My passion for perfume stems from the memories or fantasizes that a scent evokes. I get the greatest pleasure in finding a fragrance that reminds me of such things as warm brownies, a walk through the woods after its' rained or a stroll through a flower garden. Our sense of smell can be one of the most straightforward and rewarding enjoyments. A stimulating sense of smell transports me to a different place and time. Even now a trip to the farm market stimulates my sense with the citrusy tangs of fresh fruits and vegetables, making it a fun experience. Researchers have reported that the sense of smell is more complex than previously thought, and smelling is one of the best activities for stimulating the brain.

But defending a passion for perfume is harder to do as many people feel it is a senseless and expendable hobby. But then I think of all the sports memorabilia that my husband collections. How is his hobby any different from mine? The pleasure that I get from a new bottle of perfume justifies my limiting the number of times I eat out or buy another sweater.

Many perfume lovers find themselves feeling guilty and isolated in their love for depicted things. Perfume is somewhat of a niche hobby unlike makeup or fashion. I refrain from letting defendant deprave me of what make me happy. It's important that we surround ourselves with things that we enjoy for maintaining balance in our busy stressful lives. Just a whiff of my favorite perfume can brighten my day.

Let's be clear, perfume is not a hobby limited to those with immense personal wealth. I started when I was a young girl, using my allowance and birthday money to purchase the latest popular fragrance. Purchasing perfume can be custom fit to an individual's budget without compromising the quality. The idea is to build a reasonable budget that will include all the necessary expenses but also allow enough spending money for our favorite pursuits, like perfume.

Growing up, I remember my grandmother would always carry a small bottle of her favorite perfume and a tube of ruby ​​red lipstick in her purse. I knew that my grandparents were not wealthy, but my grandmother was still able to enjoy those simple pleasures. I now understand that these were not considered indulgences but rather necessities.

Losing the guilt when buying perfume will not happen overnight and for some is a lifetime struggle. The best advice I can give is to take baby steps when making any kind of purchasing changes to avoid the guilt.