How to Find the Right Haircut

Some Things to Consider When Planning on a Makeover:

If you want to get a new look and do it via a new haircut, you're probably going to have a lot of deciding to do, and it can backfire on you especially if you plan on taking a drastic move, like moving from long hair to a very short hairstyle.

Through this article we are going to let you know just what you need to consider in order to find the right haircut.

Know About Face Shapes:

There are a lot of different face shapes, but they always follow some kind of guideline.

For starters, there are those who have circular faces, others have elongated faces, and some even have heart shaped or triangle shaped faces.

Some hairstyles fit some types better, so you'll have to do some research and determine what is your own face shape as well as what meets those types of faces.

Taking your Hair into Consideration:

There are a lot of hairstyles to choose from, but thinking you could have any style you wanted is an illusion. Depending on what hair texture you possess, different options will open up or close down on you, and this means you have to bear in mind if your hair is straight, curly and so forth.

What are your strong points?

This is something most people neglect as it may be more of a subjective thing and different people may have different opinions, but you should always choose a hairstyle that shows your strong points.

For instances, if you consider your neck to be one of your strong points, short hair may do the trick, but if your eyes are what makes men stare, then consider getting an hairstyle that frames them and highlights them even further.

Try to find out where your strong points are and capitalize on them.

Go Wild and Experiment:

Finally, there is no replacement for experimentation, and you should try different styles in order to see how they look for yourself – this can be quite daunting, but remember your hair grows back and that, with confidence, any style can be worn proudly!

Whatever you decide to do, just be sure not to do something that would damage your hair behind repair, as some procedures do: Like decolorizing your hair in a cyclic way.

These are some of the guidelines you can follow if you wish to make an informed choice, but it absolutely all rests up your decision and personal taste.

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Tanning Tattoo Stickers

You have most probably heard about tanning stickers if you often visit tanning salons or go to beaches. You may even seen seen tattoos created with them. As their name itself implies, stickers are placed in certain areas of the body prior to the start of a tanning procedure or before using a product for quick tanning.

Tanning tattoos are used for 2 reasons. Some desire the tattoos for decorative or fashion-related purposes while others are more eager to observe their tanning sessions' progress.

When tanning spray or a solution is applied, the area the tanning sticker covers, retains its color. This way a person can observe to what degree his or her skin color has changed.

The designs of our tanning stickers are both unique and original and they can be used to acquire great-looking and modern tattoos. If you are not completely sure that you desire a permanent tattoo, it would be best to try it with tanning stickers and see if they are to your liking.

Ideally, you should opt to place tanning stickers in certain areas of your body where the tattoos will be most visible after the tanning procedure is complete. These types of tattoos are better placed on the neck, the arms, the tummy or the ankles.

Creams for Self Tanning

Using sprays or tanning creams is the safest way to get tan, regardless of the fact that many people deem it not the most aesthetical and pleasant method.

There are a number of ways to apply a self-tanner without looking orange or splotchy, and I'm certain that this is not the look you are after. Ensure you use only a tanner that is not transparent but has a visible color. This will let you measure how much of it you are applying on your skin. Try it out initially on only a small area of ​​your body and ensure your skin is dry before using. It is also good to exfoliate or remove the dead skin cells prior to this.

Before using a self-tanner, ensure you take certain precautions, although using these tanners is safer than even the natural tanning. Among the recommended brands are Bain de Soleil, Ombrelle and Neutrogena.

When a tanning spray or solution is applied, the area retains the color covered by the tanning sticker. This allows people to observe how fast the color of their skin is changing.

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Love Your New Nose

Just the smallest change to your nose can completely alter the appearance of your whole face. This is because the nose is the center and heart of the face. Having a symmetrical nose typically makes a person look far more attractive. A rhinoplasty, or more commonly known as a nose job, has the ability to not only improve your appearance, but also boost your self-esteem.

Although some individuals seek a rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons, a large number look at this as a corrective procedure. Most individuals that undergo a rhinoplasty love their new nose for three main reasons; they look and feel more attractive, breathe better, and sleep better.

Feeling and Looking Good . Getting a rhinoplasty may be done for corrective purposes, but you will unduly feel much better about your appearance. Many patients that under nose jobs have a deviated septum. Your plastic surgeon is likely to correct this problem and improve the appearance of your nose at the same time. Reducing the size or changing the shape of your nose will create better symmetry on your face making you feel and look more attractive. About 85% of patients that undergo this procedure claim that they feel more attractive than ever. Feeling confident about your face and nose is essential to your overall self-esteem and confidence. Everyone desires to feel attractive!

Breathe better. It is not uncommon for individuals to seek a rhinoplasty because of the fact that they have trouble breathing. Deviated septum's are much more common than you may think. Having a deviated septum causes trouble breathing for many reasons. Doctors claim that most patients that come into their office wanting a nose job have trouble breathing. A rhinoplasty may be the perfect procedure to improve your breathing and your appearance at the same time.

Sleep better. Sleeping problems are highly associated breathing problems. Sleep apnea is fairly common among individuals that suffer from closed or blocked airways. Although some use at home treatments, many others benefit from a corrective rhinoplasty . With a rhinoplasty procedure, doctors have the ability to redesign the airway to allow better breathing and much better sleep. Sleep is an extremely important aspect of a person's health. Getting good sleep can change the way a person feels. This procedure may have the ability to transform your nose, your sleep, and your health.

A rhinoplasty may be performed for various reasons. Whatever your reason may be, it is important to find a board certified plastic surgeon that the experience and passion to help you get the results you want to love your new nose!

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The Original Natural: Respecting the Afro

The natural hair movement has been a breath of fresh air. It has awakened a spirit in people of color here in America that we have not seen rival since the 60's when the afros they were symbolized something important. They represented a disdain for the status quo that refused to accept them whether they assimilated or not. They symbolized a desire to regain an attachment to a land and a culture many of them could only recall from words and images in a book. Those afros were a step in the direction of rediscovering their “Blackness”.

Now I will not naively propose that our battle for natural hair freedom has been won, not yet, but in the last decade especially, we have come a long way in gaining respect for the hair our African roots have blessed us with. One of the largest contributing factors were those afros. They were groundbreaking and laid a foundation that allows our kinks, curls, waves and locs to flow freely. But as history dictates, we tend to forget the small things that aid us in our quests and it pains me to see many of us in the natural hair community turn our noses up at the good ol 'fashioned afro.

I see the twist outs, the coils and the rod outs and I watch as our society drools over them, clamoring with determination to mimic their style no matter what their personal hair texture. And then I see a sister or brother proudly wearing their afro and I hear well intentioned souls questioning what they plan to “do” with their hair.

Styles come and go, fashion comes and goes and tastes change, yet wearing an afro seems to have the same effect on people, be they White or Black as it did 50 years ago. We must remember that it was not only the mainstream, white controlled media and population that labeled the afro an untamed, unkept and militant hair style, we were guilty of doing it to ourselves. In an obvious case of self preservation, many of our people chastised those who said no to the Lying devil and chose to wear their hair as nature intended. The desire to conform is nothing new but can be dangerous if you begin losing touch with who you are. The same thing is beginning to transpire in the natural hair community today. We will accept your natural hair as long as it is curly, not nappy. We like your natural hair as long as it is tame, not wild. We love black people, as long as they're not TOO black …

This separation is as dangerous as rich black / poor black syndrome, light skinned vs dark skinned and house negro vs field negro. It is all designed to drive a wedge into something that can be so beautiful. The closer we get to realizing and accepting our natural god given beauty that has radiated from us since the dawn of time, the closer we get to our promise of greatness. Division is what held people of color back for hundreds of years. How fitting would it be if something as “simple” as an afro, could ignite us the same way it did another generation.

Love = Balance, Balance = Love

– Tony B

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Discovering The Process of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a process of getting rid of unwanted hair on the body. This treatment reduces the amount of growth in the treated area drastically and even eliminates growth altogether in some cases.

How does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The entire process of may take anywhere from a few minutes to over an hour, depending on the area that needs to be rented. First, the specific area is cleaned completely. In some cases, a numbing gel is required to numb the area, especially if the area to be treated is sensitive. Once the numbering gel is active, the skin is held tight and it is treated with the laser. This part of the treatment is always conducted in a special room where safety equipment must be worn to protect the eyes. The hair is vaporized by the laser and this process often causes a sulfur-like smell. The treatment will not cause too much pain and most say that it feels like a rubber band snapping against your skin.

What Skin Types Are Suitable for Laser Hair Removal?

People with all types of skin and all kinds of hair growth can undergo this treatment. The best results are often seen on people who have a thick growth of dark hair and have a fair skin. However, with the betterment of technology, laser treatments now prove to be as effective on all kinds of hair and skin. Even though clients with a darker skin used to originally suffer from side effects such as post inflammatory dyspigmentation, the laser treatment for darker skinned people has improved and the risks are now minimal.

What Results Can I Expect from the Treatment?

With every laser hair removal treatment that you undergo, you can expect to experience a 10% to 25% reduction in growth in that area. It is important to note that most people see more effective results in areas where the skin is thinner, like your bikini line or the armpit region. Areas that have thicker skin like the back or the chin region may take a longer time to show results. Once a person goes through the procedure, the growth in that region is usually a lot lighter and it has a finer texture.

Most treatments can be repeated every four to eight weeks. Patients will generally need at least three treatments in order to experience a drastic reduction in the rate of growth of the hair. Doctors advise their patients not to go out in the hot sun and to use a good sunscreen with an SPF higher than 30 for at least six weeks after they have gone through any laser treatment.

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Factors To Consider For The Best Ladies’ Hair Cuts

Changing your hair cut may not be that easy. It is a decision that must be thought of over and over so you will not have regret. Indeed, if you have had the same hairstyle for years, mixing things up with your glorious mane can be pretty scary. But such should not be the case.

When getting a hair cut, know that it's all about finding the right hairstyle that matches your facial shape. When getting ladies' hair cuts, people can benefit from checking out some factors shared by expert stylists.

First, consider your facial shape. The rule of thumb to follow is to get a hairstyle that is the opposite of your face's shape. For example, if you have a square facial shape, you can try a hair style with either soft layers or waves.

One trick you can try is to pull your hair back and stand in front of the mirror. With a water-based marker or lipstick, trace the contour of your face on the mirror. Another trick you can try is to snap a picture of your face using your smartphone or tablet's camera. It would be better if another person can take a picture of you. Remember to keep your face in a neutral position.

Next, check your hair texture. Another important factor which the best hair salons suggest that you take into account is your hair's texture. Hair textures can vary from silky thin hair to bouncy coarse hair. As such, it is essential to find a hairstyle that matches the texture of your hair.

It is also good to know your best features. A good haircut can highlight your face's best features while hiding your flaws. It achieves this by drawing other people's attention toward the assets that you think make you more attractive. For example, bangs that touch the eyebrows can draw attention to your eyes while short haircuts can direct attention to the neck.

On the other hand, if you feel that you have wide ears, you should avoid wearing some pony tails. Or if you have a broad forehead, you should opt for bangs. You might also want to consider coloring your hair. Hair color can help even out your facial skin tone.

If you have long hair, you may want to stand in front of the mirror and arrange your hair in different styles to see which hair length and style best fits you. You may also want to browse photos of celebrities on magazines or online and save these photos so you can show these to the stylist. If you still can not decide what hairstyle to get, consult a stylist. Before getting a haircut, make sure to tell the stylist about your needs, including the time you can allocate for maintenance. If you have saved photos of hairstyles you want to try, you can also show these to the stylist. Click here to know more.

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How Fragrances Have an Impact on Manufacturing

Naturally, fragrance is a pleasant sweet smelling aroma that appeals to the human sense of smell and abounds in the natural environment in the form of flowers and fruits. In a manufacturer's point of view, fragrance label is a combination of ingredients that beauty care products such as perfume, cologne, lip balm, air sprays among other products are associated with.

A manufacturer has to produce a fragrance label which pleasant scent captures the mind, imagination and hearts of not only the consumers, but the people with what the consumer comes in contact with. Fragrance of a given person is the first thing that a person engages with way, before the first word of greeting is uttered and a handshake exchanged. And because first impressions have a way of lingering in our minds, a pleasant fragrance will leave a long lasting memory in the mind of the people we encounter in all forms of life.

Manufactures often work with teams of experts in order to create scents that are targeted at meeting the demand and personal taste of various beauty care products. The process involves the thorough understanding of a given target consumer, knowing their trends and what drives their needs and preference for a given product as opposed to choosing other products in the market. Using the findings based on the findings, a scent profile is made after which packaging is designed that will appeal to the taste and needs of the clients. The package has to be unique in order to stand out similar products from different manufacturers.

And because consumers have access to new fragrances every day of the year, it is critical that a fragrance resonates well with consumers and those who come in contact with them. Fragrance labels help manufacturers to build a brand name that will enable consumers to start talking and use word of mouth referrals that will, in the long run, reduce costs that arise from advertisements and promotions of products.

Fragrance labels also help manufactures to make products that are custom-made to suit personal needs and preference of clients, including celebrities and even the ordinary person. The label is the information about what a given fragrance is made up of. Manufacturers are also required by law to specify the ingredients of their beauty products so as to help consumers choose products that do not cause irritation to the skins of consumers or endanger their lives.

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3 Great Conrow Styles

Cornrows are also known as rows or braids and they are a traditional African style. Here the hair is braided very close to the scalp depending on your desired design. The good thing with braids is that they are easy to maintain. You can also leave them on for weeks. If you feel that cornrows are your thing, here are some of the best designs that you should consider going for:

Braided Diva

This style is characterized by designer cornrows on one side and super braids on the other. You should start by sectioning your hair and braiding one side using your chosen design. After sectioning you should continue braiding the different sections into long single braids. To achieve the desired length and thickness you should add synthetic hair. Once you are done you should spray the hair in order to make it shiny.

It's good to note that while the hairstyle is good to have, it looks great on you if you have an oval face. You should also have a medium to coarse hair.

Curly Fro Hawk

You should braid your hair up on both of your sides in order to create a fro hawk. Before you start braiding you should ensure that your hair is clean and dry. Once clean you should go ahead and braid the hair with the design of your liking. When you are done you should secure the hair in place using pins. To have a great look you should apply a small amount of mousse.

This style is ideal for you if you have an oval or round face. For the style to last for a long time you should ensure that you keep the moisture content up. You should also cover the hair at night using silk or satin bonnet.

Side Ponytail

You should braid up your hair on one side and then top it up with a curly side ponytail. Just like other styles you should start by sectioning your hair off and braid it up. For ideal results you should braid it in a slight curved pattern. When you are done you should pull all of the hair into a ponytail and roll it with perm rods or flexi-rods.

You should allow the hair to dry and then remove the rods.

This hairstyle is ideal for you if you have a round or oval face. For ideal results you should have long hair. If your hair is not long enough to make a full ponytail you should go for other alternatives. For example, you can go for the drawstring ponytail.

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5 Cool Hairstyles For Men

Who said that you need to have a rugged look in order to look manly? If you are a man and you need to have a great hairstyle, here are some of the cool styles that you should consider going for:

Caesar Cut

This is a popular cut where you cut the hair short on the sides, but leave longer hair on the top of the head. The good thing with this style is that it's easy to maintain; therefore, if you are a busy man, you will have a very easy time maintaining it.

The style also makes your hair very easy to spike using a cream or styling gel. You can achieve the spiked look within a very short time and the look will stay in place the entire day with little or no maintenance.

Brushed Up

It's similar to the Caesar cut only that the hair that you leave is a little bit longer. If you have great hair and you want it to be easy to take care of, this is your style. As mentioned, you will have a very easy time maintaining the hair using a pomade or gel. The good thing is that the style is ideal for both casual and official occasions.

Side pompadour

Do you want a unique look? This is your style. The cool thing is that the style is ideal for hair of different lengths. To keep the style in place you should use pomade.

Side Part

This is a sexy style that is ideal for you if you have long hair that you can easily sweep over. While you need to have long hair in order to achieve an ideal look, you should note that you will be able to achieve your look within a very short time. All you need to do is to part your hair on the side of the head and then sweep it over to one side. You can go with the right or left part.


There are many variations of this style that you can go with. For example, you can go with the fade, choppy side part or any other style that you find ideal for you.


These are some of the best hairstyles for you as a man. All you need to do is to choose the one that looks good on you. For ideal results you should ensure your hair is done by a professional barber.

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Five Easy Ways to Say “Goodbye” to Frizz

Let's face it. Frizz is unfriendly. No one wants it, but yet we all struggle with it from time to time. Do not be a victim, take charge! Read on to learn about five easy ways that will help you get rid of the frizz!

1. Make a Hair Mask

As soon as you see those fly aways taking off, whip up a homemade, all natural hair mask. Whisk some almond oil with an egg until you are able to form a smooth paste (add the oil as you go until you reach your desired thickness). Massage the mixture all over your dry hair, prior to your shower. Wash it out with your favorite shampoo and voila! You should not have any frizzy situations occurring!

2. Honey Rinse

Much like the oil and egg mask, honey has a lot of helping qualities when it comes to frizz. Simply coat your wet hair with a small amount of honey. Let it penetrate your scalp, alleviating it from dryness and adding a little weight to your strands. After a few minutes, rinse it out with warm water and style your hair as you normally would. Not only will you notice fewer frizz, but your hair will feel softer and look shinier.

3. Air Dry

It may be inconvenient, but if you are having a lazy weekend and do not really have anywhere to be, consider letting your hair air dry. You are less likely to have frizz as your hair dries naturally because zero heat will zap your strands and fry them.

4. Take Advantage of an Oil

Whether you purchase argan oil, coconut oil, or macadamia nut oil from your favorite salon; you will reap the big benefits. Oil instantly tames frizz and makes your hair look fresh and fluffy in a jiffy.

5. Dryer Sheets

One of the oldest, but most effective tricks in the book; dryer sheets can get rid of frizz when you do not have a lot of time to spare. Simply take one sheet and gently blot it over top of the frizz. You can do this in front of a mirror or while walking out the door. You can even bring a few sheets to work in case you have to do any touch ups!

No one likes frizz and no one should have to deal with it! Consider these five tips and tricks to help you get on your way to frizz free, fresh, and fabulous hair today!

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Natural Skin Care – Exfoliation

Exfoliating skin goes beyond just a beauty regimen – regular exfoliation helps keep your skin healthy and young. There are a number of products in the market that make high promises with regards to cleansing and exfoliation, but rarely does one see the results that are claimed.

Nature is and has always been the source of the best products. As far as health and beauty are concerned, try go as natural as possible. The following ways in which to exfoliate skin naturally will help you get a glow that will far surpass anything that chemical cosmetics can give you.

Facial Exfoliation

The simplest way in which to exfoliate your face is to make use of a washcloth. Soak a washcloth in milk for ten minutes and then place this cloth on your face.

Relax and leave it on for five minutes, and then gently scrub your skin with the same washcloth. The lactic acid in the milk is an excellent exfoliating agent, while the milk fat moisturizes your skin and gives it a glow. Do this twice a week for best results.

Body Exfoliation

Add four tablespoons of sugar to three quarters of a cup of olive oil and stir these together until the sugar is even mixed with the oil. Apply this mixture to your skin and gently massage it in.

The sugar acts as a toner while olive oil is an excellent moisturizer which works without clogging pores or causing outbursts of acne! Leave this mixture on your skin for at least ten minutes before washing it off with warm water. If you want even better results, leave it on for an hour before going in for a shower.

Feet Exfoliation

Feet exfoliation can be done either as part of a routine pedicure or whenever you feel like pampering your feet. You will need a pumice stone and warm water to begin with. Add half a cup of milk to the warm water and soak your feet in this for ten minutes. Begin by gently rubbing your feet with the pumice stone while your feet are yet soaking in the milk and warm water mix.

Dry your feet and massage them with olive oil. Soak your feet again and use the pumice stone for an additional five minutes before washing and patting them dry. This will not only help your feet look good, but will also make you feel much better, especially if you have had a tiring day.

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Different Types of Fillers Used For Lip Augmentation

With advancement of science, it has now become safer to get fuller and more beautiful lips. Plumper and well-defined lips stand as a widely accepted definition of beauty. Defined lips also brings in a sense of youthfulness and attractiveness. It could be the most true reason your favorite celebrities go for non-surgical treatments to keep up their reputation, so that they do not lose their fan base because of the signs of age.

However, the lip augmentation is not a recently issued practice. Products and procedures have developed over decades promoting this treatment outcome.

To date, scientists have invented many therapies and treatments that increase the volume of your lips, and hence, make you look more attractive and younger. Lip augmentation with dermal fillers is a not plastic surgery; it is non-surgical, which is in fact on the opposite spectrum to definition of surgery.

To augmentor define the outline of your lips, the cosmetic practitioner injects a material, dermal filler, into, and around your lip. These injectable dermal fillers are usually a natural composition very close to collagen or hyaluronic acid formation found in the human body. These fillers improve the look of your lips; they add shape, volume, and a well-measured structure to your lips. These temporary fillers causes minor complications compared to permanent lip products. Listed below are a few materials or substances that have been successfully used for this kind of cosmetic enhancement over the years.

Collagen – It is basically a natural protein found in connective tissues of mammals. Collagen (bovine / porcine) based dermal filler requires a patch test to check for allergies before the treatment. Being a natural filler material, it also absorbs in the body in a short period.

Autologen – Created from your own collagen material (prepared from skin tissues of the patient). It is then stored in a laboratory for future use. Thus, implant of autologen ensures zero percent reactions from allergies to the patient. But, it displayed some demerits. The correction and duration of results were short, since the product degraded quickly in the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) – This is the best dermal filler available for lip treatments to date. Hyaluronic acid is a natural product produced in the skin. The HA products in dermal fillers are synthesized in a laboratory. They do not require a patch test and results can last from 4 to 12 months. Due to the price, longevity of the treatment results and lower associated complications, hyaluronic acid fillers dominate this market today.

Risks Associated with Lip Augmentation

Each type of filler may have different risks or more common adverse reactions. Below are some general complications you may experience when the lip is injected.

Bruising, redness and swelling are the three common reactions that you can experience after dermal filler therapy. Itching may occur after lip enhancement procedures. To avoid over filled, unattractive lips, the fillers need to be injected accurately by a trained clinician.

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Some of the Most Common Cosmetic Surgical Treatments

Cosmetic surgery is a surgical treatment people undergoing for enhancing their cosmetic appearance or beauty. A specialized doctor, cosmetic surgeon, performs the surgery on his / her patients. In other words, this surgical procedure corrects or reshape the face or body structure, and makes you look more attractive. It started as a treatment used to remove scars from the wounded soldier, but now has become a means to create a beautiful and attractive physical appearance.

Cosmetic surgery is often called Plastic Surgery. However, the full scope of plastic surgery is very different, even though many of the treatments we are talking about can also be provided by both specialties. Presently there are various surgical beauty treatments for facial and body improvements. Under the following subheading, we will be discussing some of the most common cosmetic surgeries, and a few facts related to these ways –

Cosmetic surgery is most common among the people between 40 and 50 years of age. Various surveys have revealed so. Another interesting study discloses that women use about ninety-one percent of all beauty treatments available, while the rest of the nine percent of therapies are popular among men. In the past ten years, the demand of aesthetic surgical treatments has risen to a new level. Further, according to another research, the most popular cosmetic treatment is breast surgery. Women go for breast enhancement, and men for reduction.

The use of laser treatment is rising. Laser therapy offers quick, (almost) painless, and accurate results, thus, is turning out to be a very popular procedure. When you choose the laser option, there is (often) no need of anaesthesia. Additionally, laser treatment takes less or almost no time to recover. The best part is, it is quite affordable in comparison to other traditional procedures.

Now, here are some of the most common cosmetic surgeries –

Rhinoplasty – When a patient requests repair, or desires to reshape their nose, the surgeon performs Rhinoplasty on him / her. The doctor circumspectly chisels and augments your nose, to get the desired shape. It is also known as Nose Reshaping Surgery.

Blepharoplasty – Also known as the aesthetic treatment for upper and lower eyelid, Blepharoplasty enhances the youthfulness of the areas above or below your eyes. The word Blepharoplasty derived from Greek word blepharon , means eyelid. So, the doctor while performing blepharoplasty tries to remove the defects and malformations of your eyelids.

Otoplasty – Otoplasty is a cosmetic solution for your ears, both surgical and non-surgical procedures may be involved in Otoplasty. The doctor creates and reshapes your external ears as desired by you.

Liposuction – Liposuction is a procedure in which a doctor removes the excess fat from your body parts, and helps you achieve a well-toned physique.

Apart from these, some other cosmetic procedures are Gynaecomastia or breast reduction; Mammoplasty or Breast Enhancement; Rhytidoplasty or facelift; Genioplasty or chin uplifting; Dermabrasion or wrinkle removal; hair transplantations; lip augmentation; cheek implant; and buttock lift.

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Environmental Benefits of Bag On Valve Aerosols

The Bag on Valve consist of a roled-up multi-layered flexible pouch attached to an aerosol valve. In the production of a product, compressed air or nitrogen is charged into the can, and an aerosol valve with the bag attached is crimped onto the container. The formulation is forced through the aerosol valve stem to fill the bag. When the spray button is pressed, the product is squeezed out the bag by the compressed air / nitrogen, which creates the dispensing as a spray, cream or gel.

As such, it is an ideal barrier pack for liquids, gels, creams and lotions, keeping high product integrity and protection against oxygen.

Due to environmental concerns, there is a move in North America away from aerosols and towards other packaging systems such as one of the Bag on Valve options. It is one option which allows the manufacturer to comply with current and future regulations, while maintaining their integrity of the products formula.


The unique system is developed to not only produce a superior spray dispensing system, but to reduce our ecological footprint through a sustainable packaging process. Compared to traditional aerosol spray technology (and other alternative packaging) aerosols have several benefits, for manufacturers, consumers as well as the environment.

Safety and environmental benefits:
No need for flammable propellants
Hygienic and sterile
Used with eco-friendly air or nitrogen
Less need for preservatives
Production & Environment

Bag on Valve technology is suitable for clean room production and medical products. Companies, incorporated the clean room manufacturing process into their packaging, so they can produce safe and sterile products for customers.

The advantages of Bag on Valve aerosols over the traditional propellant-mix systems fall into two distinct areas: the environmental and regulatory benefits and the usage and cost benefits.

From an application point of view, these include shaving gels, sun care protection, toothpaste, medicines, ear, nose and ophthalmic solutions, pet hair-less products. The trend today is for the use in technical products, products which potentially show greater efficiency and with less safety concerns. In addition to a much lower VOC content.There exists some very interesting food applications such as lemon juice, food flavorings, egg white and olive oils.

Bag on Valve is a technical product capable of delivering quality aerosol solutions with regards to a wide range of applications. In addition it is also ozone friendly and large recyclable. Being environmentally friendly, when combined with good formulation ideas and marketing skills could accelerate your business development.

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5 Reasons You Should Get Laser Hair Removal

In sunny cities like Miami, Florida, where it's basically summer all year long, going to the beach and laying by the pool is fairly common. In 80 degree weather, there's nothing better than putting on your bathing suit and taking a dip in the pool at least once a week. But going to the beach or pool once a week year round means it is important to have smooth, hairless skin at all times.

Whether you're going to be outdoors or not, having hairless skin is a great feeling. Waxing, shaving, and tweezing are annoying and can be extremely painful at times. Laser hair removal has become increasingly common among women and men all over the nation, especially in cities like Miami. We all want to look good and have smooth skin at all times of the year. No one wants to worry about shaving or waxing the morning before going to the beach. If you're thinking about getting laser hair removal, the following are the top 5 reasons to do so:

1. Save time – Many of us spend hours either shaving or going on our lunch break to get waxed. As a woman, I must say I spend at least an hour a week shaving, waxing, and tweezing. After getting laser hair removal, you eliminate the need to wax monthly or shave weekly. Now you'll have more time to relax next to the pool and get to the beach a little earlier.

2. Save money – At first, laser hair removal sounds a little pricey because it is permanent. But the lifetime cost of waxing and shaving most definitely adds up to much more than a few treatments. Do the math and take a look at how much money you'll be saving!

3. Have smoother skin – Removing hair through laser treatments will also give you extremely smooth skin at all times. Unlike waxing, there is no need to let the hair grow out in between treatments. Your skin will always be smooth and sexy!

4. Get rid of ingrown hairs – Ingrown hairs can be painful, uncomfortable, and unattractive. By removing hair with lasers, you will eliminate all ingrown hairs that are very common with shaving and waxing. No more having to worry about feeling insecure in your bikini!

5. Gain Confidence – With smooth hairless skin comes confidence. Having hair in unwanted places such as the back for men, or the face for women, can often cause insecurities. After just a few treatments, you will not have to worry about anyone seeing that unwanted hair!

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