This Is How Plus-Size Models Are Getting A Double Chin Removed

Double Chin Problem

The fat on any part of the body could be cleverly hidden by clothes. The problem is; we can not hide some parts of the body. Such parts include the face and neck. So the chin problem can not be hidden by clothes or anything else.

The double chin is caused by the accumulated fat in the chin area. By removing this excess fat, we can reshape the chin. Actually, we do not really need to hide the chin. We can remove it with the help of exercises or an advanced treatment.

Double Chin Removal Exercises

If you are a person with the double chin, do not worry anymore. Some easy exercises can help you reduce or remove the chin. These exercises include the jaw, neck, and chin movements. If done regularly, a person can succeed in removing the extra fat in the chin. Doing exercises costs nothing, and we can get wonderful results.

Double Chin Removal Treatments

The cosmetic dermatology has become very advanced in the recent years. There are many chin treatments available these days. The choice of the treatment depends on the nature of the chin. The list below tells us about the surgical and non-surgical treatment options for chin;

· Lipolysis

· Ultherapy

· Liposuction

· Ultrasound

· Coolsculpting

· Kybella Double Chin

Laser Treatment for a Double Chin

One of the best methods for chin removal is the laser treatment for double chin. Like all other laser treatments, the chin removal treatment is also safe for all skin types. The treatment is performed in small steps. In the first step, the treatment area is cleaned with alcohol. In the second step, a special gel is applied to the treatment area. In the third step, the treatment area is then exposed to the handheld laser device. The sound energy produced by the laser device is then converted to heat energy. This heat energy is needed to trigger the collagen production. Once the production of collagen starts, the skin keeps tightening over the period of next 2 to 3 months.

Benefits of Laser Treatment

Here, we will just discuss the laser treatment. We can say that the laser treatment for chin is a good option for those who want to have their chin removed without getting side effects and downtime. There are many benefits of the laser treatment. The list below represents some notable benefits of laser treatment.

· It is safe and secure.

· It has no downtime.

· It is easy to perform.

· It removes the fat easily.

· It has minimal side effects.

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Beauty Really Exists

Beauty. What is beauty? A question which has given all the philosophers, observers and wise men sleepless nights trying to provide a definition which suits all sorts. But beauty exists both independently and exclusively contradicting each definition that's been used to define it. Stating the word of Confucius: – “Everything has beauty but not everyone can see it.” Seems legit but even if it's true it does not stop everyone from developing their own ideas of beauty. Ideas that are convincing, ideas that are explainable and ideas that are appealing. And between all the assumptions, presumptions and preconceived notions beauty has definitely lost it's meaning. From being a delight to the soul, beauty, rather has become a weapon to condescend those who lie below the line of perfect curves, appealing color of skin, kind of hair or particular facial sets, a judgment based on practices begin by foul people with intentions of feeling superior just because they were blessed with the features mentioned above. And this definition of beauty has become a tactic to garner fame, attention, rewards, superiority and create illusion for it has been known that beauty is the most feasible delusion.

And this definition of beauty perceived by the opportunists has created a division among the society. The first being the one with perfect sets of body features claiming their superiority basing it on their luck of proper DNA arrangements and the others, that lay behind in this race living a life based on their dignity and their virtues still keeping them at the end of the line and leaving them wishing if they could be beautiful. My goal here is not to loathe people for being attractive but to analyze the concepts that have driven us all so far to a demeaning end. Quoting a famous author John Green: – “That's always seemed so ridiculous to me, that people want to be around someone because they're pretty. Words put together so well that it feels beautiful to read it at once. But the question is how many people get affected by these words and make amends in their lives. And here again I raised question to my own answers about beauty.

'Feels beautiful'. Is beauty an object to look and measure, is beauty a feeling to sense or is beauty an idea to endeavor? With every possible answer to existing questions we get more questions instead.

For a mother her child or for instance any child is beautiful as ever. For an artist who art speaks volume of his excellence beauty lies everywhere or anywhere. For a snake charmer beauty lies in the skin and eyes of snakes. For a psychopath beauty lies in the curves of his prey and how it trembles when he inflicts him of his fate. For an engineer beauty lies in the designs he create. For a doctor beauty lies in handing over the newborn newborn baby to her mother. For business beauty lies in the number game. For a model beauty lies on curves of her body and the look on her face.

So many ideas, feelings and explanations. And they somehow never seem to intersect.

According to famous poet John Keats: – 'A thing of beauty is a joy forever: it's loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness. ' I wish I could have oppose this statement because as am reading this I feel so many memories rushing back in support of this. Remembering the times when I hold a baby in my arms and it refuses to leave me holding me tight altogether. Seeing an older couple who by society's standards are either pretty nor rich holding hands while going on a walk. Getting a text from someone telling you that they love you and the curve it makes on your shoulders. You may confuse it all with love or affection but these are all things of beauty if my idea of ​​beauty is correct. I can literally think of so many instances and examples to support my claim. But this is not about convincing others about my idea of ​​beauty. This is an effort to put restrictions on evolving ideas of beauty cause sometimes some mysteries should never be unfold and some answers should never be told for as much as we deny it, we live for the surprises that comes our way. We live to find different forms of beauty.

For my closing argument or rather justification; let's, like everyone else in the past think of the origin of beauty. Perhaps the first men saw a rainbow after the heavy tornado and thought of giving a name to this feeling or view. And at the same time on a different place another man stood at the edge of the cliff and saw a sunrise. They both saw something whichave them joy and a feeling indescribable. So they brave it a name: beauty. And with years passing different people with different experiences drew their own ideas or assumptions or experiences of beauty into quotes, poems, songs and stories including those who tried to objectify beauty. Unfortunately those who objectified beauty has succeeded in the present times.

So when we look at all these definitions of beauty from the mediaeval ages to this present moment, there exists no possible explanation or definition to beauty. There is only exploitation of it for personal endeavors.

Perhaps this is where we are wrong at. Trying to define beauty. Ever since humans invented they have this urge to know and control everything. Trying to define everything always undermines the thing. Because no matter how much you try you'll always end up missing something. And when you miss something it haunts you. And right now when I am trying to force you to think about how wrong your idea of ​​beauty is, I am giving you another idea. While that is wrong and I myself will never reach to a perfect definition all I am trying to do is to take you at least an inch closer every time to what it actually is.

For more instances, As it is said 'Excellence is subject dependent on each person's preferences'.

On the opposite side with regards to maths there is dependably an answer that we are sure off which we can not neglect and we can not contend about, for example, 5 + 5 = 10, it is indicating that the output is 10 to everyone and nobody can think of an alternate answer, which implies that we consider things to be they are. Yet, when it is about the techniques we used to achieve the hypotheses which may contradict starting with one individual then onto the next, enabling the individual to consider speculations what he is not as others. When I need to do bungee jumping I Experience it in light of the fact that to me I imagine that it is not a hazardousous thing to do, while to numerous other individuals it may look to them as the most unsafe experience of life. So all things considered I would take after my feelings about this specific things and decimate the questions of others. A method for information is the reason by which we watch and take a gander at all things. For instance in the range of the learning, we now and again take a gander at the craftsmanship and attempt to comprehend it the way the craftsman clarified it however somewhere inside what truly matters is the initial introduction about it climate it's great or not and we endeavor to consider it shows up before our eyes.

In the event that an author was available in a seen it might be imprinted in his psyche with full element elements including its angles, while others may recall it by and large with poor points of interest or yet as it is an everyday ordinary seen . Visually impaired may rather upon his own touch rather than his non-existing sight, he will touch a great deal of things and his intuition will help him to see things and feel things more significantly than what an ordinary individual do as such a ton of times you see them have certain abilities that contrasts them and quench them from others.

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What Is the Role of a Flat Iron in Getting Straightened Tresses?

Craving for long straight tresses? You can get it in a jiffy using the flat iron. To protect your hair from the damage it is recommended to use the flat irons made from ceramic. You can even use the professional ceramic flat iron as well, which produces the infrared heat and negative ions for sealing in the moisture as you straighten the hair. With the use of proper styling, straightening techniques, and hair treatments you can protect your tresses from heat and keep it straight all day long. Here are steps to follow to get perfectly straight hair.

# 1. Prepping Hair for the Heat Treatment

  • Apply Shampoo and Conditioner: The first step to straightening your hair is applying a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner that is enriched with straightening or moisturizing ingredients. You can use the Alberto VO5, 2 in, 1 Moisturizing Shampoo + Conditioner which is infused with five vitamins, such as Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin H, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
  • Pat Dry Gently: After washing towel dry your hair gently without ruffling it to avoid excess frizz after showering.
  • Apply Heat Protection Serum: Apply the heat treatment while your hair is wet for easy spreading of the serum without creating any clumps. After application of the serum use a wide-toothed comb for spreading it gently all over it. It is best to use a product infused with Moroccan oil that can keep your hair straight all day long. Try the Moroccan oil Treatment Light. It is a versatile product that will protect your hair from the harmful effects of chemicals and heat. It is enriched with Moroccan oil, vitamins, proteins and argon oil that nourishes your hair and helps it to keep it straight, manageable and healthy all day.
  • Blow-Dry Hair: It is recommended to dry your hair with a blower before straightening it to avoid breaking off hair due to heat shock.

# 2. Straightening Your Hair with a Flat Iron:

  • Plug In The Flat Iron And Switch It On: Adjust the heat level according to your preference. Frizzy and thick hair needs a higher heat setting compared to thin and brittle hair.
  • Separate Your Hair in Sections: To make the process of straightening your hair easier and faster divide your hair into several sections of 1-2 inches thick each and clip it with the lobster clips. Next, pull out the flat iron through each of the sections of hair slowly. Begin by pinning up all the sections of hair behind the shoulders or on the top of the head. Next, take each of the sections of hair at the front of the shoulder for straightening it. Begin from the under layers and work your way outwards to the outermost layer of hair.
  • Place The Flat Iron Blades Close To The Hair Roots: To get the best results begin straightening your hair about 1 inch from the scalp.
  • Clamp Your Flat Iron Downwards: Make sure you do not clamp your hair too firmly as this can create a ridge on the topmost part of your hair where you begin straightening. Avoid holding the iron at the same place for too long to avoid ridge formation.
  • Run the Hair-Straightener Over Hair Sections Several Times: Depending on your hair thickness you have to use the iron blades once or multiple times. Carefully look at your hair from all the angles to ensure there are no kinks. Once you are done, run the boar of a bristle brush through the strands. Apply setting spray to keep your hair straight.

With the hair-straightening tips get the perfectly straightened gorgeous tresses you have long been waiting for.

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10 Beauty Benefits Of Cosmetic Cucumber Seed Oil

Cucumber seed oil is cold-pressed oil obtained from cleaned and dried cucumber seeds. Once the oil gets filtrated it results in a bright yellow colour with a slight aroma of fresh cucumbers. The oil contains approximately 14 to 20% of oleic acid and 60 to 68% of Omega-3 linoleic acid.

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Patriotism Through African Beauty

“There they are with body parts like everybody else. While they are being discriminated from the rest. A colour of their skin is always described as worse. While a continent of their origin is the best. The size of their hair is referred to as a sign of failure. When they have a leader is called a dictator. They were not meant to succeed in future. Now education has given them exposure…

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Natural Beauty Therapies To Add Shine To Your Hair

This article discusses the best steps to ensure you add shine to your hair and keep it healthy and strong. To really have beautiful shiny hair, you need to work from the inside out. That means what you are putting into your body.

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Smart Eye Shadow Hacks You Should Know

Gone are the days when you could simply rub some shadow on your eye lids and call it make-up. A lot has changed down the years, especially the beauty and make up trends.

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All About Hair Care

Hair care is the most important part of the day due to pollution and other related factors the nourishment and strength of the hair nowadays is a lot lower as compared to the older times. So here are some tips and tricks to guide you through the process of hair-care.

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Curly Hair: Tips and Tricks

Curly hair is found in almost a lot of population today. It is really difficult to take care of curly hair as compared to the normal hair. The basic thing we can do is take care of the scalp as the nourishment comes from the scalp and dryness in scalp leads to dull and damaged hair.

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Treat Your Hair Beautifully With Assurance and Care

Hair care is the overall term for the science of hair beauty treatment. Hair care procedures differ depending on an individual’s body characteristics and culture.

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Five Ayurvedic Tips for Glowing Skin

Ayurveda heals and protects your skin in the most natural way with no side effects and long and lasting impact. If you are tired of using synthetic products with harsh chemical ingredients, we have a few Ayurvedic beauty tips for you which are easy and simple.

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Pigments – Indispensable Part of the Cosmetic Industry

Pigments are intensely colored loose powders that are present in a big way in the cosmetic industry. They are being used as a basic ingredient while preparing the varied makeup products used to beautify a woman.

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Natural Face Pack for All Skin Types – Dry, Normal, Oily

Different face packs should be used for treating different kinds of skin. Use these home remedies which have natural ingredients that will rejuvenate your skin and make it fresh, smooth and clear. These are completely natural and this makes them suitable for all, especially those who are allergic to beauty products loaded with chemicals. If you wish to have that perfect glow on your skin, try these remedies and choose the face pack according to your skin type.

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When And How to Choose A Makeup Artist

Makeup artists are the magicians who can transform your face from “Nay” to “Yay” with their sleight of hand. Their dexterity in highlighting your beautiful features and enhancing the visual appeal of your face is something to hold in awe.

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The Latest Breakthrough in Cellulite Treatments

There are many reasons behind the accumulation of the fat in the body. Unhealthy food and lifestyle often become the causes of the accumulation of the fat. The cellulite problem also starts due to the accumulation of extra fat inside the skin. This fat pushes the skin outside and the skin appears bumpy.

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