire family.

If it is required for cosmetic usage the kernels will not be roasted and the process is in essence easier, but when used in culinary the kernels will be roasted to enhance their flavor. Either way the process is timely and very hand crafted.

Argan oil is now easier to buy, health food shops are usually the first place many people will look too, but as with most things under huge demand there are lots of fake products on the market. A low quality oil will not give you the same benefits and the concentration of nutrients will be much lower. You usually get what you pay for.

A pure version will be more expensive, but it worth the extra to make sure you get all the benefits. Always look for 100% pure cold pressed oil and you can be sure you are getting every piece of goodness.

As with most oils, it is essential to keep alternative medicine bottles out of direct sunlight and its recommended to use your purchase within 6 months of opening. It may make sense to buy a smaller bottle. When it comes to using it, always carry out a small skin test, as it is a distant cousin of the nut family, it may cause an allergic reaction if you suffer with nut allergies.

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