If you want to look young and beautiful, you should become slim. You should eliminate any excess weight you have stored in the form of fat in your belly and hips and trim your waistline. You can do this with a determined mind, a workable plan and a well designed action plan. If you start with determination, the other two steps will be easy to implement. Here are five secrets you should know, if you want to look young and beautiful.

1) Make realistic goals
The moment you decide on the objective of making yourself look young and beautiful, you will be inclined to start setting goals, both long term and short term, including daily goals. Unfortunately, your daily goals are likely to be unrealistic if you allow your enthusiasm for getting results cloud your constraints. The result will be that you will fall way behind your daily goals. This will make you feel frustrated and lose confidence in your ability to achieve your objectives. Start small. Set goals that are achievable. You can always raise your goals after tasting some success in achieving the goals set by you.

2) Keep your end goal permanently in your mind
When you keep your end goal constantly in your mind, you will find it easy to reconcile yourself to temporary setbacks. When you think only of your immediate goal, any failure you encounter will upset you and erode your confidence. But a constant focus on your long term goal will create a feeling that whatever the shortcomings in achieving your short term goals may be, you can still achieve your long term goal.

3) Stop being guilty
You may have occasions to feel guilty. You might have done things inconsistent with your goals. You might have indulged yourself when attending a party or skipped your exercise routine for a couple of days. It is natural for you to feel guilty. But the guilty feeling may dampen your enthusiasm and have a debilitating effect on your ongoing efforts. Realize that you do not have to be perfect. It is all right to lose focus once in a while as long as you are able to redirect your focus on your goal.

4) Reward yourself for positive results
Whenever you achieve a sub-goal, reward yourself by dong something you enjoy, even if it comes to treating yourself to some good food not allowed by your diet statute. When you are consciously celebrating your achievement, a slight deviation will not have any adverse effect on your progress.

5) Take feedback but make your own decisions
When you are involved in the process of becoming slim and beautiful, you will receive a lot of feedback from your friends and others. Listen to all the feedback but make it a point to evaluate it. Both positive and negative feedback may turn out to be exaggerated and biased. Use your native intelligence to evaluate both types of feedback and accept only what you deem to be objective. You can use such feedback for improving yourself, making course corrections, if necessary.