Is There Anything I Can Do About My Butt Cellulite?

Have you suddenly realized that your once peachy bum is now covered with the dreaded orange peel like skin associated with cellulite? While, for the majority of the time, our butts remain out of sight and out of mind, sometimes a glimpse in a changing room mirror or photograph can reveal the unfortunate truth; that our once smooth buttocks now resemble something more akin to a tub of cottage cheese. A slight exaggeration sometimes, but if you're one of the 80% of women who suffer from cellulite, you'll probably want to know whether there's anything you can do to get rid of it.

Why do I get cellulite on my buttocks?

Unfortunately, if you're a woman, you're likely to develop cellulite at some point in your life, due to your genes, your lifestyle choices and the fact that a woman's fat cells are predisposed to storing fat in certain areas of the body , particularly the buttocks and thighs.

If you were to examine your fat cells under a microscope, you'd see that they are arranged side by side in a columnar structure, surrounded by connective tissue. As these fat cells become full, they expand, pushing up vertically against the skin, giving it that characteristic orange peel or cottage cheese texture. Sitting around all day just makes the problem worse; So if you're prune to buttock cellulite, one of the best things you can do to reduce it, is to literally get off your butt and get active.

Improving the appearance of butt cellulite

Pending claims from cellulite specialists, there's no magic formula for getting rid of cellulite, however there are many things you can do to improve its appearance. Of course, as women, we naturally have fat around our hips, buttocks and thighs, but by following a healthy diet and ensuring that we get plenty of exercise, we can help to keep this at an acceptable level.

Make sure that you eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and foods with a high fiber content to help remove toxins from your body, and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. It's also important to commit to a regular program of exercise.

While any kind of cardiovascular activity, such as running, aerobics or swimming, will help, just ensuring that you get out for a walk every day will also show improvements.

And do not forget some training training. Lifting weights will help you to keep your muscles and connective tissues strong, and your skin taut.

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Tips on Everyday Make-Up

We always want to look our best and be in sync with the latest fashion trends. So here is one of the latest make-up trends that has been spreading like wildfire: the natural look. Although, going outside of the house without any make-up is generally not the preferred solution to this trend.

Essentially, we keep the everyday make-up look to a minimum, although we still want to create that beautiful flawless, radiant and natural sheen that a professional make-up artist could give to our face. So here are some tips to help achieve a fabulous professional make-up look every day.

1. First off, before applying make-up is the preparation of the face. Clean and moisturize it so that the make-up goes on more smoothly.

2. Then, use a primer, and apply on the areas that need to be evened out before the foundation.

3. There is no need to have special make-up training in order to know some tricks to cover any discoloration and blemishes on the skin. For example, under the eyes apply a concealer that is a shade lighter than the actual skin tone. Later it will even out with the application of the foundation.

In order to apply less foundation start the process from the 'T' zone the face and move outward. This particular 'T' area is a code for the forehead, nose and chin. Then in order, to set the foundation, use translucent powder and a big brush and gently go over the whole face with it. Do not forget to put a little bit of concealer or foundation around the lips, as it will help later to define them more.

4. To highlight and define the cheekbones use a shimmer / blush. For a lighter fresher look take advantage of the shimmer and with small circular motions, apply a little bit either before or after you apply the foundation. You can also use the shimmer just below your eyebrow area to give more definition. Blush is used when the preference lies towards more sharply defined cheekbones, but do not go overboard and make them look unnatural. A tip taken from a make-up training is to blend well and color-match the contours of the face.

5. Now to move on to the luscious lips. To achieve the lips of a movie star using professional make-up select a lip pencil, preferably the same color as your lipstick or a shade darker. Apply it on the contour of the lips and then with the side of the pencil fill in the lips. If the lip pencil is applied before the lipstick, the color would be more long lasting.

6. The final point in make-up training is the eyes. For more definition, use an eye pencil or liquid liner. Apply as close as possible to the lashes of the top eyelid and then finish off by applying the mascara with an upward and outward motion. By choice, apply pink / peach or neutral eye shadow before the mascara and eyeliner. To achieve a smoother and long lasting effect, apply an eye primer or a hint of foundation onto the eyelids before applying the liner and eye shadow.

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Permanent Hair Removal – Is It A Fact or Fiction?

Living in a world where image and self-esteem are of high importance, people are actively seeking permanent hair removal to eradicate once and for all those unwanted hairs. As a result, hair removal trends have been growing in popularity. A wide variety of products and hair removal systems are being taken after by both female and male clientele and also by the increasing transgender community.

Laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) are two options that are quite suited when targeting larger areas with dark hair growth. Being newer technologies they first launched with the claim of offering permanent hair removal, however as the results from these treatments are not predictable as they have their limitations due to targeting the melanin in the hair. Differentiating results could be between 85% -95% hair reduction, and due to that and other features of LASER and IPL, the FDA allowed them to claim to offer permanent hair 'reduction' only.

Electrolysis on the other hand, can treat all hair types, even white and gray in color, and can also safely treat all skin tones. For example, a qualified beauty therapist with electrolysis training would be able to work with clients from different ethnic background and treat hair growth in all areas including hair within the eye area. Since its introduction it has developed to be more comfortable and safe for the practitioner and for the client. Protection, such as goggles are not required during treatment, only gloves for sanitary purposes. Electrolysis has been used for over 130 years and is still the only permanent hair removal solution.

There are different types of electrolysis: Short Wave Diathermy, also known as Thermolysis, Galvanic (Direct Current) and the Blend method, which is a combination of the Thermolysis and Galvanic. All of these methods progressively weakened the hair in order to eliminate hair growth. Therefore, removing hair permanently has been a fact for a long time and electrolysis is still the only method that offers a solution.

Electrolysis is a treatment that is offered in beauty salons and clinics where a client would receive advice and expert opinion on issues they have, such as unwanted hair growth. Many skin conditions and lesions, such as skin tags, thread veins, a variety of warts, ilia, blood spots and verrucas can also be successfully and safely treated using advanced electrolysis techniques. It is important to note that people who would like to receive a procedure should contact a professional with a recognized electrolysis qualification and license to ensure that they are taking full advantage of the possibilities at electrolysis has to offer.

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The Perfect DIY Blowout – Styling Techniques for Voluminous Hair

A great blowout can be your best accessory. Gorgeous, full hair never goes out of style. Our top hairstylists share their do-it-yourself techniques for perfectly voluminous locks.

Before you start styling your at-home blowout, there are a few simple things to keep in mind for professional looking results. If your hair is damaged and fragile with split-ends, revitalize it with a deep conditioning treatment. Healthy, clean hair always looks naturally fuller. If your hair is thinning, stimulate circulation with an invigorating scalp massage. Rub in a nourishing product like Eufora Beautifying Serum for Hair Skin and Scalp.

High humidity can put a damper on voluminous tresses, so do not try to do a blowout in a misty bathroom. Use a quality blow dryer with a volumizing attachment. If you have fine hair, leave the Ionic setting off. Also be sure to start with hair that's just been washed. Some products and natural oils can weigh hair down, making volumizing more difficult. For best results, style a blowout after using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner such as Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash and Rinse or J. Beverly Hills' AddBody Shampoo and Conditioner.

Now that you're prepped, try these 5 steps for the perfect blowout:

1. Begin with a small dollop of hair mousse, like Mousseup, working it into damp hair. For even more volume, you can also treat the roots with a volumizing spray. Since the blowout requires high heat, protect hair from damage with a thermal protecting serum.

2. Using a high setting, begin blow-drying using a volumizing attachment. Dry the roots first and work your fingers through your hair as you dry. For added volume, be sure to alternate going with and against the side you part your hair on. Continue blow-drying until your hair is about 75% dry.

3. Divide your hair into sections. First, clip the top layer of hair up, and divide the bottom layer into individual two-inch sections. Then do the same with the top layer.

4. Grab a round brush and use it to dry the individual sections of hair, rotating the brush underneath as you dry from root to ends. Be sure to gently pull the sections into the brush so there is enough tension to shape the hair. Repeat with each section of hair until your hair is completely dry.

5. Finish off the look with a shine serum like Illuminate and a light mist of hairspray to hold the look.

Practice these stylists' techniques for a volumizing blowout. It's the perfect style to show off healthy hair. If your hair is thin from over-processing or hair loss, volumizing adds mass to otherwise limp hair. Talk to your stylist about the latest professional salon treatments for hair loss and restoration to bring volume to your hair.

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Beauty Tips To Enhance Your Good Looks

There was a time when beauty tips only concerned women who were past a certain age. In today's world, it seems as though all ages and genders are hopping on the beauty bandwagon. Consider that appearing beautiful means more than just have good genes. Using the following tips can really improve your appearance.

For a convenient container to carry some of your favorite moisturizer fill a small jar or an empty lip gloss container. You now have a portable container of your favorite moisturizer, which can be kept in your purse, at work, in your car or even your pocket. You can use a quick dab of it to counteract feelings of dryness as soon as they occur.

It is imperative that you exfoliate before using self-tanning products. This will make your skin more smooth and will get rid of any dead skin. The results of your sunless tan will appear smooth and more even. This will also help with making it last longer and look like a real tan.

Make sure your lip liner and eyeliner pencils are sharpened before you use them. Sharpening them keeps the liners clean. To easily sharpen makeup pencils, put them in your freezer for around 10 minutes and then sharpen them.

Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler before you put on mascara. This helps lift your eye area and gives your eyelashes a longer look. Carefully squeeze and hold the device at the base of your lashes. Then, bring the curler closer towards the ends of your lashes and squeeze once again. This provides a natural look.

You could help prevent your hair from getting gray; simply eat a spoonful of chutney made with curry leaf every day. It contains essential nutrients for hair health and will help retain pigmentation in your hair. Rosemary oil can be added to hair as well if you want it to stay healthy and full of color.

Do you find that your nails become chipped and scratched after each manicure? Using a top coat can keep your nails looking good for a week. Be certain you do not confuse this product with typical clear polishes, as they do different quite a bit. Get the top coat, not the clear nail polish.

Use a soft brush to massage your skin before your shower to stimulate the oil glands and make it more healthy and moisturized. Brush in a circular motion, from your feet up to your face, and then finish off with a warm shower and gentle soap.

You can make a DIY mouthwash by mixing peppermint oil with purified water. Just one small droplet of peppermint oil in an ounce of purified water is all you need. Measure your drops of peppermint oil into a high capacity ceramic container and boil your water. Add boiling water to the pot. Keep the container covered with a clean handkerchief or other cloth while it cools. Pour this into a container, such as a bottle, with an air-tight lid. Then, use your mouthwash whenever you need.

Beauty is dependent upon a number of factors. You can enhance your own beauty by just putting in some extra work. If you have the right information, it can be worth every minute you spend on your beauty. This article should hopefully give you some great tips on how you can become beautiful.

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Permanent and Temporary Hair Removal Through the Ages

Contrary to some of the popular beliefs the ritual of hair removal dates to long before the 21st century. Even in ancient Egypt, Greece and Middle Eastern countries it has been performed for aesthetic purposes with the idea of ​​achieving beauty as well as for other purposes such as hygiene. In Egypt women removed their head hair and also facial hair which was considered the mark of a lower class. Also in other countries women removed almost all of their body hair except the eyebrows.

Over time many different methods have been developed to help remove unwanted and unsightly hair. One of the original techniques for this, used in ancient times, was and still is, called sugaring. This consists of a treatment with a sticky paste substance that is applied on the skin and then removed like the wax today with a strip of cloth.

However, the purpose of waxing, depilation, shaving, plucking and other temporary similar means, was and remains only to remove hair from the unwanted areas. It can not prevent it from growing again on the same spot. Permanent hair removal is growing as a trend in recent years. But how would one be able to eradicate that annoying growth?

Electrolysis has found a solution to the permanent hair removal problem long ago. It was invented at first for medical purposes in 1875 for eyelash distortions and to permanently remove in- growing eyelashes. Since then the electrolysis machine has developed to treat all facial and body hair and meets the demand from women and men for a permanent hair removal solution.

Electrolysis targets the follicle of the hair and following a course of treatments the hair will not grow back on the same spot. The hair follicle itself is disabled. This is the only method that can achieve this result. One of the many advantages of an electrolysis machine over laser removal is that the practitioner can treat all skin and hair types without any side effects.

Laser and IPL were recently introduced to the market as being able to perform permanent removal; however, they can not and do not achieve this claim and realistically do not eradicate the hair completely. Because of this fact, laser hair removal and IPL have been allowed to use permanent hair 'reduction' as a claim in advertising the benefits of the products. Meaning that the hair grow is 'finished' for a period of over a year. Laser hair removal and IPL are a hair management system and have their limitations.

Very often electrolysisists have clients that have come for supplementary treatments after they have undergone a hair removal procedure with IPL or laser. This is because the laser hair removal and IPL work on the melanin in the hair as they are light based treatments and if the hair is blonde, white or gray there is no melanin in the hair to work on. Sometimes the power is adequate to treat the hair and the hair is just stripped of color. Additionally, there are cases of secondary growth where hair growth is stimulated in an unrelated area by laser or unsatisfactory results after laser and IPL treatments that the practitioners have to solve these problems using their electrolysis machine and expert knowledge.

Therefore, electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method that can guarantee the eradication of the unwanted of unsightly hair, when performed correctly by a qualified practitioner.

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Electrolysis for Permanent Hair Removal and Continued Professional Development

Electrolysis hair removal is the only method of permanent hair removal that is guaranteed to work and legally required to make that claim. It is a highly watched after skill and one which can offer a highly successful and busy career which is both challenging and rewarding. This can benefit both the practitioner and the client. The career path that a trained electrolysists can choose can be very varied and having initially been inspired by a teacher they may well go on, after gaining sufficient expertise in their chosen field, to decide to teach themselves and in turn become a role model and a teacher to another young person.

Continued Professional Development (CPD) should be ongoing and constant to ensure that skills remain current and authentic. A good electricalsist will ensure that CPD points are annually updated by attending exhibitions, seminars, practical courses and other training and lectures. There are always a wealth of programs in the UK and overseas where all levels from a foundation level or highly experienced expert can learn and develop their skills further. These various programs also offer teaching and lecturing slots where the trained lecturer can pass their skills in the electrolysis hair removal and advanced electrolysis fields to a variety of audiences. It might be to introduce and advise college electrolysis hair removal students, or aestheticians and those in the medical field on how electrolysis permanent hair removal works and how it can benefit clients as well as offer future career opportunities for those who wish to study electrolysis permanent hair removal and advanced electrolysis.

There are many points to consider when choosing a CPD course:

* Always select a reputable company that has experience in the industry with conducting courses for permanent hair removal, advanced electrolysis and advanced cosmetic procedures. Research needs to be made to ensure the professionalism and reputation of the company.
* Check that the course is approved and recognized for insurance purposes.
* How long is the course and will it easily fit in with your commitments?
* Are the training facilities appropriate and suitable for the courses held?
* How much educational support is offered once the course is completed?
* How much sales support is offered once the course is completed?
* What does the course entail, how long and detailed is the educated content?
* What is the course agenda? Is it fit for purpose and is further learning offered eg the electrolysis techniques as well as electrolysis hair removal?
* How much practical and theory work is involved? A high level of practical elements are an absolute requirement of good electrolysis hair removal teaching.
* How much support is provided with directions and accommodation?
* Check that CPD points are awarded where appropriate
* Is the training provider offering to provide appropriate models or do you have to provide model (s) that are suitable for electrolysis and require hair removal?
* The cost of the training program should be reflected in the standard and quality of the course. Therefore, cost can vary veryly. Choose wisely – choosing the cheapest option is a decision you may well regret later. Additionally, it should be noted that courses of electrolysis hair removal, advanced electrolysis and advanced cosmetic procedures will all differiate by price, agenda and teaching resources.
* Check all of the lecturers are extremely knowledgeable and experienced within their field and have the required teaching experience and qualifications.

To sum up, it is important for someone seeking to start a CPD course to properly research the company, the quality of facilities and the courses that are being offered in order to achieve the desired results and continue to benefit from this educational enrichment in the future .

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Drink Green Tea for a Prettier You!

Green tea is widely known today for its anti-aging and skin beautifying properties. Studies show that this herbal drink is one of the most natural and easy ways to achieve prettier, brighter and flawless skin in just a few days! Apart from its familiar benefits like preventing cancer and heart disease, assisting in weight loss, checking gum disease, anti-aging, protecting against infections and so forth, regular consumption of this health drink can improve skin texture, increase glow and fade wrinkles and fine lines noticeably.

Experts recommend drinking at least 2-3 cups of green tea daily; however, topical application of the same also makes a discernible difference to how your skin looks. Numerous encouraging studies till date shows topical use of this therapeutic tea significantly reduces chances of skin damage. Therefore, using extracts of this tea is a good idea to use in addition to a sunscreen and shield your skin from harmful rays of the sun.

But can it protect your skin from sagging, wrinkles and other signs of aging? Going by its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, drinking green tea regularly along with topical application can actually slow down signs of aging. However, its role in diminishing sagging skin and wrinkles is still uncertain.

As part of your home-based skincare regimen, freeze freshly brewed green tea cubes and rub on skin as toner. Beauty benefits of this tea are immune and are greatly extolled throughout the world. It is rich in antioxidants, which are effective against free radicals. It has storehouse of benefits for your skin. It protects your skin against premature aging, sunburns and tanning. The antioxidants present therein help in combating skin cancer. Green tea also helps in cell renewal process.

This healing tea works as a great soother for skin inflammations. It also shows possible improvements in cases of psoriasis and rosacea, as well as acne and pimples. When you drink green tea or use it as a mask, your overall skin appearance improves revealing a bright, glowing complexion.

Besides improving skin, green tea is equally great for restoring your hair texture. Drinking or rinsing hair with this tea makes hair grow stronger. It prevents formation of new wrinkles and lines. There's no limit to the number of health and beauty benefits provided by this wonder drink. And the best part is, its price is easy on your pocket. So you can now start your daily routine with green tea and stay looking younger and beautiful for longer!

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How to Look Young and Beautiful – Five Beauty Secrets

If you want to look young and beautiful, you should become slim. You should eliminate any excess weight you have stored in the form of fat in your belly and hips and trim your waistline. You can do this with a determined mind, a workable plan and a well designed action plan. If you start with determination, the other two steps will be easy to implement. Here are five secrets you should know, if you want to look young and beautiful.

1) Make realistic goals
The moment you decide on the objective of making yourself look young and beautiful, you will be inclined to start setting goals, both long term and short term, including daily goals. Unfortunately, your daily goals are likely to be unrealistic if you allow your enthusiasm for getting results cloud your constraints. The result will be that you will fall way behind your daily goals. This will make you feel frustrated and lose confidence in your ability to achieve your objectives. Start small. Set goals that are achievable. You can always raise your goals after tasting some success in achieving the goals set by you.

2) Keep your end goal permanently in your mind
When you keep your end goal constantly in your mind, you will find it easy to reconcile yourself to temporary setbacks. When you think only of your immediate goal, any failure you encounter will upset you and erode your confidence. But a constant focus on your long term goal will create a feeling that whatever the shortcomings in achieving your short term goals may be, you can still achieve your long term goal.

3) Stop being guilty
You may have occasions to feel guilty. You might have done things inconsistent with your goals. You might have indulged yourself when attending a party or skipped your exercise routine for a couple of days. It is natural for you to feel guilty. But the guilty feeling may dampen your enthusiasm and have a debilitating effect on your ongoing efforts. Realize that you do not have to be perfect. It is all right to lose focus once in a while as long as you are able to redirect your focus on your goal.

4) Reward yourself for positive results
Whenever you achieve a sub-goal, reward yourself by dong something you enjoy, even if it comes to treating yourself to some good food not allowed by your diet statute. When you are consciously celebrating your achievement, a slight deviation will not have any adverse effect on your progress.

5) Take feedback but make your own decisions
When you are involved in the process of becoming slim and beautiful, you will receive a lot of feedback from your friends and others. Listen to all the feedback but make it a point to evaluate it. Both positive and negative feedback may turn out to be exaggerated and biased. Use your native intelligence to evaluate both types of feedback and accept only what you deem to be objective. You can use such feedback for improving yourself, making course corrections, if necessary.

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Super-Foods That Can Turn Back the Aging Clock

When it comes to skincare, nature and science have always gone hand in hand. Naturally occurring herbs and plant extracts are regularly used with various other ingredients and given the shape of creams, lotions, or other skin care products for women using the latest technology. But, is that sufficient to turn back the aging clock? Experts disagree. They explain, “topical application of skin resurrecting creams basically works on the outside and is, therefore, not enough. skin “.

The fact about consuming super-foods is they help in treating the skin damage from within. Whatever skin-rejuvenating elements that come out of these foods is consumed by the blood vessels and gets transferred that to the epidermis. This boosts the cell replacement process in the skin, thereby keeping it firm and intact.

Following are the much-needed beauty-boosting super-foods you must cling to:

Berries – Black Berries are one of the most known and greatest sources of flavonoids. Basically a type of antioxidant, flavanoids helps in freeing the body against toxin creation and also protecting it from free radicals. Also, Sea Buckthorn is said to possess tissue generative and anti-microbial properties that helps in improving skin conditions.

Green tea – Arguably the most potent antioxidant, green tea works best for our skin. Being caffeine-free, green tea helps in cleansing the skin from impurities and protects it from the harmful rays of the sun, thereby leaving you with a radiant skin.

Salmon – Salmon is an Omega-3-rich food and is the perfect choice of protein for people who do not like to go for vegetables. Including Salmon in your desert for at least thrice in a week prolongs the skin aging process.

Avocado – This fat-fruit is a prized item for people looking to postpon their skin aging. It has a significant amount of mono-saturated fat that fights Cholesterol, one of the major reasons for the aging of the skin. Also a great source of potassium, avocado can greatly help in managing blood pressure levels and high fluid retention.

Apricot – Oil, the most essential element helps in maintaining the elasticity and moisturization of the skin can be derived from Apricot. Rich in Vitamin A, B, and C, this acts as a terminator of blackheads, damaged cells on the skin's surface, and blemishes.

The best thing about all these super-foods is you will not have a hard time in consuming them. Organic anti aging skin care starts from within. Include these healthy food items in your daily diet and then go for the other organic skin care products that are the best in the industry.

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How Ancient Greece Maintained Their Facial Care?

Most people would say “only if paid 1 million dollars”, for you see no one likes snails, they're slow and useless. But, just like everything created by a Supreme Being, snails too, have some kind of purpose. Imagine a snail crawling and oozing out slime as it drags its body in its heavy shell, heavy for its body that is.

This very slime that makes most people if not all sane people cringe, is the very thing that promotes smooth skin. This trend has spread all through Korea, states Dr. Yoon for the past decade. It's proven that skin surface feels smoother after having contact with secret.

Why not grab a snail today from your backyard and feel ten times younger with polished smooth skin? Is that why the Greeks were so wise and refined that till this day they provide such insightful ideologies and customs? This may very well be food for thought, but definitely not food for consumption!

Surprisingly enough the Ancient Greeks eccentricities did not stop there, in fact, they went as far as using crocodile excrement. This over the top facial care is a bit out there, will not you say?

You have to admit that Crocodile excrement or any excrement for that matter is a horrendous idea for facial care ! But, as studies have now shown in these last decades, that animal secret provides rich nutrients to the face and when spread like butter on a slice of bread, can shed the dry skin cells after a cold wash. The beauty or the horror of using crocodile excrement is that it can be used just like any other facial cream. Never judge a book by its cover, just think of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, even he too, had a beautiful appearance after his transformation. Using this cream can also give you some type of transformation, hopefully one you will like.

Again, this may not be your typical facial cream, but countries like Japan and China are now providing the public with jars and bottles of bird droppings and or crocodile excrement. In fact, it goes as far as being sold for $ 30 a jar and oddly enough are high in demand. So I highly encourage you on your next family vacation to Florida's Everglades, make sure to pick up a jar of crocodile excrement. Remember it would even make a great gift for a friend, or rather an enemy!

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The 3 Best Body Parts to Get Laser Hair Removal

With spring break and summer just around the corner, there's one main thing we all have to worry about now, all that unwanted hair! Tweezing, waxing, and shaving can be painful and annoying. Going to the beach everyday is not fun when you have to worry about shaving and covering up your razor bumps. Luckily, many women and men have discovered laser hair removal, which has become one of the most effective techniques of removing hair for decades. Most individuals that get laser hair removal are completely satisfied with the results and the idea of ​​never having to shave or wax again. After just five or six sessions, most people are hairless and never have to worry about hair shaving or waxing again. Although some people are left hairless after just five sessions, others have to go back to the facility yearly for a little touch up.

Laser hair removal can be performed on almost any area of ​​the body where you have hair, ranging from your upper lip, down to your ankles. But which areas are considered the best? Many women give us the same three responses when asked this question; the upper lip, the underarms, and the bikini line.

The Upper Lip : Although having a mustache for a guy is okay, a woman with a mustache is not attractive! The upper lip is actually one of the most popular areas to receive laser hair removal treatment, and luckily it is one of the least cost areas as well. After just a few treatments, you'll never have to worry about plucking or waxing your upper lip!

The Underarms: The underarm is one area that must always be hairless on a woman, especially during the summer time when tank tops are the only thing bearable. Having clean smooth underarms is the most wonderful thing. Many women claim that getting laser hair removal under their arms was one of the greatest decisions they've ever made. It is not painful and they no longer have to shave their underarms every time they shower.

The bikini line : The bikini line is one of the most requested areas for laser hair removal among women all over the nation, especially in the warm beach cities, such as our own own Miami Beach. Considering you're wearing your bikini at the beach every day, the last thing you want is to have hair on your bikini line or major razor bumps. Many women suffer from ingrown hairs and razor bumps on the bikini line from shaving. Laser hair removal avoids all the trouble and leaves you confident enough to wear your bikini and not worry about shaving or waxing.

For most, laser hair removal is a great option. Just a couple sessions and your left hair free!

For more information, tips, and blogs on the various cosmetic procedures this industry has to offer, visit my Twitter page: @adrianasbeautyblog

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Preparing For a Special Event And Want to Include The New Trends?

Are you preparing for a special event and want to include the new trends? Spring / Summer fashion has a couple of beauty trends available to choose from. A dewy complexion can be incorporated into your make-up time to give a fresh faced and fabulous look. There are a number of ways to achieve a dewy look, from selecting different products using a professional make-up palette to specifically designed make-up.

Specialist establishments have been created to achieve this look and are not only available in the professional make-up kits. Another way is to use a moisturizer that is not oil-free and then apply a lotion or primer that illuminated the skin, then add a sheer foundation to complete the base. However, do not use a foundation that has a matching effect, as this will defeat the purpose of the whole dewy look.

To accentuate the color of the eyes apply an eye liner to create the bold winged flicks (part of the spring / summer make-up trends). Either a liquid or pencil liner can be used for this look and make sure not to forget to make the flick at the end of the lid, to complete this hot look!

Eyes are not only the main focus of the spring / summer trends, the eyebrows are also at the forefront. Select a suitable shade from the make-up palette and use a brush (we would recommend using an eye brow brush from a professional make-up kit) and apply the color to the brows. Another choice is to use an eyebrow pencil and fill in the brows, to bring even more attention to the eyes.

Finally, to create the ultimate statement, the trend for red lips should not be taken lightly. Select a red lipstick shade that compliments your skin tone and use a lip liner in the same shade to add definition to your lips.

Whatever look is desired, from the more humble to a very defining make up, choose any of those trends and take advantage of high quality make-up palettes for best results. In market there are many brands offering an exciting, innovative and diverse range of traditional hi-definition, professional make-up incorporating a quality yet affordable line of cosmetic skin care products.

With fabulous foundations! exciting eyes! luscious lips and a scrumptious skin care range! If you are looking for a professional line of high quality traditional make-up with unrivaled ingredients and competitive pricing you have multi functional range of products available from various brands which makes up, cares and treats the skin simultaneously.

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The Top 9 Hair Removal Methods – Which Is Right for You?


Threading is one of the most common practices for hair removal and removes hairs from roots. The hairs removed by threading take two to four weeks to grow again but the negative aspect of this method is that it is time-taking and is not suitable for large areas. Most of all, its results are not permanent.


Waxing is one of the most common methods. The hair removed by waxing take three to four weeks to grow again but it is not lasting solution to unwanted hairs. It is suitable for both small and large areas of body but is time taking. Furthermore, pain caused by waxing is unbearable for many women.


Shaving is the easiest and painless way to remove unwanted hairs on body but it has lots of cons associated with it. You need to do it after every two days if not one and it may also cause ingrown hairs and irritation on the skin. So, it is not a good option for those who are unable to shave daily.


Plucking or tweezing is a good option for removing hairs on smaller areas like upper lips and eyebrows but again it does not remove hairs permanently. So, if you need to remove hairs on larger area of ​​your body or you want a permanent solution to your problem, this option is not good for you.

Depilatory creams and lotions:

Using depilatory creams or lotions for removing unwanted hairs is an easy and simple method but you need to do it twice or thrice a week. Furthermore, the chemicals that dissolve hairs used in creams can also cause reactions or irritation. This method is painless but is not suitable for everyone.


Using epilators – electric devises used for removing unwanted hairs – is same like threading, waxing or plucking but again results are not permanent. You need to do it about once every month.


Electrolysis is the hair removal method that uses electric current to damage hairs permanently. This method is suitable for smaller areas as only one hair is targeted at a time. Electrolysis removals hairs permanently but requires several sessions and is extremely painful.

Laser hair removal:

This is the most effective hair removal method. It uses laser technology to destroy the melanin in hair follicles permanently resulting in damaging reduction or removal of unwanted hairs. It requires few sessions but gives highly beneficial results. It does not cause any severe pain or discomfort and the only slight burning sensation can be avoided by applying anesthetic before treatment and cold compresses after treatment.

IPL hair removal:

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy is another effective hair removal method. Unlike laser, it uses light having multiple wavelengths that scatter in the skin and destroy the pigment in hair follicles. IPL is also lasting hair removal method.

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Efficacy of Spa Treatments in Enhancing the Overall Beauty

Wellness, be it physical and mental, is important to look best for all times. One can follow some beneficial practices at home but it is not possible to end the blissful treatments like facial and body massage or hydrotherapy at home. Thus, with respect to it, a spa is an ideal place to get an overall freshness which rejuvenate in an effective way.

Intensify the ultimate Persona with Bright and Fresh Look

With the gradual passage of time, people are getting busy due to increased work pressure and stress. Thus, one needs some time to pamper and restore the body's internal balance. In context to it, a spa and beauty care salon provides an inexpressible 'feel good' and 'look good' experience with their wide array of therapies and treatments. Some of the popular beauty treatments are bothby noted.

  • Spa Facial
  • Paramedical Facial
  • Relaxation massage
  • Spray Tan
  • Hand and Foot Retreat
  • Manicure and Pedicure
  • Cosmetic Injectable
  • Meditation Zone

Thus, effective beauty and spa treatments come with a wide array of noticeable benefits which ultimately enhance the overall look of an individual thereby boosting sheer confidence. Some of the popular benefits are:

Health Benefits

Several treatments like hydrotherapy, oil massage, aroma-therapy and steam baths improve one's overall health in the process of reducing the blood pressure, improving blood circulation.

Beauty Treatments

Women are extremely fond of effective beauty treatments such as spa facials, hand and foot care, different kind of facials and many more which enable one to a much brighter and fresh look. It also helps to keep up the glow and charm of the face thereby including sheer perfection.

Anti Aging

There are various treatments which advances pre-mature aging by using different kinds of de-stress methods, massage and usage of varied kind of beneficial herbs. Thus, the popular spa and salons provide treatments with a custom-made touch that enable one to look healthier and younger.

Mental Benefits

By availing varied types of relaxation body massages, one can cleanse his system and become more re-energized. Also, there are other beneficial therapies which can make one's mind stronger thereby reflecting more self-confidence. Thus, if one looks good and feel good, then the level of self-esteem will automatically rise theby projecting a much more positive image.

Enable to Spend Quality Time with Near Ones

One with a desire for a getaway with his near ones, can certainly visit a spa. There are facilities in different spa and salons for family and couples which enable their clients to spend some time of sound quality in the process of undergoing effective spa treatments to detoxify one's body and soul.

Thus, a visit to a reputed spa and salon is an effective way to manage the daily routine which enables to recharge the mind batteries and keep one in its top condition.

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