Tips for a Healthier Looking Skin

The most important beauty tips for a healthy looking skin are water, lots and lots of water a day. Rest, get enough sleep time. Sunblock, no matter your skin tone or the season always wear sunblock.

Water, rest, and sunblock are the most common beauty steps. These three beauty basics should be part of your everyday routine. If they are not part of your daily lifestyle, go to your local store and get a bottle of water that you can carry around, add to the basket a sunblock SPF 30 or 50, preferably, and set up your bedtime where you get 8 hours of sleep.

After a week of water, rest, and sunblock routine, you will be ready to move to a deer and more focused skincare routine.

Tip # 1: Know your skin type: Normal skin, no dry spots, or excess shine. Dry skin, rough patches, tightness, and flakiness. Oily skin, slick feelings, and shine. Combination skin, oily in the T zone with areas of dryness.

Tip # 2: Use a cleanser every day in the shower. I recommend you The Clean Truth Foaming Cleanser from Ole Henriksen ($ 10- $ 30), perfect for all types of skin.

Tip # 2a: This is an extra beauty tip for all of those who want to go a little extra, get a Clarisonic (Mia1 – $ 129; Mia2 – $ 169). This facial cleansing brush is the perfect beauty tool for everyone, get the brush that works better for your skin type. I recommend you to get the Sonic Radiance Cleansing Brush Head if your skin is normal, dry, or a combination. If your skin is oily and you currently have acne get the Acne Cleansing Brush Head and for him get the Alpha Fit Men's Cleansing Brush Head removals oil.

Tip # 3: Use an anti-aging. At the age of 25, we start losing a percentage of collagen. Collagen, if you do not know, is the vitamin that prevents wrinkles and lines. My must-have product is the Genius Liquid Collagen by Algenist ($ 115). Two other products that I tried and still use are the Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate from Clarins ($ 89) and Truth Serum from Ole Henriksen ($ 48).

Tip # 4: Moisturize your skin day and night. Try the new Essential Energy line from Shiseido. Immerse your skin in hydration to counteract dullness, roughness, and the appearance of fine lines, while treating it to texture and fragrances that stimulate the senses. Essential Energy Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 20 is $ 48. You can use the Essential Energy Moisturizing Gel Cream ($ 48) during the day or at night; works amazing for dry skin.

Tip # 5: Rejuvenate your skin from the inside out with dietary supplements. I recently discovered two amazing supplements one liquid from Dr. Brandt and one in capsules from HUM Nutrition.

Triple Power Ingestible Water Supplement ($ 39) with green tea, white tea, and grape seed extract with concentrated polyphenols from Dr. Brandt add one dropper (1 ml) to your favorite beverage daily. This product helps to keep the complexion rejuvenated and restored.

Daily Cleansse from HUM Nutrition ($ 25) with green algae and detox herbs cleans your skin, liver, bowel, kidneys, and lungs.

Tip # 6: Face masks are an incredible resource to which we should appeal more frequently for a healthy looking skin. Depending on their components, a face mask will help you maintain a good level of hydration, cleanse your pores, and prevent the signs of aging while toning the skin.

Tip # 7: Always remove your makeup or clean your face before bedtime.

Incorporating these seven beauty tips into your daily routine only takes a few minutes but can brighten, tone your skin, and prevent the signs of aging.

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Tips to Staying Protected From the Sun During Summer and Spring

Finally, the winter is over. The sun is shining, and its fun playing under the sun. Staying outdoor to enjoy fresh air and produce some vitamin D can be very lovely during summer. As lovely as staying outdoor is, it can be very dangerous to the skin. Every second sunset under the sun damages the skin, leading to wrinkles, weathered appearance and aging of the skin. To maintain a youngger-looking skin, you need to be very careful when staying outdoors during summer and spring.

Tip 1 – Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Research has shown that some phytonutrients which are known as carotenoids which are the beautiful, rich and attractive yellow and gold color to vegetables and fruits effectively help in increasing the natural resistance of the skin to UV damages. When you eat fruits and vegetables a lot, you get enough carotenoids. Aside from increasing the natural resistance of the skin to UV damages, the carotenoids also add a golden hue to the skin so making the skin more attractive, healthy and nicely tanned.

Tip 2 – Practice Safe Sun Habits

There is nothing as lovely as sitting on the sand and enjoying the cold breeze from the ocean during a sunny day. As lovely as staying outdoors during summer is, one should avoid staying outdoors during the sun peak hours which is from 10 am till 4 pm. However, if you have to stay outdoors during the sun peak hours, it is very important to seek shades. When the sun is shining heavily, it is wise to find shelter under a big tree. Carrying an umbrella during summer is also a very smart move.

Tip 3 – Apply sunscreen

One of the best ways to protect the skin from sun damage is to use sunscreen. The best and number one choice for maximum protection is broad-spectrum sunscreens. It is not sufficient to just use any sunscreen, a broad-spectrum sunscreen that offers adequate protection from both UVA and UVB rays such as Aveeno Active Naturals, Protect + Hydrate Lotion , SPF 50 should be used. This water-resistant sunscreen fights the signs of aging, helps reduce irritation, and provides broad-spectrum SPF 50 protection. To facilitate good coverage, the sunscreen should be applied first and leave for about 30 minutes to ensure its absorption before the application of protective makeups.

Tip 4 – Wear Clothes That Covers the Skin

Also, it's crucial to cover up during summer. Wear loose-fitting, long-sleeve and dark-colored clothes to protect your skin from the aging effect of the sun. Yes, it's not comfortable wearing flowing robes at all times but the more you cover your skin, the younger your skin looks. The sun rays can penetrate through clothing, so it is advisable to choose thick, dark-colored clothing over thin, light-colored clothing. Wearing of hat protects the face and neck from the sun. It's advisable to go for thicker and tighter weave hats with dark colors.

Tip 5 – Wear Sunglasses

The eyes are very sensitive to UV rays. Both UVA and UVB rays are harmful to the eyes. It is highly recommended to wear sunglasses that have 100% UVA and UVB protection. This helps in avoiding cataracts and bad vision.

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The Best Highlight for Black Hair

The turn of a new season inspires a change in hair color so giving a new look. You might not want to change your hair completely but adding a little color might also do some magic. You can step your natural black hair up a notch by choosing the right highlights and color treatments perfect for your natural black hair. There are several highlight options which can be considered by people with dark hair. Here are some amazing highlight hues which you can consider after you have decided to perk up your black hair and switch your look.

  • For a subtler look, try soft purple highlight. The trick to achieving a chic, welcoming, cool and subtler look is to opt for purple highlights.
  • For natural looking waves, try soft brown highlight. Ever wish you could rock natural looking waves? Great news: You can! Soft brown or milk chocolate highlights are perfect for more natural looking waves. The fall unto rich black hair in a beautiful and amazing way. The combination looks classic, gorgeous and elegant at all times.
  • For a bold and confident look, try burgundy highlight . Nothing intimidates a man more than seeing a sophisticated lady who is bold and confident. You can achieve the hottest look by trying burgundy highlights. If you think you have the personality to pull this look off, you have to give the L'Oreal Paris Feria Power Reds Haircolor Blowout Burgundy a try. The burgundy highlight comes with a look of confidence, straightforwardness which feels relaxing as well.
  • For a vibrant look, try subtle red highlight . One amazing way to pull off a sweet and appealing look is to make your hair vibrant and shiny. This subsection red highlight looks great, especially on the straight hair.
  • For an extremely humble look, try jet blue highlight . Are you an introvert? Do you wish to change your look without drawing so much attention to yourself? This jet blue highlight is the perfect way to achieve your aim. It's dark and not so visible except in very bright places.
  • For an edgy look, try dirty blonde highlight . This highlight is perfect for short, curly hair. Just a little color can add so much to the personality of your hair.

How to Maintain Your Highlighted Hair

Whether you've chosen to highlight your hair at home or visit a professional colorist, one thing's for sure: It's important to take care of your color-treated hair to help preserve the life of your color and keep your hair looking and feeling its best . So, keep the following in mind when it comes to your hair care routine!

  • Switch to products for colored hair.
  • Shower in lukewarm water
  • Prep your strands before you use a heat tool.
  • Air dry your hair.

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