Why You Should Avoid the Sun After Laser Hair Removal

There are many precautions that people need to take before and after laser hair removal treatment. One of the biggest things that you need to avoid is sun exposure. Direct sunlight without any protective clothing or sunscreen can affect your treatment. Keep in mind that this also means avoiding tanning devices and self-tanning lotions.

Avoiding Sun Exposure before Treatment

When your skin has become dark due to tanning, the laser hair removal treatment becomes more difficult. The effect is the same regardless of whether the sun, a tanning bed or self-tanning lotion was used. This is due to the basic design of the laser, which targets dark hairs on lighter skin tones. Tanning reduces the contrast between the color of the skin and the colors of the hairs, reducing the treatments effectiveness.

Laser hair removal treatment uses a highly concentrated light beam that targets the follicles of unwanted hair. The light damages the follicle and destroys the hair when it is absorbed by the pigment. Tanning before the procedure will make the hair darker, and this makes it harder for the skin to absorb the laser light. As a result, you may find burns or abnormal bumps in the treated area.

Avoiding Sun Exposure after Treatment

In most cases, more than one treatment is needed for the treatment to be effective. This makes it even more crucible that you avoid the sun, especially in between treatments. Having a darker skin tone from tanning will still interfere with your ability to absorb laser lights during treatment.

Avoiding sun exposure is also recommended because the skin will be sensitive, and therefore may be prone to sun damage. Immediately after the procedure you may experience redness or swelling around the hair follicles. This is a sign that the laser treatment has been successful. In addition, your skin may look or feel like it has sunburned over the next few days as your skin recovers. Your skin should be reclaimed before exposing it to the sun.

How Long You Need to Avoid Sunlight

The length of time that you need to avoid the sun after laser treatment will vary a little bit. This usually depends on the amount and location of treatment, but your skin's sensitivity level should also be considered. Those experiencing intensive treatments in sensitive areas may want to protect their skin longer than someone who had a treatment performed on a less sensitive area.

Generally speaking, you should avoid the sun for several weeks. Some have suggested that it is wise to avoid the sun six weeks before and after laser hair removal, while others have suggested one month. Use caution to help you decide how long you need to avoid the sun and always use sunscreen to protect yourself. To learn more, contact us today and schedule a consultation.

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Reducing the Appearance of Spider Veins

When people get older, spider veins become more common. This problem does not mean an unsightly or embarrassing appearance. Typically, they will start to appear on your legs, which results in discoloration or bulges, changing your perfect appearance. Sclerotherapy treatments are one option that can help you reduce the appearance of spider veins, helping you to restore your youthful look.

What are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are closely related to varicose veins, which are veins that have become tangled or enlarged as blood pools within the vein. This is a common occurrence, as veins often lose elasticity as we age. This can diminish the valves in the vein, which then causes the blood to flow backwards. This may form bulges. Because of a lack of oxygen, the blood will appear as blue.

What you Can Do

These veins are not painful, but many people are concerned by their appearance. A treatment known as sclerotherapy helps by injecting the affected veins with a sclerosant. This concentrated solution helps to close down the vein and reroute the blood to healthy veins. The spider veins then begin to disappear.

The treatment is usually performed without anesthesia. Only mild discomfort is caused by the small injection needle. In some cases, you may need multiple treatments in order to achieve the desired results. The spider veins will disappear a few weeks after the treatments.

Most sclerotherapy patients will see a significant improvement on their visible spider veins. The treated veins will not reappear; however, you may develop new veins in the future.

Side effects are usually very mild, with only slight swinging or itching in the treated areas. In some cases, bruises may appear and then fade in about four weeks. Hyperpigmentation, or darker appearances in the occupied area, may also occur. This also usually fades in two to four weeks. If blood becomes trapped in the vein, this may need to be corrected with a small needle puncture a few weeks after treatment.

After Your Treatment

After your treatment, it is important to walk for at least 20 to 30 minutes per day. Compression hose may also be part of your treatment plan during the first week. You should avoid high-impact aerobic activities, such as jogging or running. Also avoid extended periods of inactivity.

During your treatment, you will notice that your veins look worse before they look better. The entire healing process takes about four weeks. For more information, contact your local plastic surgeon today.

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Ionic Treatment To Restore Damaged Hair

The quest for beautiful tresses has caused people to experiment with different types of treatments and solutions. As a result of these experiments, many have ended up with coarse and frizzy hair with the passage of time. There are many others, though, for whatever problematic hair is a biological problem. No matter what the reason is for your hair woes, you can take heart by the fact that there are a number of good options such as ionic treatment that can help you get the hair you've always wanted.

Ion hair treatments are being dramatically chosen in order to deal with hair woes. These treatments involve the use of products that use the principles of chemistry to deal with problematic hair and to alter its texture. In hair that is normal, there is a perfect balance of positive and negative ions. Damaged tresses, on the other hand, causes the hair to have positive ions and the balancing factor with the negative does not exist or is negligible.

Ion treatment involves using tools and therapies that emit negative ions that interact appropriately to balance out the charge. The end result is a beautiful and healthy mane. The following ion treatments are available to restore ion balance and get beautiful tresses.

Ion Flat Irons

The usual types of flat irons are non-ion models. In ion flat irons, however, negative ions combine with infrared heat to straighten and smooth hair extremely fast and without heat damage. The flat irons that emit these negative ions do so in a way that reconditions the hair shaft, distribute heat evenly and replenish the ion imbalance that might have earlier caused frizzy or rough hair. Ion flat irons are quite safe and can be used without worrying about further hair damage. After all, this is an option to treat damaged hair, and if used properly, will not cause further damage.

Ionic Hair Dryers

Negative ions that are emitted by ion hair dryers reseal the hair cuticle and restore hair balance by breaking down water molecules on wet hair and cause them to penetrate the hair shaft in microscopic particles. This leaves hair extra shiny as well as moist and healthy. All ion hair dryers are full of negative ion energy irrespective of their pricing. Therefore, this option is not limited to just an elite few who wish to have great hair. Get rid of your traditional hair dryer and opt for an ionic hair dryer to get beautiful shiny hair that will be the envy of everyone.

Ion Beauty Products

Creams and serums that aid in correcting the ion imbalance in the hair are available. These are best used in conjuction with ion flat irons or ionic dryers. While these products emit negative ions that get infused into your tresses with use, conditioners, serums, creams and other ion beauty hair products help to lock these ions into the hair. This advances the effect of the ion treatment and also aids in natural restoration of the hair's moisture level. The best way to find the right ion beauty product is to visit your stylist and get suggestions.

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Natural Beauty Tips and Tricks

Beauty is the jewelry of a woman which should never be under. We all love women and girls who are beautiful, either form inside or outside. Inner beauty is as important as outer, although nowadays we only believe in the outer one. A beautiful person is loved by everyone, even by his / her enemies. To enrich one's beauty, a lady can take up natural or synthetic methods. There are natural ways that enhance a woman's beauty but it takes some time and does not have any side effects whereas on the other hand, synthetic methods although give instant results but have negative side effects.


The synthetic methods can spoil one's skin and have some drastic effects on one's body. These days the synthetic methods are quite loyal but their effects can only be known afterwards.

The best natural beauty tips and tricks are:

• Oil Cleansing: Instead of using a harsh soap to cleanse your body use castor oil mixed with olive, almond or coconut oil. This is a natural way of cleansing one's skin using natural oils. You can rub a small amount of oil on your dry face for a few minutes. After massaging, wash your skin with steamy water and gently wipe them.

• Natural Bronzing: Natural bronzers enable healthy skin and body. It helps in giving a shiny skin by keeping the epidermis healthy.

• Facial Mask: The food facial mask is better than any other synthetic mask. Papaya and orange peels are better than the artificial ones. Keeping cucumbers on eyes, provides cooling as well as relaxation.

• Hair Conditioners: Blend avocado with banana and water and condition your hairs with it. It will give smooth and bouncy hair, rich in proteins. These hair conditioners are healthy and more powerful than artificial ones. Instead of shampoos use the natural hair conditioners.

• Sugar Scrub: Put a mixture of brown and white sugar mixed in almond or olive oil on your skin. Gently rub the mixture on your face and keep it there for some time. The glucose and fructose will not metabolize fat cells and get you a smooth and even skin.

• White Teeth: Strawberries are the best way to cleanse your teeth and whiten them. A paste of baking soda and strawberries gives an effective and natural white teeth.

These are some of the best natural beauty tips and tricks which will enhance your beauty manifold. They will bear positive results, which no artificial tips and products can get.

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DIY Homemade Flaxseed Gel For Curly Hair

Flaxseed hair gel is an inexpensive, natural hair product that is best suited for curly hair. It moisturizes and defines curly hair without creating crunchiness or stiffness. Also known as linseed, flaxseed comes from a fiber crop known as Flax. It contains Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin B1, dietary fiber and so much more! Some people call it the wonder food because it aids in lowering the risk of cancer.

Fortunately, you can also use it for a little sustainable vanity too in preparation hair gel. Moreover, you have the option of adding several other ingredients to your homemade flaxseed hair gel as a way of customizing it to suit the particular needs of your hair.

This DIY process is very simple and takes less than 7 minutes. When refrigerated, Linseed / Flaxseed lasts over 2 weeks or longer with added preservatives. You may also freeze it for later application.



• 1/3 cup golden flaxseeds
• 1/5 drops tangerine oil
• 1/3 tablespoon citric acid
• 1/3 cup Aloe Vera
• t tablespoon honey
• 2 cups water


1. Soak the golden flaxseeds overnight. The purpose of this is to increase gel yield, cooking time and the ease of training. Note that this step is optional but recommended.

2. Combine water and flaxseeds in a saucepan and turn heat to high, stirring. Stir in Epsom salts, although this is also optional.

3. Continue to stir until the mixture comes to boil. Turn the heat to medium as soon as the mixture's consistency changes to a thin, foamy jelly.

4. When the flaxseeds became suspended in the jelly instead of sinking to the bottom of the saucepan, remove from heat and drain well through a strainer into a bowl.

Note that the pot should be rinsed immediately to avoid encountering difficulty cleaning it later.

5. Stir in a conservative once the mixture cools slightly. (Optional). Add any preferred ingredients such as Aloe Vera gel, tangerine oil, citric acid, butters and honey.

6. Whisk the mixture so as to break up any remaining clumps and combine the ingredients well. Also, the flaxseed gel should attain egg white consistency.

7. Pour the mixture into a container.

8. Your flaxseed hair gel is now ready for use. Store it in your refrigerator for maximum shelf-life and optimum performance.

The best thing about this gel is that it costs a mere fraction of the price of anything you'll buy from stores and it works just as well, in fact, even better on curly hair.

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Quick And Easy Skin Whitening Tips

Many people nowdays use skin whitening creams. These skin whitening creams are not healthy for the skin, instead of using these skin whitening creams one should use natural things to make your skin healthy and glowing. There are many tips by which you can easily protect your skin from the ultraviolet sunrays. Following are some tips:

Skin Whitening Face Wash

Personally, I will recommend not to purchase the fancy and expensive face washes from the market. Why? Because, now you can easily prepare an extremely beneficial and good face wash at your home by yourself with the use of natural ingredients. These homemade face washes are highly beneficial for the skin and they add beauty to your skin as well as make it glowing and fresh.

Skin Whitening Facials

We all know this fact very well that the skin on our face is highly sensitive and delicate, it needs care, attention and time to make it healthy. It needs whitening inside and out. So, to make your skin, healthy and beautiful, you must use the following organic items collectively by mixing them and make a paste of it and apply it on the face to get the ever glowing results.

Raw Milk
Lemon juice
Mud mask
Rose water, etc.

Skin Whitening Drinks

There are many whitening creams which are not of good quality, so to avoid any damage from them to your skin, you must include these drinks in your daily diet. These drinks help in performing the functions of facial creams.

Drink a glass of cold milk before sleeping.

Drink a glass of water mixed with honey first when you get up in the morning.

Truth About The Skin Creams

Every girl wants to have a fair, clean and glowing skin. For these they try different products for skin brightening. Some of these products are very much beneficial and expensive as well. Because they are the branded products. While most of the products that are available in the market are commonly are not that good as they claim to be.They just catch the attention of the customers through advertisements and when the customers purchase the products the results are not at all beneficial. These products can even harm the skin and leave marks and spots on it as well.

It is a well-known fact that the glowing skin is the result of proper care and treatment. And one of the best ways to take care of your skin is to know that how to make your skin tone better. These approved branded skin whitening creams do just like that; they make your skin tone better, fresh, glowing and white.

So even before you chose to consider the foundation or base for the skin or covering up the dark circles from the foundation, find out which of the best skin whitening creams customers can not live without, and which ones they tossed in the trash.

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Aloe Vera Gel And Its Advantages

Nature harbors cure for various diseases. One of the most wonderful gifts of nature is an Aloe Vera plant. This plant is often known as a miracle plant owed to its healing effects. It contains various minerals & vitamins ingredients that makes it a perfect healer of various diseases. Due to its curing nature, it finds tremendous usage in various medicines.

Owing to its healing properties, various beauty products making companies as well as pharmaceutical companies are using Aloe Vera to manufacture their products. These products are very popular in various portions of the world due to the fact that this does not show any side effect. It is basically an herb & rich in various minerals, vitamins & acids. These minerals & vitamins have the healing properties. This curing nature makes it a perfect healer for various skin & hair related diseases.

One of the most popular product that is widely demanded in various parts of the world is the Aloe Vera Gel . It is basically developed using this herb along with some other natural ingredients. It is basically used in curing various ailments of the skin. It acts as a perfect shield to UV rays of the sun & helps protect the epidermis from its harmful effects.

The aloe Vera gel contains various vitamins & minerals. These minerals & vitamins help in providing nourishment to the injured cells of the epidermis. This nourishment timely results in the proper healing of the injured cells. It also acts as a cleaning agent. It is an excellent moisturizer & helps in preventing the skin from getting dry. Apart from this, it also helps in controlling the action of collagen. It is the chemical agent that makes the skin darker. So, by applying this gel, you can easily control its action. Regular use of this will help in getting a glowing skin.

The Aloe Vera hair gel is also gaining high popularity due to its high healing properties. It is considered as an excellent cure for various hair related diseases. The minerals & vitamins present in this herb work as an excellent conditioner. These provide moisture and make the hair stronger & silky. Apart from this, its application on the skull helps in controlling excess oil. It also regulates the blood supply to the roots, so providing you stronger mane.

The main advantage associated with aloe vera gel is that it is a natural product. It is basically an herb & shows no side effects. You can use it on a longer basis in order to get healthy skin as well as stronger hair.


Aloe Vera is considered as a miracle plant due to its healing properties. The beauty products making companies as well as some pharmaceutical companies are using it in its products because of its curing nature. The vital minerals & vitamins complexes are perfect to cure various ailments of the body.

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Ways to Keep Your Armpits Nice And Dry

Sweating is a mechanism by which human body loses heat produced either due to a rise in environmental temperature or some inner body mechanism. Sweat though is sterile but when it mixes with bacteria present on the skin's surface causes bad body odor or BO. Whatever the reason, one can not deny the fact that sweating is important but to prevent moisture and odor, one must resort to some practices so that it does not cause any public embarrassment.

The condition gets worse in hot and humid conditions wherein sweat does not evaporate easily. Also, less air circulation in this area makes things difficult. Luckily it can be checked with some natural methods. Here is how you can cur the wet underarm menace.

Apple cider vinegar / lime juice
Just apply any one of the two mentioned above before you sleep. Rinse it in the morning when you take a shower.

Baking Soda
Body odor is caused by bacteria which is present normally on our skin. Just sprinkle some baking soda to kill the odor causing bacteria. This will prevent wet underarm problem too.

Tomato Juice
Eating some veggies can help you in fighting over sweating. A cup of fresh tomato juice every day can overcome the problem.

Hydration is important. With sweat, you lose a lot of water from the body. Drink plenty of it to replenish the loss. It lowers body temperature and you sweat less.

Aloe Vera
Take a freshly cut aloe vera leaf. Cut it from the center and rub it with soft hands on the armpits. It cools down the area and thus reduces sweating. No sweating, no wetness.

This has got some astringent properties making it an apt remedy for that underarm sweating. Add some water to camphor to make a paste and apply it on the underarms.

Mix cornstarch and baking soda in 1: 1 ratio. Pat it on your armpits. It works like a deodorant.

There are a few more things that you must remember while trying to cur the wet armpits issue.

Some Do's

– Remove underarm hair growth with wax or razor. It will reduce sweating.
– Make use of antiperspirants and not deodorants to keep skin dry and feeling nice. You can also use baby powder.
– A well-balanced diet is necessary to reduce sweating.
– Sage tea is good. Drink it in the evening.
– Cold water shower is helpful. Avoid hot water showers.
– To avert sweating, it is important that you wear clothes that can breathe. Some of the skin-friendly fabrics include cotton.
– People who sweat profusely can make use of dress shield or underarm pads.
– Lose weight. People who weigh more are known to experience more sweating.

Some don'ts

– Avoid stress. Sweat glands go on an overdrive due to stress and you sweat more.
– Caffeine present in teas and coffee activates sweat glands making them sweat more. Avoid them, if you suffer from excessive sweating.
– Do not eat onions, garlic, broccoli, cage. These contain sulfur and contribute to body odor.
– Control emotions like anger and excitement. This too may cause over-sweating.

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Homemade Recipes For Whiter Skin

Most girls dream of becoming the center of attraction, be accredited like a goddess and have the beauty of a beauty queen. They always say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but with the modern generation today, beauty is a prerequisite to catch the eyes of the beholder. This dream of becoming beautiful will not be possible if you have sunspots on your face, brown patches on the skin, dark spots, freckles acne marks, dark underarms and most of all, you do not have a fair and flawless skin.

I know what and how you are feeling right now, and going to a facial expert will be costly for some so I want to share some tips on how to get white skin naturally. We all know that dull and dark skin can be caused by the environmental pollution, dry skin, poor lifestyle choices, a medical condition, overexposure to the sun, and a prolonged use of cosmetic products which are chemical-based.

With the tips that I will share, you will no longer need to buy some expensive skin-lightening creams and lotions just to have a fair skin. Remember that such products contain harmful chemicals that can totally damage your skin. Here are some ways on how to get whiter skin naturally by using some of the most common raw ingredients that can really help you, less with the expenses.

1. Yogurt. It is a by-product of milk that contains many nutrients that are good to the skin and a lactic acid that has a bleaching property. It can be used in many different ways that are suitable for all skin types:

a. Rub the plain yogurt onto your skin gently then leave it there for a few minutes. Then wash it thoroughly with lukewarm water. Do this once on a daily to have best results.

b. Another is by mixing 1 tbsp. of plain yogurt with t tbsp. of honey. Then apply the mixture on your neck and face. Leave it there for about 10-15 minutes and then wash it thoroughly with water. Doing this daily can improve your complexion and skin tone.

c. In making a paste, all you have to do is to try adding some oatmeal and a little lemon juice to the yogurt. You can now use it as a face mask. This paste can help in keeping your skin moisturized and supple.

2. Oranges . It is one of the fruits that are rich in vitamin C that is said to be the most important ingredient in skin care. This fruit has a bleaching property also that lighten the skin tone.

Regular consumption of fresh orange juice can improve the texture of skin and its suppleness as well. You can use this fruit in lightening your skin in two different ways:

a. By making a paste that is made by combining a pinch of turmeric powder and two tablespoons of orange juice. Apply this paste on your face and neck as well as to your hands and legs before going to bed. Let it stay there overnight, and then wash it off in the morning. Do this on a daily basis.

b. By grinding the dried peels into powder. Then mix a tablespoon of the powdered peels with a tablespoon of yogurt in making a paste. After making the paste, apply it on your skin and leave it about 15-20 minutes before rinsing it thoroughly with water. This can help in lightening dark spots on the skin and other marks on your face. This can be done once or twice a week.

3. Gram Flour. It is one of the best raw ingredients that lighten the skin complexion because it has a variety of nutrients that help in keeping the skin healthy and vibrant. You can use it by

by mixing some gram flour with a very small amount of rose water, if not available. Then apply the paste onto your face, legs and hands. Leave it there until it dries completely then wash it with water thoroughly. Do this every other day to remove all the excess oil from your skin and to retain the natural moisture of the skin.

4. Aloe Vera Gel. It is already proven that this can alleviate the skin pigmentation and can restore the skin's usual color. Aloe Vera's cooling effect can also help in regenerating the new cells and in building the damaged tissues which is very necessary to have a healthy skin. This can eliminate dark spots, can whiten the underarms , and can improve the overall skin. To do this, just cut the leaf of the aloe Vera plant and squeeze out the thick and jelly substance then apply it onto your skin. Leave it there for 25-30 minutes and wash it thoroughly with water.

Probably, these tips on how to get whiter skin naturally have helped you. Next time, we will share again some new recipes how to get whiter skin . To be beautiful does not mean you have to spend a lot, because now you can already make your own home-made beauty products.

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Leave The Bags at Home – Your Complete Clear Eye Strategy

If you do not have clear eyes, as well as being not the look you are after, there can be several health related reasons for having puffy inflamed eyes or dark circles around your eyes. There are some cases where dark circles are just a fact of life, if you are of Indian or African decent then dark circles under your eyes can be heredity and there really is nothing safe that you can do to eliminate them. However if your puffy or dark circles eyes are not down to genetics then there are some things that you can do about them.

Do you like salty foods? If yes, then watch your salt intake. It does not take much salt to start causing health issues and to make your eyes look awful. Sodium and water retention go hand in hand and water retention is one of the main causes of puffy eyes so you can see why you may need to cut back on your salt intake. This does not just mean the salt that you add to your food, sodium is added to almost all processed foods to add flavor. If you eat a lot of processed foods then it would definitely pay to monitor your sodium intake. Reduced sodium may help remove your puffy eyes but will also help your overall health to improve. Ironically you can use salt to sooth eyes. Simply dissolve a teaspoon of salt in some warm water and dip a cotton ball into the saline solution and gently dab around the eye area. Be careful not to get the solution in the eye itself as it will sting.

Having just said that water retention is a cause of puffy eyes … water is also your friend when it comes to reducing puffiness and bags under your eyes. While it's true that you do not want to retain excess water, it is also important that you drink enough water to stay properly hydrated. It is imperative that you are consuming enough water and general consensus is 6-8 glasses of water a day. Water ensures that your organs are operating optimally. Water also helps you eliminate toxins and it keeps your circulation going. Without enough water you will not only have puffy and dehydrated eyes, you could suffer from organ failure.

Eat your greens … and your yellows and reds, in other words, add more fruit and vegetables to your diet. By eating a well-balanced diet, you may not even get puffy eyes and dark circles around your eyes in the first place. Although if you do find that you are getting them, quickly up your intake of fruit and vegetables and you will most likely eliminate puffy eyes and dark circles entirely. Focus on foods that ensure that you are getting the full range of vitamins and nutrients, particularly vitamin A, C, and E. Not only will your eyes not have bags but they will look bright and alive, which is definitely what you are after.

There are home remedies, like using cucumber slices over the eyes. Cucumber is calming and it feels wonderful. Tea bags, in particular, Camomile tea bags are a simple trick that you can use to reduce infection and irritation especially during hay fever season or after a late night. Caffeinated teas help constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling. Most people have Mint growing in their gardens so you can try this simple home-made eye treatment to relate dark circles under the eyes. Just crush your mint leaves into a light paste and apply to the affected area for 15 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. Haemorrhoid cream was a very popular remedy for puffy eyes and dark circles around the eyes, in the early 90's, although there is a risk that Haemorrhoid cream could cause additional irritation so if you are going to try this remedy, be very careful as the skin around the eye area is extremely delicate.

There are eye creams and other natural remedies that can also assist in maintaining beautiful eyes. Foliage Cucumber Eye Gel is a calming and moisturizing twice daily treatment that also boosts hydration levels around the eyes to help reduce fine lines.

Puffiness around the eye area can be a result of your lymphatic drainage system not working optimally. A sluggish Lymphatic system is quickly reflected in the eye area. There are some wonderful self-massage techniques that you can do daily that can assist with this problem. These lymphatic drainage exercises are excellent at keeping the under-eye area clear and smooth and they also assist with headaches and mucus problems that you can experience particularly during spring.

This is a great YouTube video on how to do your own daily lymphatic massage. It is advertised for over 50's age group but believe us, no matter how young or old you are, this massage technique will leave your eyes glowing. https://youtu.be/7H9YrjCv8BI

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Beating Cellulite The Natural Way

Cellulite is a problem that many women face, even if obesity is not a problem for them. Clumps of uneven fat accumulate over time, and end up making your skin surface to appear bumpy and uneven. This can be embarrassingly visible, especially on your thighs, hips, breasts, upper arms and lower abdomen.

While obesity is just one cause for developing cellulite, there are other contributing factors such as age, lifestyle and body weight. If you are one amongst the many women for whom this is a problem, you will definitely be aware of the many pills and creams available in the market which promise to reduce cellulite very easily, but which actually does little to resolve the problem. Some creams do work, but these need to be complemented by some effort from your side, so as to get the best results.


Working out is very essential if you are to get rid of cellulite. It is a known fact that excess body fat tend to accelerate cellulite deposits. Therefore, burning excess body fat, and keeping your metabolism running smoothly, will help deal with this problem.

Resistance training and cardio exercises are especially helpful. Joining a gym and working out under the guidance of a trained instructor will help you to a large extent. If, for some reason, you are unable to go to a gym, make it a point to take a brisk walk for about an hour each day. Walking uphill is preferred, and tends to give better and quicker results.

Eat Right

The correct balance of nutrition is necessary if you are to help your body stay healthy, and thenby get rid of excess fat. A balanced diet that includes a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, will contribute to overall well-being, and will also aid in boosting your metabolism.

Increase your intake of fiber as this will add to a great extent in assisting the removal of cellulite from within. Cut out on fast foods and processed foods as most of these contain bad fats that accumulate in your body.


Regular massages of the affected area are very important. You might be working out, eating a balanced diet, and even drinking a lot of water. However, you do need to get your blood circulating to the affected area, and this requires massages.

There are a number of massage creams that are good in dealing with cellulite. Cocoa Butter creams are especially useful. You can also make use of Olive Oil if you can not lay your hands on Cocoa Butter. Make sure you massage your skin at least once a day, and follow this up with dry body brushing for the best results.

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Enhance Your Natural Beauty With Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting

If you are fed up with having to make make-up every single day to your eyelashes or eyebrows, then eyebrow and eyelash tinting using cosmetically tested tints and dyes may be one of the solutions to your problem. Professional tinting is quick, safe and effective, and is now one of the most popular permanent beauty treatments available. Eyebrow and eyelash tinting is a great way to enhance your natural beauty, without having to spend a fortune on cosmetic treatments.

Professional tinting is a good way to enhance the contrast between the color of your hair and the color of your irises. This simple step will help to make your eyes more eye-catching, and will really allow you to stand out in a crowd. Your beautician will help you to choose the right shade of tint to have the maximum effect based on your natural eye color. The treatment can have stunning effects, regardless of what color your eyes are naturally.

Saving time on this aspect of your beauty routine will also allow you to have more time to do other things that are important to you, whether they are spending time with your friends or family, spending a little longer in bed every morning, or spending a bit more time on other important areas of your health and beauty regime. As well as giving you more time to spend elsewhere, not having to worry about this aspect of your beauty regime every day will also help you to feel less stressed. Reductions in mental stress levels also present themselves physically, meaning that you will look calmer, more refreshed and more naturally beautiful.

Eyelash tinting also works with the assets that you already have, and enhancements those assets, rather than completely changing a physical aspect of your body. Because tinting only allows a certain degree of color change, it is designed to work with the person's natural look, rather than battling against it. This means that eyelash and eyebrow tinting complements existing natural beauty.

Eyelash tinting is a safe and thoroughly tested procedure which can be used by almost anyone, unless they have a known allergy to any of the product components. Because this is a no-stress, quick and easy procedure, more and more women are now choosing to have tinting done. It is well worth asking your beautician about how the process can help to enhance your natural beauty, so that you too can see the benefits of this treatment.

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How to Select the Best Salon for Your Bridal Makeup

1. You should not solely rely on salon advertisements and its punch-lines blindly. You may consult your close friends or collections, when it comes to choosing the right parlor for your marriage-makeup.

2. You should not get swept away by just looking at the lavish decoration or outer embellishments of a salon. It is important to keep other factors in mind such as; cleanliness arrangements, technical facilities and service quality, provided in a parlor to select the best one.

3. To be on a safer side, it is advisable to visit the parlor with extra time in-hand. Beauty services done in hurry seldom emerge as good, and make you create a wrong notice about the concerned salon in your mind, which is not fair too.

4. Choose a parlor according to your personality – the one which understands your views and views too in an amicable way. This understanding between both will help you avail them of their service in a better way.

5. Although it is important to keep your budget in mind while choosing a salon, but if splurging a bit more gives you a chance to look like a 'celebrity bride', there is not any harm in doing that – after all marriage happens only once in a lifetime.

6. Please keep in mind that your chosen salon observes cleanliness and neatness before and during the services. Scrutinize if they use fresh towels, head-bands, combs along with sterilized blades and needles; as repeated usage of these items can lead to infections and can be otherwise dangerous too.

7. Check for the availability of an Expert Consulting Doctor in the salon, as including the aesthetic approach (skin and hair), he will also take over your diet term and suggest you a diet plan that will not only maintain your weight but infuse a healthy and natural glow on you too.

8. Look out for the one which is technology-savvy and hence uses advanced and latest equipment for beauty treatments. Treatments such as; Laser, Derma Abrasion needs specific equipment which has to be there for their implementation.

9. You should exam if they keep and use quality cosmetic products which suits you and cause no harm. As, usage of cheap and low-cost beauty products may hamper your skin and hair both, which is not acceptable.

10. Last, but not the least. It is recommended to choose a salon with expert skin, hair and fashion consultants not to lag behind in any aspect of your nuptials; be it choosing the best wedding trousseau, latest jewelery, suitable makeup for your skin or perfect hair-do. These specialists make sure to endow you with the best of all for you to realize your 'dream-wedding'.


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How Water Hardness Can Negatively Affect Hair

Hard water occurs when there is a relatively high concentration of ions such as magnesium, calcium, and iron that have been dissolved in the water as it passes through the atmosphere and the ground towards municipal collection facilities. These ions can create a number of problems in the home when exposed to heat and water including lime scale deposits on bathroom fixtures, appliance damage, detergent and soap problems, scum buildup, dry or itchy skin, and issues with hair. The extent of the problem is usually dependent on the amount of ions that are present in the region's soil and most people who stay in the Midwest seem to have more issues with water hardness than those who live on the Coasts. In order to resolve problems with hard water hair, it is important to have a basic understanding of how it occurs.

Human hair is made up of a protein that is known as keratin. The hair originates from special structures called follicles that are located in the lower layers of the skin. The segment of hair that is visible is known as the cuticle and it consists of overlapping layers of dead keratin that are stacked on each other like the shingles on a house. The cuticle is designed to protect the more sensitive and softer inner segments of the hair referred to as the cortex and medulla. The problems that arise with hair, when hard water exists in the home, are primarily the result of the effects that hardness causing ions have on detergents. When these ions interact with soap molecules, they form salts that are deposited between the layers of dead keratin that make up the cuticle. This causes the layers to protrude outward making the hair feel rough and making it harder to untangle. Decreased lathering of the soap can also make it harder to wash away and can lead to soap scum deposits that make the hair feel brittle.

Over the years, shampoo and conditioner manufacturers have become better about creating products that are capable to withstand the effects of hardness causing ions. They do this by replacing the surfactants commonly found in natural soaps with chemicals like that of sodium lauryl sulphate, ammonium laureth sulphate, and others. In addition, many of these companies add special lathering agents that are capable to work in most types of water regardless of the presence of hardness causing ions. While the addition of these chemicals does make the shampoo and conditioner easier to use in cases where hard water is the issue, they also remove the natural oils that help create shiny and strong cuticles. To counteract this, it is recommended that a conditioner be used to replace the oils. While this does help, it is not as effective at strengthening the cuticles as natural oils would be.

One of the best alternatives to using shampoos and conditioners that contain harsh chemicals like those listed above is to purchase and install a water softener that is capable of removing hardness causing ions before the water enters the home. There are many different types of softening systems available today, but the most popular product is known as a salt-based system. These softeners are generally designed using two tanks that work together to pull hardness causing ions out of the water and wash them away using a concentrated salt solution. Not only does a softener work to eliminate the hard water hair issues that are commonly arise in areas of high ion concentration, but they also protect appliances from damage and ensure that scale deposits do not form on metallic surfaces. While a softening system can be costly to purchase and install, the benefits that come with such a product usually off the high price tag.

In addition to having a water softener installed in the home, individuals can help alleviate problems with the hair by using a chelating shampoo that is specifically designed to remove the salt accumulations that form over time. Many companies use the terms neutralizing and clarifying to indicate that a product is a good one for removing residual. In general, it is recommended that such products be used sparingly and only when necessary because they also strip natural oils from the hair and can cause the hair to become weaker. When using a chelating agent, it is a good idea to follow it up with a conditioner that is able to replace some of the oils that were removed. Homeowners can also contact professional water softeners in their area to find out what their recommendations are for eliminating hardness causing ions.

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Shopping for Shampoo? Make Sure You Stay Away From These Six Harmful Ingredients

Here, I present to you the shortlist of six harmful ingredients commonly found in shampoos that supposedly make your hair look “good” but in actuality harm it for the long term:

1. SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). Do you love foamy shampoo? It's the SLS that is responsible for all those suds. It may seem cool or even helpful, but the lather it produces is actually chemical-based. It can strip the essential oils from your hair and in turn makes hair unhealthy.

2. Synthetic colors. It may make sense for a citrus spotted or infused shampoo to take on a yellowish color, but having a hue does not really do anything. It's just a marketing gimmick. What it does, however, is to expose your hair to artificial colors laced with color pigments. These can cause scalp irritation and skin sensitivity.

3. Synthetic fragrance. Unlike a natural hair shampoo, synthetic fragrances can be any combination from more than three thousand different kinds of chemicals used to produce the desired scent. Any type of combination may cause irritation or scalp problems.

4. Dimethicone. This synthetic polymer gives you that silky soft appearance that makes it easy to comb through tangle hair. But all that coating is a chemical additive that not only causes irritation but also the exacerbation of acne, since it can clog pores. All makers of natural ingredients shampoo (even natural facial cleansers for sensitive skin know how bad for the skin dimethicone is!

5. Parabens. What makes shampoo long-reflecting is good for the manufacturer but bad for the user. Parabens are in charge of giving shampoos a longer lease on life, but they also have a toxic nature. Apart from any form of contact irritation, this harmful ingredient can even upset your hormonal balance, resulting in hair loss (among others).

6. Sodium chloride. Otherwise known as table salt, this ingredient gives a shampoo the thick consistency that makes it easy to spread across your whole head of hair. You may feel that you are getting more bang for your buck, because a little product goes a long way. But in reality, spreading all that salt on your hair can encourage dryness and the development of an itchy scalp. This is also especially bad for people who undergo hair keratin treatments, as sodium chloride will undo the good effects of the rather expensive treatment.

The bottom line is, it pays to be vigilant through knowing what goes on in the products that we put on our bodies – in this case, the hair. You might enjoy the short-term so-called “benefits” of a shampoo laden with these chemicals (smells nice, lathers easily, makes hair shiny, etc.) but in the long run you bought not be surprised to see that, please all your shampooing, you still end up with dry, damaged and unhealthy hair.

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