Electrolysis hair removal is the only method of permanent hair removal that is guaranteed to work and legally required to make that claim. It is a highly watched after skill and one which can offer a highly successful and busy career which is both challenging and rewarding. This can benefit both the practitioner and the client. The career path that a trained electrolysists can choose can be very varied and having initially been inspired by a teacher they may well go on, after gaining sufficient expertise in their chosen field, to decide to teach themselves and in turn become a role model and a teacher to another young person.

Continued Professional Development (CPD) should be ongoing and constant to ensure that skills remain current and authentic. A good electricalsist will ensure that CPD points are annually updated by attending exhibitions, seminars, practical courses and other training and lectures. There are always a wealth of programs in the UK and overseas where all levels from a foundation level or highly experienced expert can learn and develop their skills further. These various programs also offer teaching and lecturing slots where the trained lecturer can pass their skills in the electrolysis hair removal and advanced electrolysis fields to a variety of audiences. It might be to introduce and advise college electrolysis hair removal students, or aestheticians and those in the medical field on how electrolysis permanent hair removal works and how it can benefit clients as well as offer future career opportunities for those who wish to study electrolysis permanent hair removal and advanced electrolysis.

There are many points to consider when choosing a CPD course:

* Always select a reputable company that has experience in the industry with conducting courses for permanent hair removal, advanced electrolysis and advanced cosmetic procedures. Research needs to be made to ensure the professionalism and reputation of the company.
* Check that the course is approved and recognized for insurance purposes.
* How long is the course and will it easily fit in with your commitments?
* Are the training facilities appropriate and suitable for the courses held?
* How much educational support is offered once the course is completed?
* How much sales support is offered once the course is completed?
* What does the course entail, how long and detailed is the educated content?
* What is the course agenda? Is it fit for purpose and is further learning offered eg the electrolysis techniques as well as electrolysis hair removal?
* How much practical and theory work is involved? A high level of practical elements are an absolute requirement of good electrolysis hair removal teaching.
* How much support is provided with directions and accommodation?
* Check that CPD points are awarded where appropriate
* Is the training provider offering to provide appropriate models or do you have to provide model (s) that are suitable for electrolysis and require hair removal?
* The cost of the training program should be reflected in the standard and quality of the course. Therefore, cost can vary veryly. Choose wisely – choosing the cheapest option is a decision you may well regret later. Additionally, it should be noted that courses of electrolysis hair removal, advanced electrolysis and advanced cosmetic procedures will all differiate by price, agenda and teaching resources.
* Check all of the lecturers are extremely knowledgeable and experienced within their field and have the required teaching experience and qualifications.

To sum up, it is important for someone seeking to start a CPD course to properly research the company, the quality of facilities and the courses that are being offered in order to achieve the desired results and continue to benefit from this educational enrichment in the future .