Laser hair removal has become popular for women and men. Men have come to the conclusion that laser hair removal for men effectively removes undesired hair without the nicks that razors leave, or the irritated skin that hair removal lotions leave.

The most popular areas that men have laser hair removal performed are:
• Their backs
• Their shoulders
• Their chins and beard area
• Their ears

How painful are laser hair removal for men procedures?
Laser hair removal is not painful. There are some salons that even apply a topical ointment to numb the area where the procedure will be performed, but laser hair removal is done with pulses of light and does not cause pain.

What happens during these procedures?
The procedure will begin with the technician cutting the hair in the area to a shorter length. This will help to ensure that the laser eliminates the hair in a quick amount of time. The technician will adjust the equipment according to the location where your hair is located, the color of your skin, the color of your hair, and the thickness of the hair.

The technician will provide you with protective glasses to wear so that your eyes are not damaged by the pulses of light. They will apply a gel to the area where the hair is about to be removed, or they may use a cooling device on the area. By cooling the area it makes it easier for the pulse of light to penetrate the skin and eliminate the hair.

The technician performing the procedure will apply the pulse of light to the prepared area for the proper amount of time. They will closely monitor the area for signs of adverse reactions, and to make sure that the laser is doing the job they need it to do.

Before you leave the technician will tell you how to care for the area for the next day or so. Cooling gels, creams, lotions, and ice packs, are all common things supplied to recent laser treatment patients. You may also be told to apply cool water to the area to lessen your discomfort.

Will the hair fall out instantly?
Actually it will take several days before all of the hairs that were treated fall out. It can also take three or more treatments to the same area before the hair loss is permanent.
You need to wear protective sunscreen on the areas that were treated to prevent sunburns.