Permanent Facial Hair Removal for Women – Best Face Hair Removers

Facial hair in men is seen as a manly feature. Facial hair on women is seen as manly as well. But who wants to be seen that way? Not one woman on earth. If you are one of the many women who struggle with facial hair, do not worry, you are not alone and there are things you can do about it. Fortunately for us, there are numerous methods you can use to remove your face hair permanently. Before having a look at the availability of techniques, you should probably know that there are two types of hair that grow on the face. One type is light and difficult to see; the second type is dark thick visible hair.

Permanent face hair removers

Suppose you have bushy eyebrows and you want to make them look better and tame, the best option for the perfect arched eyebrows is plucking. By removing hair one at a time, you make sure you create the design you want. Although it is not permanent, you only need to do it once every fifteen days. You only need to buy a good pair of tweezers, which are never expensive. Plucking is fine for the eyebrows; it is not an effective method for the light hair on your face.

An efficient method for the hair removal is waxing. Although not permanent, this technique will provide good results. You need to assess your tolerance to pain before going for a wax because waxing can be painful.

The last and most effective method is laser hair removal. This procedure is permanent and you will not have to worry about facial hair anymore. What the laser does is to weaken the hair follicle; within a couple of sessions the follicles are no longer able to hold hair and therefore it does not grow back. You need to make sure the follicles are sterile so they do not have a chance of growing hair again. The great aspect of laser hair removal is that you will get permanent results. The drawback though, is that the sessions can be expensive and you may need one or two sessions every month. As I see it, laser is an investment if you have a lot of facial hair.

You do not need to be embarrasseded anymore. Choose the most appropriate method to get rid of your facial hair forever and face the world confidently.