Most people would say “only if paid 1 million dollars”, for you see no one likes snails, they're slow and useless. But, just like everything created by a Supreme Being, snails too, have some kind of purpose. Imagine a snail crawling and oozing out slime as it drags its body in its heavy shell, heavy for its body that is.

This very slime that makes most people if not all sane people cringe, is the very thing that promotes smooth skin. This trend has spread all through Korea, states Dr. Yoon for the past decade. It's proven that skin surface feels smoother after having contact with secret.

Why not grab a snail today from your backyard and feel ten times younger with polished smooth skin? Is that why the Greeks were so wise and refined that till this day they provide such insightful ideologies and customs? This may very well be food for thought, but definitely not food for consumption!

Surprisingly enough the Ancient Greeks eccentricities did not stop there, in fact, they went as far as using crocodile excrement. This over the top facial care is a bit out there, will not you say?

You have to admit that Crocodile excrement or any excrement for that matter is a horrendous idea for facial care ! But, as studies have now shown in these last decades, that animal secret provides rich nutrients to the face and when spread like butter on a slice of bread, can shed the dry skin cells after a cold wash. The beauty or the horror of using crocodile excrement is that it can be used just like any other facial cream. Never judge a book by its cover, just think of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, even he too, had a beautiful appearance after his transformation. Using this cream can also give you some type of transformation, hopefully one you will like.

Again, this may not be your typical facial cream, but countries like Japan and China are now providing the public with jars and bottles of bird droppings and or crocodile excrement. In fact, it goes as far as being sold for $ 30 a jar and oddly enough are high in demand. So I highly encourage you on your next family vacation to Florida's Everglades, make sure to pick up a jar of crocodile excrement. Remember it would even make a great gift for a friend, or rather an enemy!