I am a woman with quite a huge amount of hair. Nothing to be proud of really, but that's how I was made and I have to accept it. When I was younger, people almost laughed at me for my body hair. Now those days are over. I was doing research the other day and I decided to compare all the different options available to get rid of my leg hair. I have to say I was quite puzzled when I read about all the different techniques and their advantages and disadvantages. So I called a friend to help me analyze the varied alternatives available in the market. Here's what I found.

Elucidating the puzzle

I needed to understand and make up my mind as to what to do with my leg hair! Here are the options:

– Shaving: this could be one of the fastest ways to get rid of hair, but is it really effective? Of course not. It is a hassle. Once you start shaving, your hair will grow back up within the next three or four days. It is time consuming, though your legs will look as smooth as silk, but not with permanent effects. This should be out of the list.

– Epilation: not a bad choice but still not with long lasting effects. You might probably have to do it every 15 days which is not that bad, but the problem with it is that your skin looks good only the first few days and then you get ingrown hair, not the desired result. Out of the list as well.

– Depilatory creams: they can certainly help you get rid of hair quickly, but there are a number of things to consider. First, you should check for allergies before using them. Second, the smell of them is just unbearable, and that's because of the chemicals used in them. Once again, your hair will grow again within a few days and this time it will be thicker.

– Laser Hair Removal: this is the best option available in the market for those who, like me, want to have persistent results. As the laser kills the hair follicles, your leg hair will grow finer and finer each time until one day it will not grow back up. It is an investment since the sessions can be quite expensive, but considering the benefits of such investment I believe it is worth every dollar. Other great pros of this method are that it is painless, you just have to go to sessions once a month, and you will not have to put up with smelly creams or ingrown hair ever again.

Final verdict

I have already made up my mind. Permanent leg hair removal is what I will do. Once I have it done I will not have to worry about my hair ever again and I will sure be the envy of many of those who once laughed at me.